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AMAC Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit conservative advocacy organization, was created to support AMAC by advancing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures and at the local level through grassroots advocacy. Participation is a benefit of AMAC membership.


Better for America Podcast: Choosing Life with Regina Napolitano

midterm capitol members PBM victory 2

AMAC Members Drive Victory for PBM Transparency

election 3

AMAC Opposes Yet Another Democrat Attempt to Federalize Our Elections


AMAC and Free2Care Coalition Praise FTC Inquiry into PBMs

committee 35

Congress Ignores Pressing National Business While It Obsesses on Jan. 6

What-to-Do-If-You_ve-Been-Scammed-Out-of-Money-Online 4

Avoiding Smartphone Scams

The Armed Forces 15

AMAC Supports Bill to Protect Servicemembers Involuntarily Separated from the Armed Forces


AMAC Supports HEALTH Act


AMAC Joins Coalition to Oppose World Trade Organization COVID-19 Intellectual Property Waiver

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AMAC Action Advocacy Infographic – May 2022