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Beset by Storms – Americans Prevail. We Will Now.

americansLife is never perpetually smooth, or even close.  Waters get rough.  We are storm-tossed, turned around, at times upside down, periodically buffeted.  In times of personal adversity, uncertainty, and doubt, we feel tested.  Staying upbeat is hard, let alone confident, optimistic.  Societies are like that too.

The storm metaphor may sound trite, but is apt.  On the water, staying afloat and getting from where you are to different objectives requires awareness of changing circumstances, adjustment to obstacles, bright eyes and action as opportunities present, patience – and keeping one’s bearing.  That is where our society is – right now.

On a personal level, we know when we are ill at ease, stressed by unanticipated events, forced to make choices, rethink, double back, reverse course, start again.  All this is familiar – if disquieting.  Societies are harder to quiet once stirred – but it can be done, and often has been.

Today, we find ourselves on high seas – a resurgent wave of coronavirus buffeting California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas (together, half of cases), waves of social unrest, political fractures in our 2020 cycle.

Of course, big waves propagate, bump, build, cancel and create other waves. The “pandemic” triggered political reactions, which prompted our first “instant recession.”  Waves of “stimulus” money aimed to cancel or reduce some of our economic uncertainty.

Likewise, reduced interpersonal contact – to mitigate the rippling virus – led to successive waves of innovation in remote work, learning, and commerce.  New ways of learning emerged, K to graduate.

Recent spikes in social unrest – peaceful protests to pro-socialist violence – triggered reduced support for police. Reduced support has eroded police morale and retention, spiking crime across the country.

Police retirements are up 400 percent in New York, shootings up 130 percent year-on-year. Los Angeles has seen a 250 percent jump in homicides, 56 percent in shootings.  Seattle witnessed a 525 percent increase in crime.  Across the country, successive waves of unrest buffet public safety.  Seas are rough.

In short, our society is experiencing – on top of political acrimony – layers of economic and social insecurity, which leaves everyone ill at ease and continues to challenge political leadership on all levels.

So where is the good news?  There is some – and it is worth seeing.

First, we are a flexible, adaptive, largely free, and resourceful society.  Americans are can-do and prove this over and over.  If uneasy with sudden change, new burdens, unexpected inconveniences, and rethinking our options, we still do it – almost reflexively.

Americans seem hardwired to think out go-forward strategies, escape routes, workarounds, new ways of doing what must be done without excuses for not doing it.  In some ways, the average citizen is better at this than our uncoordinated, uncooperative, often pampered political leaders.

Give an American a problem, and he or she will typically find a way to solve it, reasonably fast.  Thus, if we must work from home, interact with masks, reprogram for self-distancing, find ways to support our oldest, accommodate our youngest, we do it.  In maritime terms, we navigate shoals, trim sails, reset rudder, and go with the flow.

Second, while these waters seem uncharted, we have been here before.  Americans have long been experts at crisis management, often because we tend to put off until crises what must be done.  We have a knack for focusing on the moment, assessing, and managing stacked waves of uncertainty.

While all this seems new, Americans have weathered far more, compressed into tighter time blocks.  Unprepared for wars, including WWI and WWII, we did what we had to do.  We mobilized on a dime, deployed, resolved to win, and did – decisively.  We re-stabilizing America and the world.

Likewise, in periods of social stress, from our founding, through tumultuous post-Civil War reconstruction, international communist pressures, Great Depression, Civil Rights battles, violent 1960s, 1970s, and post-Vietnam era, we have pressed ahead for the far shore of stability – our compass clear.

On occasion we hit shoals, faced internal bitterness, gave way to mutual recriminations, but we have always re-found our ballast, recovered in full – and pressed for the right balance of freedom and peace.

On public health, we have also been here.  While 125,000 died from COVID-19, more than 675,000 died from the Spanish Flu in 1918.  In 1957, the “Asian flu” killed 70,000 Americans, probably more.

Between July 1968 and late 1969, as Americans beat the Soviets and put men on the moon, we suffered the “Hong Kong flu” pandemic, which killed more than 100,000 Americans.  Vaccines took a year.

Interestingly, Americans somehow managed widespread social unrest, including bombings by the communist Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army, and socialist groups, the Vietnam War, three assassinations, national protests, urban riots, and Hong Kong flu – never shutting down our economy.

While federal spending jumped under Presidents Johnson and Nixon, President Kennedy did what Reagan and Trump did – he cut taxes, triggering an economic surge.  US growth jumped from 2.6 to 6.2 percent between 1961 and 1963, holding near 5 percent as we landed on the moon.  Again, we are a resilient, make-it-happen nation.

Bottom line:  Yes, current waters are rough – for individuals and societies.  But resilient individuals and societies prevail, and Americans are resilient.  It is in our nature.  It is part of what we have learned to be, self-reliant, undeterred by adversity, prepared to work hard, defend freedom and prosperity.

So, here we are.  Beset by another pernicious virus, buffeted by new unrest, pausing for some introspection, managing an unruly election, and navigating economic, safety and morale issues, we will prevail. We always have, so long as we stay upbeat, confident, and cognizant of our history.  Storm-tossed maybe, but seasoned.  And now is when seasoning counts.

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1 year ago

Keep getting requests for $$ from scamers claiming to be from Trump. This is what I sent them in an email: $$$ requests are depressing to me,because I never have $ to give. But I have discovered that most of you are not fro real. Do not know were $$ sent to you really goes. So All I do is deliet you message. So do not send me any more $$$ request.  
Quite wasting time looking for ‘fairness’ in politics, news stations, or on Biden other than his ‘stupid platform’: “union jobs”??
What companies are going to have unions? In China? Mexico? And
they are all ‘gunhoo’ on “windmills & solar panels”. Are they NOT intent on reducing the ##s of emplyee jobs? Windmills & solar panels would be made in China & Mexico any way. Are the People suppose to move to Mexico? [China will not take our unemployed unless they are IT engineers].
Unions would be obsolete without pipe-fitters, construction workers, or any manufacturing industry which is where these jobs are [ now moved to in China]. No rebuilding of USA. 
Good Luck education union members….schools will be online.. Good buy most older real teachers…
And all restaurants will be closed due to more shut-downs. NO waiter unions, etc.  ‘High Pay’ will be the reason. Most will be staying at home on ‘high pay’ government unemployment. Dems have made the people to lazy to fight back when
Good buy America. Was Great While it lasted. There will be NO reason to emigrate to USA. NO JOBS. 
I will vote for Trump anyway. Keep ‘Tweeting.’
You are making more sense than the Dems or Biden.
The Antifa will get worse in next few months.  why Americans are buying for guns. What they need are more BULLETS. We are in a Rich ‘Elite’ inspired Socialist Revolution! Most our politicians see themselves as ‘elite’.   Even if the Dems where to win in Nov…  Then Antifa[ BLM, etc] would feel ‘entitled’ to beat-up the “non-socialist” white privileged opposition. “KILL WHITY!” will be the next objective. But first they have to get ride of the POLICE and ARMY.  What’s happening in Africa? White have had to leave or be killed. But Who really Wins?  The Rich Elite who feel they are better than the ‘People’ who they intend to ‘RULE’, like the old time monarchs. The Chinese do have a monarch line behind the scene kept secret. 

Not a good idea for me to go to a big city because I’m 77. Have had open heart surgery and other surgeries. I was raised in California next door the a very nice Mexican family and considered an outsider in a farm community because we were not born there. I know about prejudice. Tried never to treat anyone that way. But being as old as I am I do not see life the way many young ‘Socialized’ people do. And I have always liked history. Every ones. That is one reason I SEE the ‘Elite’ Socialist agenda. History has been eliminated from schools so the young don’t know. How we have failed them! We were all too busy. Well, We are not any more. Get involved with your kids.

1 year ago

My vote is only ONE vote, but I will proudly cast it for Law and Order, the United States and hopefully a chance to change the things that NEED to be changed. I will vote against lawlessness, cruelty and the pinheads running rampant thru the country today. One vote is all I have. What happens when all the votes are counted (DO, Lord!) is out of my hands….

Clark Kent
1 year ago

This author is whistling past the graveyard. The ship we are on as a nation is the Titanic and we are sinking fast. Instead of relying on feel good platitudes folks need to be prepared for the nationwide chaos/violence/unrest set to begin on November 4th, 2020 (the day after the presidential election). Everything up to now is just a warm up for that day. Don’t be one of those blindsided; get ready NOW. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Gary Bestwick
1 year ago

While my political views may match Mr. Charles, I recognize that America must end sometime. There is just not enough mention of us in Biblical prophecy. Unlike Israel, we do not have a guarantee from God!

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

Thier is only one fix for what ails AMERICA and that is to clean house in NOVEMBER, everything wrong in AMERICA is due to the incompetance, treason, blind adherence to a terrible system that just does not work, it has not worked for sixty years, I think it is time to get back to the LAW OF THE LAND AND CONSTITUTION, time to sweep out the trash, starting with the “squad”. VOTE TRUMP2020

El Ey
1 year ago
Reply to  John A. Fallon

Vote Republicans only. Unfortunately, we have couple of RINOs.

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Americans, we are in the middle of a Communist Revolution!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Stand up for America!!  Buy Goya.  They are being boycotted because their CEO praised President Trump.  Give your custom to America’s friends, not our enemies such as Nike!

Cheryl Underwood
1 year ago

Needed the encouragement!

1 year ago

I am not so optimistic. This time is different. Many in positions of power and authority no longer believe in Americanism. This is new. Even the Civil War was based in American ideals that were twisted around to make slavery somehow part of the American ideal; there are even people today that try to claim the Civil War was really all about States rights and economic oppression by the majority North. They were wrong, but at least their arguments were based in Americanism. The new left are outright Marxists (the left has always had some Marxists in it but now they are the mainstream) and want to destroy Americanism, individual liberty, the Constitution, your rights, your lifestyle, your way of life, and even your life itself should it become necessary (and it will at some point, just like it always does in totalitarian societies). In short, what is going on now with the American left and the Democrat party is an existential threat to The United States of America unlike anything we have seen before. It has been said in various ways that America could never be defeated by any foreign power but would fall to an internal foe. And here we are. This is not the time to say “we will get through this like we always do” because it is we (the left) that are the problem, and they will do whatever is necessary to win. They will Lie. They will cheat. They will steal. And they will kill. (All of these things have already occured.) Time to choose.
If you hate The United States of America, vote for Democrats.

Ada Andrist
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

If you love America, pray for America. This Country was built on the Laws of God.

Bill Nicholson
1 year ago

Very well-reasoned argument- my compliments!

1 year ago

I would also add..where oh where are the so called republican voices talking about the outrage we all feel? Where are those voices on the right?
Silent as usual.

Jeannie B.
1 year ago
Reply to  mike

Actually the voices are still there but Fox is the only outlet they have.The other “news” sources subvert the news to their liking. Take for example Pres. Trumps visit to Mt Rushmore. What heard from watching was in no way the way the media spun it.

1 year ago

The real danger is anarchists who are backed by communists and big money from soros and steyer as well as corporate destructors ( bill gates come to mind?) These guys are our arch enemies as well s traitors in our midst. Pushed…we will fight and even though we may be older, we are wily. Dont push us people, we bite.

1 year ago
Reply to  mike

….and we have guns.

dino deplorable
1 year ago

There are entities out there working to destroy AMERICA and its not only BLM or antifa or soros or the nobambas or the clintstones or the liberal,socialit dense oc RATS,its ALL of the above and the real AMERICANS really need to step up and stop these criminals.Its not too late,but it is very close.These entities would destroy AMERICA just to destroy President Trump and the AMERICANS that support him.I think that you liberal,socialist dense oc RATS really should be very careful what you wish for.

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Americans, we are in the middle of a Communist Revolution!!  Stand-up for America Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

El Ey
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill Brown

Bill, from your lips to God’s ears.
God bless us and have mercy on us.

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Any and every vote for a Democrat is a vote to make America a Communist Country!!!  Stand-up for America Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Decide to be free!  Take our Country BACK: RED – Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

1 year ago

There is something wrong here. We are American, we don’t panic like this. H1N1 is back as our seasonal ‘flu’ this year. If we have to panic over the Chinese virus, shouldn’t we also be panicking over H1N1? (Also a Chinese virus) But we hear nothing about thIs resurgence of flu, because the media is too busy feeding us a plate of steaming doodoo over the Chinese virus. The statistics are provably wrong yet we never hear corrections or retractions. Why is that? I don’t know one person who has tested positive or knows anyone who has. I may have had it after a trip to CA in February when I came home and got wretchedly sick, but no hospital or Dr. But I’m afraid to go get tested because if I test positive, what will the local government do to me? I don’t know. Quarantine? Not knowing anyone who tested positive, I don’t know what to expect. All the rioting—when’s the last time you saw news footage of that? What’s with that, why aren’t we getting that news? FauciI and his ilk have been wrong time after time after time. Why doesn’t the news cover that and dig for some answers? There’s something wrong here.

Jeannie B.
1 year ago
Reply to  LauraC

Judicial Watch is investigating Dr.Fauci now. They also have law suits against 4 states about voter rolls. They are also working to get copies of Hillary Clinton’s e mails.
If you had the covid virus you will test positive because you will have some of the antibodies. That is why they are asking people who have had the virus to contribute blood because it can be used to treat those who are critically ill with the virus.You cannot spread the disease without being ill currently.
The problem in our country is not Covid 19 as serious as it is, It is the the people who blindly follow the “cause” of black lives matter. They are a Marxist organization. It took a very short time before they had the entire congress kneeling and sports teams changing their names. We need to all encourage people to vote Republican. Joe Biden has dementia and even if he is elected will serve only a very short time and his vice president will take over. I sort of expect that to be Michelle Obama. I think Pres. Trump will be reelected if fraud at the ballot boxes can be prevented.

Carla H
1 year ago

That was a wonderful article! It really hit all the hotspots of what is going on today and reminded us of what went on before and how we handled and got through it. This is the worst I have ever seen politics so divided. We have some truly evil people in power in this country. I hope and pray that the general public will elect to get rid of these people when their terms are up or impeach them and get them out sooner. Nancy Pelosi is coming up for reelection. I sure hope she does not win.

El Ey
1 year ago
Reply to  Carla H

Let’s all pray that Pelosi and her squad don’t get re-elected.

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

The main reason the socialist/dems want open borders is to bring in socialist supporters from other countries and then help them to vote ILLEGALLY and that is the only way they can get elected, I have no problem with LEGAL imigrants, we are all sons and daughters of imigrants, the only differance is illegal imigrants come here to destroy not work and have a better life, the politicians like pelosi, schiff, nadler and the rest of these traitors need to be REMOVED FROM POWER, and then prossecuted for thier crimes.

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

Have you noticed that the lame-stream media never seems to be curious why radical Muslims (Omar, Keith Ellison,etc) whose religion kills homosexuals is in league with DIMMs who want to put “gay” rights ahead of religious 1st Amendment rights? Do the DIMMs think they will be spared if the M uslims overrun us?

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