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Better for America Podcast: Political Extinction of the Woke with Charlie Kirk  

Turning Point USA Founder and President, Charlie Kirk, joined the Better for America podcast to share his notion on how we can politically extinct the woke by the November primaries. Rebecca and Charlie discuss the outlandish actions of the left, like allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms and encouraging protests at the homes of Supreme Court Justices. They come to the conclusion that Americans may be sick and tired of the nonsense. Tune in to hear this patriot’s fierce will to save our country!!

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Turning Point USA

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Rosalee Cavanaugh
25 days ago

Is this guy sorry there is no violence going on? Keep quiet and be silently happy.

1 month ago

SAVE THE U.S.A…..arrest all demonrats, socialists, leftist loonies, and nazis and send them to GITMO FOR TREASON!!… it’s time for another civil war!

23 days ago

Disagree, send them to Russia. That would be evil. (To Russia). Evil bastard ain’t I? CHRIS

George J Holewik
1 month ago

I concur with Charlie – I command the younger generation taking the helm and stirring USA ship to the righteous path under God. For this land was dedicated to God. Israel people had been chosen by God, but American people have chosen God as their Saviour and dedicated this land to him and freedom. That is why we have been blessed through the centuries. Just look at the true history, not the crap the commie liberals spew out their mouths. Noticed the American exceptionalism has waned as we removed God from schools, the courts and the government. If we are to be blessed again, we must turn our faces to God and continue to pray for us and our children’s safety and future. God bless America, for you have exposed the evil in our land and now we ask you guide us in cleaning up the mess being shoved down upon us. Amen

23 days ago

Look at 2020 elections. God has Damned America. In my opinion. CHRIS

Jon Lorenz
1 month ago

YOU ALL NEED TO GET BEHIND ” ROBBY STARBUCK ” + Tennessee , Franklin Area # 5

Richard Eha
1 month ago

Why has none of our ‘elected officials’ brought up impeachment charges against corrupt Joe Biden. He breaks federal laws everyday like our southern border being open so the whole world can come in unopposed? We can expect this from democRATS, but what are Republicans doing to stop this? Where are they?

1 month ago
Reply to  Richard Eha

That’s how bad it is in Washington! Just sad the shape of the greatest country in the world.

1 month ago
Reply to  Richard Eha

Exactly! Where are they? And when are they gonna stand up and FIGHT for our country?

Cynthia Cress
1 month ago
Reply to  Donna

I agree completely. They harassed Trump with impeachment from the word go! And this fool has been destroying/assaulting our country, our morals, our constitution, and our economy for two years- and yet no impeachment proceedings have started yet! Give him two more years and he will succeed in breaking our country altogether. God help us!

David Millikan
1 month ago

Why is Geoengineering being used to alter our Natural weather cycle messing up rain cycles? Jets spraying Aluminum particles mixed with Dangerous Chemicals causing SEVERE DAMAGE to our body with every breath taken every time Jets Spray.
Why would they want to Alter and MESS UP Normal cycles of our planet? To prevent Magnetic Pole Reversals artificially is SUICIDAL. Not to mention they use the LIE on Global Warming which is based on two/tenths of a degree rising in 100 years. So the Global Warming LIE continues under DICTATOR Beijing biden and his FASCIST Party pushing Gasoline to $10/gal. or MORE before Christmas all based on a continuous LIE pushed by DICTATOR Beijing biden.

1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan


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