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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Social Security: Now and the Future

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Ira Sterling
21 days ago

Just read your latest article on Social Security, and thought I would throw my two cents worth in. My solution is way toooo far out for almost anyone in the government, but I cannot honestly see any other way to truly sav It. First of all, it MUST be put back into its private account where it cannot be used for anything other than Payments made to legitimate recipients who have spent a “lifetime” of work paying into the system. No ifs ands or buts—nothing else. There will be no more welfare or anything else taken out for any reason or purpose, no paying for Pork barrel projects–nothing. This will save us at least 550 to 850 billion dollars every year in welfare alone. When I speak of welfare, I am covering the waterfront–no food stamps, no educational funds, no medicare or medicaid, housing, nothing–just Social Security PERIOD. If this is done, Social Security will son rebuild itself to what it was before LBJ and his minions put it into the general fund and began to rob it blind.

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