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Bob Carlstrom

Bob has a substantial background in politics, policy, and government. He served as a senior executive in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget where he coordinated and directed the Administration’s interagency review and analysis, including the development, of a broad range of legislation, including economic, fiscal, infrastructure, civil and criminal justice, immigration, government organization, procurement, administrative procedure, among others. He has also served on the national and state finance committees of a presidential candidate, and several Members of, and candidates for, the House and Senate, and as campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate.

Biden 16

Biden’s Tax and Spend Agenda Hitting Roadblocks

Economic 36

Breaking: New Study Exposes Biden Tax Lies about Trump Tax Cuts

Critical race thoery 10

The Useful Idiot Strategy of the Left – Critical Race Theory is but One Component of the Leftist Plans for Changing America –

media 37

Crying Wolf: How the Mainstream Media’s Lies Weaken America and Sow Distrust

border 14

The Current Border Crisis: Where is the Media?

state 23

State Policy: How States are Adjusting Their Laws in the Biden Era

DeSantis 20

Busting the Narrative: How Florida’s Success is Irking Liberals and Elevating Governor DeSantis

tax 37

What Retirees Could Lose Under a Biden Presidency

job 1

Jobs but No Workers: How Unemployment Benefits are Keeping Workers on the Sidelines

trump 113

Liberal Hypocrisy: How Both Obama and Biden Have Taken Credit for Trump’s Accomplishments