Better For America Podcast: A Conversation with Chicks on the Right

This week Rebecca talks with Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver, hosts of the “Chicks on the Right” podcast. They discuss everything from current politics to balancing family and work!

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1 month ago

No socialist nation in all of history has ever prospered. Some Nordic countries do have a strong capitalist economy that funds a rich array of social services, though.
For this reason, once socialists are in power, when the people find out they were lied to and possibly now facing a crushing national debt, the socialists become very frightened and need to start a war or use terrorist methods to save their skins. The real enemy is not the individual and typically corrupt politicians, but the bureaucracy that carries out the horrors of terroristic attempt to purge or simply kill off their opposition. Hitler never took a Jew to a death camp, and Obama never arrested a person of color for drugs. Both had a ready and willing bureaucracy to do the dirty work. There are very tragic similarities between the methods of the SS and the DEA. We need term limits for all government employees, who now view themselves as our ruling class. To these power obsessed people, we are property of the socialist state, not citizens served by these public servants. Plato worried too much about the king, and completely neglected the people, who actually carries out the king’s oppression.

1 month ago

Hopefully, you are not relying on AWS or Google servers to host this on-line platform. Otherwise, you may end up getting the same treatment Parler was subjected to. The left is VERY serious about silencing all content that is not pro-socialist.

1 month ago


AMAC is aware that your comments are not being posted to our site. Our technical team is working on the issue and hope to resolve it shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

1 month ago
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