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Can Biden Save His Presidency?

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


Nothing seems to be going right for Joe Biden.

On Thursday, the beleaguered President’s approval numbers slipped to one of the lowest points in modern history – a dismal 36%. As the Fourth of July holiday weekend arrives, the Biden administration’s much-derided tweet from last year bragging that the cost of a cookout was 16 cents lower than 2020 has resurfaced, as that same cookout now costs a whopping $10 more – reflecting just how much the price of everything from ground beef to used cars has skyrocketed under Biden. Many within Biden’s own party don’t even want him to run for reelection, and Democrats appear to be on the cusp of major losses in November’s midterm elections. At this point, it’s fair to ask, what, if anything, can Biden do to salvage what’s left of his presidency?

It’s important to remember just how far Biden has fallen in such a short time. He assumed office in 2021 with an average approval rating well above 50% – a good start for any president. As the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine expanded during the early months of his tenure, his approval grew. The successful passage of the American Rescue Plan also helped sustain his early support. Even as inflation started to rise and the Delta Variant of COVID began to hobble American confidence that the end of the pandemic was near, his approval numbers remained solidly above water.

But that would all soon come to an end as an inability to halt the pandemic, growing economic challenges, a border disaster, Democratic infighting, multiple foreign policy fiascos, and social radicalism plagued his administration as the months went on.

By August of 2021 – just eight months after Biden assumed office – his approval numbers had truly crumpled, thanks in large part to the horrific collapse of Afghanistan and the death of 13 American servicemembers. But that incident seemed to awaken Americans to a broader range of Biden’s failures, as his approval on the border, economy, and COVID saw a sharp decline as well. By September 1 of last year, Biden was polling consistently underwater. Virtually no poll has had his approval above 50 percent since December, and things don’t look poised to improve anytime soon.

But it’s not just the more obvious external crises that are driving Biden’s approval through the floor. From day one, Biden has abandoned the pretext (albeit a thinly-veiled one) of moderation which characterized his campaign and embraced a far-left agenda more in line with Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Despite only controlling the Senate via a 50-50 split with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote, Biden pursued an aggressively far-left legislative agenda, openly proclaiming his desire to become a “transformational” president. This was most visible in his signature $3.5 trillion spending legislation known as the “Build Back Better” Act. These radical policies alienated even moderate Democrats . When the bill failed, it left Biden politically crippled. Today, Biden’s “transformational” legislative agenda sits in ruin.

Biden has also failed to take any accountability for the numerous crises Americans face. He continually asserts that high inflation and gas prices are not his fault but the fault of “Putin’s price hike,” “meat producers,” “gas corporations,” and even “gas station owners.” The problem with foisting these blames onto others is that it makes him look powerless or, worse, indifferent to people’s struggles. Former President Bill Clinton once said to his domestic policy advisor, William Galston, “You may not be able to fix the problem right away, but you have to be caught trying.” In this regard, President Biden has yet to be caught trying.

Yet, despite how bad things look now, there are still some actions Biden could take to try to salvage his presidency no matter who controls Congress after November. In short, Biden could reverse almost every one of his executive decisions from the first half of his term, renewing oil and gas leases to increase the energy supply, restarting the Keystone Pipeline project, cutting federal spending, and ending the federal government’s embrace of progressive identity politics. None of these solutions would completely erase the failures of his first term, but would be a start toward resolving the harm his policies have caused. Just as importantly, it would show the American people that he is trying, and that he cares more about bettering their lives than adhering to an ideological agenda.

Yet thus far, Biden has shown no indication that he is even willing to accept that things are going poorly. Whether his advisors are shielding him from the negative headlines or he simply can’t fathom that his presidency has been a complete bust, the leader of the free world appears wholly out of touch with the struggles of ordinary American families. It may then be that the best way to begin healing the wounds inflicted by Joe Biden is for Republicans to win back Congress this fall, and for voters to send Biden packing in 2024.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture. 

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28 days ago

The group behind Biden use him like an old rag to clean up dirty car oil Not defending Bunsen but this group behind him are laughing at us Just think about a . Biden is the front man takes all the blame while the group steals millions from America and stays hidden power and hidden bank accounts. These people are not stupid. VP Harris is invisible due to her warm and friendly love of our country.This group will try to steal Nov. election and may well succeed. They act as if Nov. is in the bag. One more thing. Gun rights. Think where we would be without our weapons . This group needs to be identified and brought to trial.Yes Biden is their front even his own party has stated if there is a way to screw it up Joe will find it. The Harris group waits in the wings to replace Biden mouth watering to be at the USA watering hole. Different face in WH same game same result we lose as usual. Remember Lincoln: Of the people,By the people , For the people. Simple because it was written and implemented as stated.May God Bless America I’m old now and been on my battlefield and hope to see America in safe strong hands before I leave.

29 days ago

Is the question a joke?

Carl S
30 days ago

What about the 25 Amendment. No body is talking about it now, since Trump is no longer President.

At least he could walk and was aware of where he was, and when, or where, he was supposed to sit, with out name placards or written directions.

We probably should wait until after the mid-terms and swearing in in January. The reason being we might have to get a TWO FOR, because his vice president hasn’t a clue as to what has to be done, or how. She’s worse than Biden.

I think what I’m saying falls under Art II, Sect 1. 6th paragraph.Removal of both.

James J
1 month ago

Biden needs to have a Physical Exam and a Cognitive Test YESTERDAY …

1 month ago

He is a craven, power hungry, money hungry empty, forlorn shell who will do anything his Chinese handlers want, including betray his own nation. The real life Manchurian candidate.

Marie Langley
1 month ago

Did you see Biden’s speech slamming America on July 4th? What kind of president does that? His own wife had to remind him at the end to say “God Bless America” and he still wouldn’t say it. She said it. What a jerk!!!!!!! Does he really believe all of his lies that he tells America or is he really that evil??? If I didn’t like him before, I really despise him now. No respect for his own country who he is supposed to be leading. Disgusting


1 month ago
Reply to  Marie Langley

Who do the marxist democrat party and deceiving rinos think they are?
This is OUR COUNTRY, they do as We the People say!

1 month ago

Only if he becomes a conservative.????

1 month ago

biden cannt do s–t! but as long as there are all the useful(USELESS)idiots around that voted for him the first time as well as rinos(lez cheney, et al) and the cheaters that interfered with honest elections as in 2020 he, or someone else just as useless and controllable can be reelected in 2024.
There are a lot of people here in wisconsin that voted for him the first time around and dont see him as a problem.

1 month ago

Biden is burned toast. He is out of touch, ideology opposed to our Constitutionn, incapable of making any decision that are meaning ful to the nation, And yes, count on it he is going to be impeached and should be thrown in jail. This man is a nightmare looking for a place to land forever.

1 month ago

If we can make it through this president and his administration without starting WW3, I’ll be satisfied with that provided that gas doesn’t exceed $20 a gallon. And I thought Carter was bad. Biden will be remembered as replacing Murphy’s Law.

1 month ago
Reply to  DAVID

carter was bad, awful in fact, remember the “malaise” speech. biden is just the second coming. and many people dont realize how bad obama was and CONTINUES to be.

james michalicek
1 month ago

If this little twerp can save himself then we are the stupidest humans that ever walked the earth!

Ertis Crumpler
1 month ago

I think most Americans are the stupidest humans that ever walked the face of this earth because most people that vote in this country will not take the time to really find out what politicians will do when they get into office not what they say they will do.

1 month ago

Amen I totally agree with you. Most people only see the D. Or the R. The candidate could be a mass murderer as long as he has a D. People would vote for him or her,

Marie Langley
1 month ago
Reply to  Helga

True! Most people vote party lines.

1 month ago

Biden will never correct ‘his’ behavior or presidency.
Because he’s not the president.
See barack, soros, and gates, the vile One World Communists who are actually running DC.

Jake the snake
1 month ago

The democrat have thousands of journalist writing articles all over about how bad the Republicans are. They have people writing comments in every comment sight about how good democrats are and how bad Republicans are. We all know the democrats are working through every possible way to commit voter fraud.

Still bidens presidency is toast. It is for one very simple reason. The democrats screwed the economy and their world view will not let them fix it.

Sean Richman
1 month ago

NO,he is toast as are his handlers,DUMB and DUMBER and who is the DUMBIST?????

1 month ago

You mean can obama save go brandon

1 month ago

Remember the traitor whom Biden was vice president to for 8 long, sickening years. The traitor who blathered “I will fundamentally change America.” Does anyone still believe this “election” wasn’t stolen?? I have no doubt the demented Biden is doing what BHO is telling him to do…BHO is bought and paid for by possibly Soros? BHO who once opined in a blathering speech that “there comes a time in your life when you’ve made enough money”…the same BHO who now “owns” 3 multi-million dollar mansions and no doubt has a very healthy income for his “fundamentals”? Biden isn’t even cognizant of where he is most of the time let alone put together enough to make decisions.

1 month ago
Reply to  Denise

blathering speech that “there comes a time in your life when you’ve made enough money”
after that statement, in the same speech, he also said, “how much is enough”? in a quite exasperated voice.

1 month ago

There is nothing to save. He needs to be taken out for all the destruction and lies. He has ruined everything in our country!

Corky Douthitt
1 month ago

Biden doesn’t think he needs to change anything. Biden thinks he is doing exactly what he has bedn/is told to do. That’s Joe’s career- doing and saying as told. It is such a part of his being that he doesn’t recognize lies. He doesn’t have enough morals or integrity to be able to know when he “lies”. Biden has been an empty suit and a puppet his entire life. Look at his history. Lie after lie has done him in. He got here because the Dems needed him. They used every bit of skill they learned in vote manufacturing that they wanted to use for Hillary- to put 0bama and Biden in. Hillary is a liability. A HUGE liability. She has dirt on everyone. IMHO the Dems fear Hillary more than prison or more than losing power . Eventually you get out of prison and eventually you get back the power. Hillary? You get dead.
#1- “don’t get dead”.
#2- see #1.
Safe move- pull all stops and get Biden and some token elected. Looks good to the idiot left. Looks promisto the Far Left at first. Looks good to the Bernie Commies. Looks good to the Green Nazi’s.
Biden=winner for Democrats.
Biden= destroy America
Biden= divide America
Biden= conquer the Constitution
Biden checks off all the boxes for moving America into Amerika.

1 month ago

Lol…..laughable, what’s to save? joebama and the marxist democrat party are a TOTAL DUMPSTER FIRE!
How absolutely pathetic these LOSERS are. They have done nothing good for America or Citizens!

1 month ago

There is no way Biden can backtrack the damage he has done. IMHO, a big part of the reason Biden was anointed the Dem candidate was because he was the one they could count on to control. Besides his feebleness, I believe they have enough evidence on him to put him, his brother, and son, in prison for life, and possibly convict of treason.

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