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‘Build Back Better’ Immigration Provisions Will Cripple American Wages


Confronted with the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, the Biden administration and its congressional allies are trying to ram through immigration changes in the so-called “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill. It will permanently flood the labor market with cheaper foreign workers that will cripple the wages and job opportunities of Americans.

The bill accomplishes this immigration overhaul through a mass “amnesty-lite” of millions of illegal aliens as well as significant increases to permanent legal immigration for at least 10 years. Combined, Americans up and down the economic ladder will be disadvantaged as the surplus labor force pushes down wages across the board and the most vulnerable American workers will eventually end up on the sidelines because there are not enough jobs to go around.

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of “Build Back Better” that includes a 10-year “amnesty-lite” in the form of work permits, Social Security numbers, eligibility for welfare benefits, and the ability to get a driver’s license to 4-5 million illegal aliens. That reflects the “modest” counterproposal after the Senate parliamentarian already nixed amnesty-premium, meaning lawful permanent resident status (green card) and a path to eventual U.S. citizenship covering 8 million illegal aliens.

The Washington Post calls it “the largest mass-legalization program for undocumented immigrants in U.S. history.”

The illegal alien population tends to be lower skilled and lower educated which means, once amnestied, they will directly compete for jobs at the lower end of the economic spectrum. This harms Americans who tend to be marginalized workers, minorities, and those with lower skills and education. Those Americans tend to be the last into the workforce during economic booms and the first to be let go during economic downturns.

College-educated Americans, including those with advanced degrees, will suffer a similar plight. The legal immigration bonanza is less obvious than amnesty because the provisions are hidden behind opaque legislative language that makes it appear those provisions are just minimal tweaks around the margins.

One such example is the deceptively termed “unused visa recapture,” which circumvents the annual numerical limit of green cards without appearing to do so. In fact, it is an immigration accounting scam that disregards the current green card formula. It could immediately add up to 800,000 additional green cards on top of the 1.1 million aliens who obtain lawful permanent resident status each year.

Incredibly, that total looks modest compared to a separate provision that effectively allows an unlimited number of aliens already in the country to adjust their status to lawful permanent residents, fully exempt from the annual limits and per-country caps set by Congress. In exchange for a mere $5,000 fee paid by the sponsoring employer, an alien with at least a two-year wait for his or her green card to be available can jump the line.

The clear winner here is Big Tech and other corporations that routinely discriminate against American workers by exploiting several loopholes in the H-1B program. Less obvious is this same provision would allow employers to directly petition for employment-based green cards for an unlimited number of foreign students.

The prospect of an expedited green card and path to U.S. citizenship is the most lucrative fringe benefit an employer can dangle in front of a foreign worker. That inherently stacks the deck against Americans as foreign workers will rationally choose lower wages and working conditions in exchange for a permanent life in the United States. It is a win for the alien, a win for employers seeking a permanent supply of cheap foreign labor, and the clear losers are American workers who face the prospect of no longer being able to find jobs that cover mortgages, student loan debt, or otherwise support their families.

Reprinted with Permission from - Inside Sources by - Robert Law

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9 months ago


9 months ago

Sedition and treason are CAPITAL CRIMES!! We need to sentence the guilty and administer the Punishment!!

9 months ago

Bring back a REAL Leader and GREAT President Trump!
AMERICA First, American Citizens First, Drain the Swamp, Protect Our borders, Enforce Our laws!
If useless marxist democrats illegals , socialists, communists and whacko liberals don’t like it – LEAVE!!
Go someplace else where your failed policies and beliefs can put YOU in poverty , suppress YOUR freedom , your safety and take away all you have.
In Our America – HELL NO

Mark L
9 months ago

This is bull$hit! Trump hasn’t done anything like this yet DemocRATS crucified him for nothing NOTHING this bad!
I don’t have money and if any of the DemocRATS are reading this NOBODY CAN SURVIVE ON SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICAID MEDICARE! Now your morons are proposing putting millions of immigrants on those Programs?
DemocRATS can go screw themselves! RINO’s too!

9 months ago

I say gather up all the aliens who came across the river and send them all back. SEND the commie Dems with them. See how they like living in the countries that everyone is leaving. Very sick people and Satan has a hold on all of them.

10 months ago

Every nation that’s been torn down has been so by pretty much the same methods. It is about demorats having PERMANENT power…like every other ruthless dictator in history. Cuba, Russia, Red China, North Korea, Venezuela etc. Dictators are traitors and enemies to everything that even suggests “freedom”. Even China was once a beautiful prosperous free country. The most effective way to destroy and demoralize a country is to attack everything it was built on.
America was founded by committed Godly men and women. It was strong, it was truthful, decent, it’s leaders were dedicated to preserving it’s freedom and liberty…they knew that by signing our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights for starters, they were literally putting their lives on the line…
Sadly over the last few decades We The People have forgotten what sacrifice is … sacrifice to put self on the line to protect and defend. Schools have had free rein to brain wash your kids for decades…as Adolph Hitler stated: “Give me your children for 8 hours a day and they’re mine forever.” How many parents have sent their kids off to school and left it at that? Schools are nothing more than indoctrination centers with few exceptions. Now many parents all over the country have been rudely awakened to the nightmare these “schools” have become….

10 months ago

Hey Joe baby,Pelosi and schummer……if you hadn’t destroyed everything GREAT that President Trump accomplished you wouldn’t have to build back America???
You idiots do nothing but ruin OUR Country, attempt to eliminate greatness with your racist,hatred and division and pretend it’s somebody else’s fault!
Exactly why the VAST MAJORITY of REAL American Citizens will THROW YOU OUT in 2022 and 2025 so decisively that you’ll never be allowed control again!!

10 months ago

The idiot joebama shuts down Americas oil pipeline,eliminating good jobs and Our National energy independence , and then takes 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve????
Are he and the rest of the useless democrats that STUPID??

Mario Capparuccini
10 months ago
Reply to  Garye

Not stupid. Just evil.

10 months ago

Build back worse is a plan masterminded by the Communist Association of Political Criminals, aka the Democrats to destroy our country and turn it into a communist police state. The Party of RINOs, aka the Republicans, acts as a group of blind idiots only interested in stuffing their pockets with money.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
10 months ago

Like I have said before, flood the country with illeagles and the wages willmgo down. You cant work 100 workers when only 50 jobs are available. If done then all looses. Kyle L.

10 months ago

These Liberal Progressive Socialists are determined to destroy the USA. Shoot, they don’t even lie about their goal, anymore, either…

Sharon Ormsby
10 months ago

800,000? There have already been over that who have come through Texas alone. All of these have less than an eighth grade education and that’s if they came from Mexico! Sadly, they haven’t come from Mexico, but other places. This isn’t even counting all the ones coming from Afghanistan.

10 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

Correction; the total counting all that we know about is over 50 million illegals.

10 months ago

That’s the plan. All planned. This is not ineptitude, incompetence, accidental. It is all by design.

J. Farley
10 months ago

This has been the game plan all along, by big Corporate Business, and the Democrats, low Wages, creates bigger returns, which means more money to give the Democrats to keep the process going. That’s why the mask mandates to get people to quit their jobs, so they can hire the cheaper labor force that’s coming online.
Question: Is it time for the return of God and the Lord Jesus!

10 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

I hope he comes soon

Stephen Russell
10 months ago

But Biden wants foreign nations hired vs Americans for work

Barbara Tacey
10 months ago

Fear of losing 3,500 border officers while millions rush the border. This theory comes from China to Biden to bring us down as a country so they can take over more easily. Look how Afghanistan went. Our country will be full with criminals, disease,

10 months ago
Reply to  Barbara Tacey

Bingo! The Chinese are not paying Wrong way Biden and his crooked family billions for nothing.

10 months ago

I also would prefer that the worker shortage be addressed through higher wages, rather than consciously increasing the number of people willing to work for lower wages.

10 months ago
Reply to  Nick

This is fine as long as you are willing without complaint to eat the the increase of a Happy Meal, a loaf of bread and new pair of shoes…everything.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

Minimum wage across most of the states (not all) has risen to $15/hour which already made a rippling effect across all wages and consumer costs. If you are so concerned with the cost out of your pocket, you would also note that we don’t have enough USA workers who even earn minimum wage (46% on benefits). We don’t need more people living on benefits, we need more people working and paying taxes. More consumers will cause prices to fall when we don’t buy the junk and demand quality because we value the money earned.

Rush Glick
10 months ago

This is but a part of the Demonrats’ plan to create a permanent voter base of masses who are dependent on the government. The whole COVID lie and the resulting job surplus as Americans, who, prior to the forced shutdown, were gainfully employed but who are now, in alarming numbers, content to let Uncle Joe take care of them. This will be used to justify the “need” to “normalize” illegal ALIENS (NOT “immigrants”!) as it will be said they are needed to fill job vacancies. Of course they will work for low wages, and, with certainty, they will be allowed to vote sooner than later, and guess who they will support! We need to stop the madness NOW before it is too late! Sadly, all we have standing between our crumbling republic and the looming specter of communistic socialism is, for the most part, is a motley collection of weak-kneed Republican politicians, peppered with RINOs. God help us…

10 months ago

It’s an intentional design feature of the bill to lower the standard of living for poor and middle class Americans. The author seems to think it is a bug or mistake by the Democrats. It is NOT. The goal is to force as many Americans onto welfare and other various government social welfare programs, so the Party that promotes that dependance, the Democrat Party, retains power forever. Everything in this reconciliation bill promotes that objective, which is why the entire bill need to be completely killed. No last minute compromises, where only part of the bill gets enacted, because any part that does pass represents a major win in the war to end the United States.

Charlie Collins
10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Very well said. You’re absolutely correct

10 months ago

The ” END GAME ” !!! Live FREE or die hard!

10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

At this point, the only avenue remaining is Civil War 2.0

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