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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber Gives Eyewitness Account of January 6th Protest

protest, capitol, D.C., WashingtonThe Democrat media is in full attack mode as they “report” on the disturbances that occurred at the January 6th protest in support of President Trump. They are referring to the protest at the Capitol as an “insurrection” while they previously described the riots that plagued American cities last summer as “peaceful protests.”  ABC News went so far as to report that, in their opinion, now is the time for the “cleansing of the Trump movement.”  That rhetoric was later quietly edited to read “cleaning up” the movement, but not before it raised memories of atrocities committed by the Nazi regime in World War II and the ethnic cleansing that took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in other countries towards the end of the 20th century. NBC News eagerly reported a story about Joe Biden referring to the mob that breached the Capitol as “domestic terrorists.”

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber was at the protest at the Capitol with friends last Wednesday and saw firsthand what transpired there. She saw hundreds of thousands of Americans gather near the Washington Monument leading up to President Trump’s speech and described the vibe there as “peaceful” with “a wonderful sense of patriotism in the air.” The people she spoke with as they awaited the President’s address “had tears in their eyes and said things like, “I have never experienced such love for country as I am experiencing right here.”” Ms. Weber said “patriotic songs played throughout the day and people waved their red, white, and blue flags. Families attended, there were children of all ages running up and down the hill by the Washington Monument. This was a day where I felt proud to be an American. As a spectator, I enjoyed participating in this protest, I enjoyed being there on behalf of our members.”

Regarding President Trump inciting the attendees to take the Capitol by force with his speech, Ms. Weber said that this never happened: “Donald Trump said “we’re going to walk down—and I’ll be there with you……we’re going to walk down to the Capitol.” There was no real mission and even in the video footage that I have, no one was rioting, no one was talking about trying to storm the Capitol Building and get in the way of law enforcement. The President did not tell people to go down and storm the Capitol building. It was not Donald Trump’s idea for this to happen.”

Ms. Weber related how she was “shocked to see no police” when she walked down to the Capitol Building. She said, “The metal barricades were open, beyond that there was a flimsy fence and a strip of yellow “Do Not Enter” tape that anyone could walk over, rip down, step on. There was no security, and I was very surprised by that.”

The vibe quickly changed once Ms. Weber arrived at the Capitol Building. She saw “people that looked different, these people did not look like you or I if you were attending a rally. They were in some sort of gear, they were dressed in black, they were dressed in camouflage…waving their arms and yelling “we need more people, we need more help.” They started to chant with a bullhorn “Who’s house is this?”

“Of all the people that I saw, even those people that I saw on the actual (Capitol) lawn… were peaceful, they were waving flags, they were chatting with other fellow Americans. It was only this crowd that I could not identify with that really did some bad things. We left (the Capitol) at 2:30 in the afternoon and when I got home, I heard that at about 2:30 PM someone was shot. We just don’t know who these people are, and they were certainly begging for people to come in closer. Everyone I saw turned the other way and said “I’m not going to jail and walked in the opposite direction. There were people emboldened to do things that we don’t stand for, and it really is a shame because the morning was wonderful and the speeches that were made were in every sense a message of hope.”

Ms. Weber further stated that people inciting the violence looked professional. In fact, her friend who attended the protest with her “was pushed and shoved and she looked up at this big guy who was dressed in all black (and) wearing a facial black mask. She identified him as being something very, very wrong and said to me, “This does not feel right.” She was pushed and shoved by this person who did run towards the Capitol Building. The people that appeared to be emboldened and trying to encourage other people to participate…they were out of place and they should not have been there. It was wrong and you could sense it.”

Investigations into the mob violence are pending, including reports of Antifa infiltration into the day’s events. There are also reports of how Trump supporters stopped Antifa from breaking into the Capitol. In the meantime, the Democrat media are predictably placing blame for the violence on President Trump and thoroughly trashing his supporters in the process.

protest, capitol, D.C., Washington

protest, capitol, D.C., Washington

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1 month ago

In some of the pictures there are children in the crowd. Parents don’t take kids to violent protests.

Vicki Beebe
1 month ago

Thanks for sharing this truth!

Melinda Garner
1 month ago

If the Patriots wanted to have a riot and storm anything there would have been no stopping them, but that is not our way, we honor America, that was a set up we know it everyone else does also, Satan only is here to hurt and destroy, we do God’s will, so pray all will trust God, 80 million praying that would be such sweet music to God’s Heart

Harley k
1 month ago

We all know Trump supporters did not break into the Capital building.

1 month ago

I believe that this was all set up by the Democrats or Biden himself. They knew that members of Congress were objecting votes and wanted to make the Republicans look bad. They wanted to take focus away of what really happened with the election fraud. I am concerned that this is just the beginning for the Country.

Joyce Chase
1 month ago

I was there on January 6th. My expectation was that there would be a large contingent of law enforcement and police. This was not the case I saw no law enforcement at all. The majority of the people at this rally were peaceful and many people left the area when the trouble started. The violence was just what the left was hoping for!

Michelle Emmons
1 month ago

Thank you for this information. I feel like you’re preaching to the choir tho. Those who need to hear or read this will only be bombarded with propaganda. I hope and pray we don’t lose our America!

1 month ago

I was there also, and this is the most accurate thing I’ve read so far about the positive atmosphere amongst the Trump supporters. I was on the lawn when the Capitol police opened the way for the protesters were allowed in….from there it was crazy. I spoke with a few independent reporters as we were watching the people stream in. But it was a minor fraction of the people, the majority were not a part of it. I even spoke to a few people who, were Trump supporters, and did go in, they were assisting the police trying to deflect violence.

Randy Putman
1 month ago

Great article. We are under attack by socialism…

gerald haydel
1 month ago

I saw a video I think It was Brietbart cannot remember but It was about three days ago maybe four interviewing a gentleman there who had videoed capital police giving entry to a long line of busses that he described as those odd clothed people, only democrats could have pulled this off by duping Capital police saying they were [the people In the busses] Trump supporters when In reality they were rioters.

1 month ago

I am so thankful to read a balanced eyewitness account of this event. The Democrat overreaction and the media reporting have focused solely on the breach of the Capitol building; purposely leaving out any mention of the thousands of peaceful citizens who had come to Washington to support American decency and a fair election. I am also grateful to hear a firsthand account of the President’s words which, again, have been distorted by the Democrats and media; making it seem as if he were inciting an insurrection. Your honest accounting of the day’s events serves to further highlight the hypocrisy of the Democratic leadership who patently ignored the violent rioting and looting spurred by Antifa and BLM throughout 2020.

Mayrea C Reusser
1 month ago

I was there as well. It was peaceful. By the time our group reached Capitol Hill people had already climbed up the inaugural scaffolding and shortly there after were on the capitol steps.I did not understand why they were up there and acting like they had accomplished something significant (waving their hands and pumping fists). We left when it looked like things had taken a turn towards evil. I, too, saw a group of young, white men all dressed in black and military like attire. I could tell from their conversation that they were on a mission.

Guy Garofano
1 month ago

I have no doubt most people there were law abiding and believed in what they were doing. I also agree that Trump did not specifically call for storming the Capitol. But we should not delude ourselves either – I find it very hard to believe that the core group of violent rioters were not in fact Trump supporters, that they were Antifa, etc. If proof of that comes out so be it – but if not conservatives should not just declare things that they wish were true.

Michael Parisi
1 month ago

Hi fellow Patriots, was in attendance at the rally and it was awe inspiring, this rally as all trump rally’s was about the Love of country and the love of a president that has and I believe will continue to fight for America. My fight for President Trump is far from over and neither should yours. They cheat, we get up the next day and go to work, this here is not what we’re gonna settle for. President Trump is about God & Country, I stand with him and will do what is necessary to save our country.

Richard Driskill
1 month ago

According to the far Left/ progressive/ Stalinists of America, this beautiful photograph is filled with violent, racist, patriarchal, evil capitalists and religious nuts who dare to think they have any rights at all, especially freedom of speech or self-defense. Who do these deplorable think they are… creatures of God!?

Pam Shierling
1 month ago

Thank you for this article. Who – what department – is investigating the mob violence and how can we find out the results of this investigation?

1 month ago

Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately it will not change the mainstream press narrative. My so-called friends and neighbors are already posting on FB that “we have been lied to by the Trump administration for years”. So sad. We lose – they win. So sad.

Al Martin
1 month ago

Any bets this accounting for the event will NEVER make the “news”? The FBI will only report that Trump supporters are the only people who participated in this insurrection. Antifascist was not found here! Wish the young lady had pictured what she saw! We are in for worse than Jimmy Carter and Odumbo!!!! Two years GA must remove Warnock!!!!

Kevin P
1 month ago

Thank you for your true first hand account of the rally. The far left tech companies and the Democrats are systematically canceling our free speech. There needs to unity in the Republican Party who represent we the people. The swamp creatures like Romney, Toomey, and Saas need to be replaced with new Republican Representatives that work for us and not their own agendas. Republicans need to take a page out of the Democrat play book and stand United against the Far Left Socialist push.

1 month ago

I was ready to throw the towel in, so ashamed to be an American. I do not want to be associated with the left, our government is a huge disgrace!! We need to take back our Country!!! What can we do???? There was so much evidence the votes were fraud, yet nobody would stand with us! They have all been bought by the big techs along with the media. I have never been so afraid.

Last edited 1 month ago by [email protected]
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