Challenging the GOP Establishment

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

What do Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, and Joe Miller have in common?

One:  They’re principled conservatives.

Two: They aren’t part of Washington’s business-as-usual machine.

And three: They – and many like them – have caused quite a few in the GOP establishment to shake in their boots.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has backed RINOs Lisa Murkowski and Charlie Crist over conservatives Joe Miller and Marco Rubio. I’ve repeatedly heard establishment media voices speak kindly of Sarah Palin while including a disclaimer that they wouldn’t support her for president or any role of that stature.

Rubio, Palin, Miller, and others from outside the Beltway are the independent conservative voices this country needs. Their allegiance thus far has been to their principles, not to some establishment big shot who did a favor for them last year. They are likely to call it like they see it, and if that means challenging members of their own party right along with big-government Democrats, they’re up for the job.

To the establishment Republicans who have prioritized political games, phony promises, and power-grabs over constitutional integrity, American founding principles, and honest leadership, the Millers and Rubios of the world are sometimes scarier than the Reids and Pelosis.

Pelosi and Reid won’t snatch their jobs away. But Miller and Rubio just might.

FOX News reported this week that “Establishment leadership likely were not thrilled to read about the contents this past week of the upcoming book being published by self-proclaimed ‘Young Guns’ Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy – three ambitious young members of Congress who’ve been heading up recruitment of other like-minded wunderkinds for the party.”

It added, “Their book, ‘Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders’, is due out Sept. 14 –  a blueprint for America in the same vein as the policy book then-Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign released in 2008, only with the opposite prescriptions. A summary in Politico.com based on an advance copy said House Republican Leader John Boehner is mentioned just three times in the book. House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, R-Ind., is not mentioned at all, and other heavyweights like Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell are similarly disregarded.”

Chris Rowan recently wrote at NewsRealBlog that “Hugh Hewitt interviewed House minority leader John Boehner a few days ago, and could not get Boehner to commit to a rapid legislative agenda to repeal and reverse the Democrats’ leftist legislative cramdown after the midterms in November.”

When asked by Hewitt how quickly a new Republican majority would move to propose “a serious agenda of reform,” Boehner responded with this: “Well, I think that’s still a big question. If, in fact, we gain the majority, that means we’re going to have at least sixty new members of Congress. And when we begin to look at changes to the committee process, it’s going to take time to implement that as well. But I can tell you that a Republican-led Congress will be serious about reducing spending in Washington, D.C., getting our economy back on track, and getting the American people back to work.”

How lovely. More unhelpful generalizations, coupled with a lack of urgency with respect to turning things in this country around.

Radio host and bestselling author Mark Levin has endorsed candidates like Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, and Sharron Angle, has featured interviews with candidates in tough primaries on his radio show, and has been unafraid to challenge the GOP establishment in order to protect our country and its Constitution. Levin has made it his business to showcase and pledge support for those who will stand up for America and stand up to the Washington machine.

In a segment from his radio show on August 30, Levin stated: “Because if we don’t take back the presidency in a little over two years, we don’t take back at least the House in a little over two months, Thomas Sowell is right, it may well be over. So we need to stay focused on nominating conservatives and then taking them over the finish line. And that’s just the beginning. It’s just the beginning, and the Founding Fathers would view it exactly the same way, as would Alexis de Tocqueville, as would John Locke, as would Edmund Burke, as would Milton Friedman, as would all the greats.”

He added, “Look at this National Republican Senatorial Committee headed by John Cornyn of Texas, who by all accounts is supposed to be a good guy. Well, let’s look at the record, shall we? At one point, they backed Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey. At one point, they backed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. In Nevada, they backed Sue Lowden over Sharron Angle. In Colorado, they backed Jane Norton over Ken Buck. Now, Toomey was nominated, Marco Rubio nominated, Sharron Angle nominated, Ken Buck nominated. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the TEA Party. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the conservative movement versus the Republican establishment. Had we not acted, had we left the playing field, those states would look much different today. And we as a nation would be much worse off.”

“And now that the people are rising up, now that there is a civilian rebellion, a peaceful rebellion going on in this nation in towns, in hamlets, in communities all across this nation, reform can be had,” Levin said. “The Republican establishment still stands in our way. We must defeat it. We must crush it. Because we must be victorious over it. Otherwise, it will be victorious over us and there will be no reform.”

He later added, “If Mitch McConnell doesn’t welcome these conservatives who you are sending to the United States Senate to help fix this damn place, then he needs to go, too. We don’t sit on our hands and hope for the best. We get off our asses and make a difference.”

Amen to that.

If the rise of the TEA Party movement has taught us anything, it’s that we the people hold the real power in our hands. It is our voting power that determines the course of our country’s future. We possess the ability to toss out the corrupt and the disingenuous with the pull of a lever – establishment party puppets included.

And with November rapidly approaching, don’t you forget it.

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darald staley
10 years ago

Beware your”Tea Party”,a wolf in sheeps clothing is still just a wolf!BUY AMERICAN AND SURVIVE!

Donny York
11 years ago

As a proud newer member here, I offer what I hope all you who do read do forward or spam out there!

Protection not provision from a government!

11 years ago

***Lane Says:
September 19th, 2010 at 10:19 am Your failure to include Christine O’Donnell speaks volumes about “establishment Republican journalists and conservative political commentators who blackball the miracle in Deleware!***

Please note this article was written on Sept. 8. That was before Christine O’Donnell won her race.

I think you owe Ms. Bila an apology.

11 years ago

The most disgusting part of this is that the GOP is complicit with the Democrats in plotting to maintain their places in the sun. How long can they keep the perks going and how much more can they get by creating various false flag events. Nothing matters anymore not the Constitution, not the principles of a society, not the future. The constituents are annoying, inferior troglodytes that they must keep inventing bigger, better lies to keep placated and out of the way while they despoil America. Want a Country?, who will offer them the most money is the only question on their minds. The people have rights? they say. Well they will fix that by corrupting the legal system and getting rid of the Constitution. My Oath of Office? they say. A necessary canard that they dont really care about.

A large number of citizens are not aware, or dont want to be aware of the depth of rotteness in washington DC.

11 years ago

Your failure to include Christine O’Donnell speaks volumes about “establishment Republican journalists and conservative political commentators who blackball the miracle in Deleware! Can you say CINO?

Les McKown
11 years ago

While I agree that the established Republican party needs a complete overhaul, I am concerned with a republician take over of the house and/or senate will give Obama a second term. Obama, and the democrat’s, will then have a bigger reason to whine and cry about how “the party of NO” is keeping them from achieving their “change”. Of course, they are going to use a version of that tactic regardless of the outcome of the Nov elections.

Steve Mettler
11 years ago

I quit donating to the RNC several years ago and am only sending donations to individual candidates that are solid conservatives. I’ve returned numerous fund raising letters to the RNC with no money and told them why. If you’re wondering where to start, Sen. DeMint’s senateconservatives.com is a good place.

Michael Gile
11 years ago

We need to learn from Obama. The only way to be a significant influence is to take over one of the two viable parties. Rather than allow the GOP to take over the Tea Party, the Tea Party needs to take over the GOP. If for no other reason than to stop the Communist takeover by the current Democratic party. Liberal republicans are of no use to anyone, and will just continue to bow down to the Marxists. Give us real conservatives, real constitutionalists,candidates who are not going to sell their souls to the special interests, or suffer the consequences.

lester gabriel
11 years ago

This election season has greatly increased my respect for Jim DeMint and his standing up against the establishment. He is my first choice for President in 2012.

Sharon White
11 years ago

I agree we should donate to the individual candidates who support freedom, small government and the Constitution. This give us control of the candidates and we don’t have to depend on the RNC.

Randall A. Robinson
11 years ago

The blog manifesto that Rush Limbaugh read about the “Ruling Class” and the “Country Class” nailed it. These RINOs are of the Ruling Class and they would rather run independent campaigns (i.e. Crist, Murkowski) and help fellow Ruling Class Democrats win rather than see a Republican of the Country Class win.

11 years ago

DON’T donate to the RNC or the RNSC or any other GOP orginization. DO donate to the individual candidates who support freedom, small government and the Constitution. Put your money where your mouth and mind are. Give what you can afford, then give some more. After all, it’s not like we’re being asked to risk our lives or honor.

11 years ago

I belive you are right, get rid of all the D and R who don’t have the people’s welfare in mine, so we don’t take the chance of loseing America which we are in danger of right now!!!! It is hard to belive that Oboma is still here.

Robert from Miami
11 years ago

And we haven’t started yet!

11 years ago

Obama and his administration are set to bring down our country. The Republican Party should and MUST support the Conservatives who won the nomination. The people have spoken – We all can help by supporting these candidates – not the RNC.

11 years ago

I refuse to vote for the “lesser of evils” ever again. I will not vote for Jon McCain in November but neither will I vote for his opponent, not that it will make any difference as he has virtually bought the election again. Sen. DeMint was correct when he said he did not want a majority of Republicans if they did not share the same values, beliefs and commitments as conservatives do. Castle, Lowden, Specter and all of the others may have had a R after their name, but they operated with a big L in all of their actions. I also agree with Sowell, I think the current Republican party as now disgusts the majority as weak kneed wussies, will soon cease to exist but conservatives will live on for ever.

Chuck Goslee
11 years ago

Terrific Perspective Jedediah..THANKS. ..add O’Donnell to the Tea Party Driven List. WE MUST move now to remove McConnel and Boehner and put the YOUNG REPUBLICANS in place. How can we get this moving ahead of the election? Any suggestions and help out there? Put the fear of God in them and also make them SIGN the Contract with America while clinging to their job. They are dead weight big time. Old school glad handers. LETS ACT.

11 years ago

Jedediah, you went right to the heart of whats the problem is with the RINO’S. Our new Constitutuioal Conservatives should stand firm for the constitution. No more business as usual!

Jim Sleter
11 years ago

Jedediah, you were great on Hannity last night. As usual, a fine post.

11 years ago

What a truthful and informative article………..

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