Press Conference: Fran Tarkenton Joins AMAC Team

In a press conference held in Washington, D.C., this afternoon, AMAC formally presented Fran Tarkenton as the newest member of AMAC’s Board of Advisors.  Tarkenton – an NFL Hall of Famer and successful entrepreneur – joined AMAC Founder and President, Dan Weber, at the National Press Club to announce the duo’s vision to advance the cause of Social Security reform on Capitol Hill.

Speaking to a packed press room, Weber and Tarkenton discussed AMAC’s proposal – the Social Security Guarantee – and the urgent need for a clear direction for reform.  According to Weber, “AMAC’s 1.1 million members’ chief demand is that we save Social Security for all senior citizens, their children, and future generations, and we have a proposal that will do just that – a plan designed to win bi-partisan support.”

Since its founding, the preservation of Social Security has been a top priority for AMAC.  Addressing AMAC’s action on the Hill, Weber said, “We have been consistently, diligently and personally pressing our case among lawmakers of both parties in D.C. on behalf of our members and all current and future benefit recipients.  In fact, we have even gone so far as to offer up the Social Security Guarantee that can be used as the basis of a common sense resolution to keep and improve Social Security.”

AMAC’s effort to save and strengthen Social Security for mature Americans and future generations is part of what motivated Tarkenton to partner with AMAC.  Inspired by Weber and the AMAC spirit to “get things done” in Washington, Tarkenton brings a major public platform to the organization on which members’ voices will be amplified.  “Our intention is to take the offensive on this important issue because no one else has, including AARP.  We’re going to make waves on both sides of the aisle lobbying for a different kind of special interest – the future of America,” said Tarkenton.

AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee continues to be a key focus of AMAC’s advocacy campaign in Washington.  With no other groups taking the lead on this significant issue, AMAC has made it their mission to keep a spotlight on Social Security until meaningful, responsible reform occurs.  Weber believes that AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee is a winning solution to the Social Security problem America faces today, and AMAC is actively petitioning Congress and the White House to work together to make Social Security solvent and sustainable.

AMAC is proud to have a dynamic leader like Fran Tarkenton powering the movement for Social Security reform.  As AMAC continues to spread the word about the Social Security Guarantee in our nation’s capital, Tarkenton will help the group demonstrate the immense value it brings to the legislative table.  The fight for Social Security has only begun!  When it comes to reform, Tarkenton said it best: “We’re proud to be part of the AMAC team.  We’re all in!”

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8 years ago

The politicians won’t touch it? What planet are you living on? They have been raiding it for generations! That’s why the fund is broke … because the system is broken! Allowing the foxes to guard the henhouse has never worked; I know that the very mention of a plan to privatize raises moans and wailing from those who still naively believe that this can be “fixed”, but common sense and a few mathematical calculations will disabuse most anyone of that notion. Social Security was never going to work as long as the fund was unprotected … and it never will! It is, by its very nature, a socialistic idea that easily fell prey to greedy politicians. Call me cynical, but the best way to be secure is take responsibility for your own life, and( if it’s still possible at this late stage of disaster) remove the pickpockets from office, get back to the tenets that were the backbone of the original intent of our Constitution, and kick the behind of anyone who thinks that “entitlement” programs actually solve problems. They’re like chemotherapy; the side-effects can be more devastating than the disease. As soon as “the government” is going to pay for anything … medicine, child care, drug rehab, college, hospital/doctor care … prices soar! “Deep pockets; lets get our share!” just GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT!!! Out of control, out of my personal affairs, and out of my pockets. We the people have been had! And trying to fix a system that is corrupt is like trying to prop up a horse with three badly broken legs. He’s not gonna heal; just shoot the poor critter and put him out of his misery. We need a new horse, my friends!

Charles yount
8 years ago

you know why we can not afford to fund s.s and medicare,all the money is spent on fighting someone’s war and defense spending!

8 years ago

I think sensible Social Security reform is to preserve it for those currently collecting Social Security. Then maintain promised Social Security benefits for those close to retirement. Then establish progressively lower future payouts for those who are currently young enough to develop private investments to make up the gap they would encounter. Some of that investment money would come from reduced Social Security withdrawals from their paychecks.

Social Security can not continue as is, nor can Medicare.There simply is insufficient income from the current and future generations to fund the systems as they are currently designed.

I hope to find and read the AMAC position on Social Security. If I agree with it I plan to join the group. I have not joined AARP because that group differs from my position on many subjects.

8 years ago

I have never seen one poll where the American public is in favor of reducing benefits or raising the retirement age of Social Security. If you know of such a poll link me to it.

Social Security has always been the 3rd rail of politics and Politian’s know better to touch it. 2 out of 3 seniors depend on SS for most of their income. 1 out of 3 depend on it for 90% of their income.

With all due respect, Scramblin’ Fran, you and AMAC are touching that 3rd rail at your own peril.

Janet Rath
8 years ago

So happy to have Fran a part of the team. We are members of AMAC and hope your efforts yield a better life for us Seniors. Come visit us at Floridas Friendliest Hometown…..The Villages!

I do gave a question. We had one investment ….a condo in State College…..that we sold in 2012 and made a profit. It enabled to pay off our retirement home here in Florida. Social Security has doubled both mine and my husbands contribution into Medicare this year which is really hurting us financially. Do you know how we can get them to not do this? Thanks.
Janet and Ross Rath
We R …..Penn State

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