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Confronting Russia and China – Biden is Stumbling


Protecting national security involves “looking around corners,” recognizing patterns, connecting dots, understanding where the dots lead. Beyond algorithms, human intuition is needed. The Biden team is stumbling – and nowhere more than confronting Russia and China.

Public facts – and clear patterns – should cause pause, make anyone wonder what is next. Here is the deal: You are now an intelligence analyst. I will back you up. Questions and answers.

What happened on May 6? Where did that event originate? How did it affect American life? Why was it different? And to date, what has Biden done about it?

Answer: The Colonial pipeline cyberattack, reportedly originating with Russian cybercriminals, possible foil. The cyberattack shut down fuel to 17 states and DC, contingent on a multimillion-dollar ransom payment. The Biden White House declared an emergency, allowing trucks to carry fuel, warned people not to put gas in bags, and formally excused Russia. See, e.g., Colonial Pipeline cyber attack.

What happened on May 30? Where did that event originate? How did it affect American life? What did Biden do about it?

Answer: A cyberattack on the world’s largest meatpacking company shut down a quarter of all US beef packing, fifth of pork, affected 10,000 US jobs, caused meat prices to spike. Plants went dead in 13 locations, including Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas, plus Canada and Australia – contingent on ransom. Plants are coming up, but huge impact—origin likely Russia. Biden’s staff held a press conference, and Biden pushed companies to improve cybersecurity. See, e.g., Largest meat producer JBS getting back online after cyberattack.

What happened on June 3? Where did that event originate? How did it affect life? Biden’s response?

Answer: Largest ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where elite politicians vacation, was shut down, a “third notable cyber breach in a month.”

Origin? Unclear, but possibly Russia. Biden team? No comment. See, e.g., Ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard targeted by ransomware attack.

Now ask yourself – who is likely behind attacks originating in Russia? If Russia is not acting against perpetrators, what does that say? Plus, Russia’s Foreign Minister said the US should expect “uncomfortable signals” before the Biden-Putin summit on June 16. See, e.g., Russia signals ‘uncomfortable’ run-up to Biden-Putin summit. Would the foregoing seem “uncomfortable signals?”

Final question: What do Americans need? Which sectors are necessities? How about energy, food, and transportation? If you were sending a signal to an adversary – that you could hit them where it hurt – what sectors would you hit? What other sectors are vital?


How about communications (of all kinds), health care (including hospitals), financial services (banks to markets), water and wastewater (life support), air transport?

So, if you were predicting the future – and thought an adversary was sending signals – where would you look?

Second pattern. This one is tied to China: What do members of the Biden family, Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), National Institute on Allergies and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, more than 20 top Biden officials, more than 500 US scientists share?

Answer: They have close ties to Communist China, with concrete financial ties to the Biden family (raising legal questions), a reported sexual liaison between the Democrat representative and a Chinese spy, “gain of function” research paid by Fauci’s NIH through a non-profit to China’s suspect Wuhan lab, and circumstantial evidence leading to other investigations. See, e.g., Navarro: Top Biden admin officials ‘compromised’ by China, urges president to ‘stand strong’ against Beijing; Over 500 U.S. Scientists Under Investigation for Being Compromised by China; Fauci has not been ‘exactly honest,’ questions on Wuhan lab funding must be answered: Nancy Mace; Fauci emails all the more reason for US to get to bottom of COVID origins; Swalwell Refuses To Disclose Whether He Had A Sexual Relationship With A Suspected Chinese Spy; Bobulinski: Biden Is ‘Compromised’ By China

Final question: What does a mountain of Chinese connectivity, much prudentially suspect, mean? Answer: China is actively seeking to compromise American political leaders, infiltrate US institutions, and – to some degree – is succeeding. Where does that lead? To more of the same? Public corruption invariably accelerates. We are forewarned. China is coming.

Net-net, finding patterns is not so hard. Russia is sending signals. Whether troops at Ukraine’s doorstep or cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, Russia is testing Biden.

Ditto for China.

They are trying to compromise American leaders in any way they can. They see weakness in this White House, and critical sectors, and no unity. They are testing all of us.

Ominously, China and Russia are in tight communication, suggesting the testing process is not bilateral but coordinated. That, too, is about connecting dots. Any wonder that Russia and China are viewed as converging – at least in their appraisal and testing of bumbling Biden? See, e.g., China and Russia’s Dangerous Convergence.

What is the answer?

The answer is to start “looking around corners,” connecting dots, understanding the broader meaning of events – what they portend. That art is critical to national security. The Biden team is stumbling. They need to get it right. If not now, when?

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Bill Holt
5 months ago

I think painting Biden as a weak bumbler is exactly what Russia and China would love to do. Weaken the image of leadership. Question is, why are you doing it for them? This article is all about about what a weak bumbling President we have. What’s up with that?

Bill on the Hill
7 months ago

I’ll answer some of your questions AMAC… Biden cancels the sanctions on Russia so they can complete the natural gas pipeline into Germany, you know, the country we are protecting Germany from, the Russians…Biden’s 1st day in office as the 46th faux potus, cancels the Keystone Oil Pipeline Project putting 40,000 + hard working Americans out of work with the stroke of a pen & formerly a net exporter of petroleum products to net importer, the work of a genius & only someone like Biden could accomplish so quickly…
This is NOT diplomacy, this is a senile old man that can barely read a teleprompter without fumbling his words, let alone run the greatest nation on earth…America first was & America last now…
America now at its weakest & the nations of China & Russia watching closely, very closely…Both these nations have their man in office & watching the American citizenry fall into the abyss of Wokeism.
( 18 ) months of bullshit only to end up where we are with gangsters running our government…
Bill on the Hill…:~(

7 months ago

Biden stumbles on America, expect anything different with China and Russia.

Dave D
7 months ago

I do agree this man is brain-dead! But look what is behind him! Just can’t believe WE have slipped this far in the last 12 years, bounced back, and then slipped back farther! What is wrong with us? We can’t even get a fair election!

aluminum head
7 months ago

The “man” who was ‘voted’ into the WH by Dominion machines and the dead. And he is one step away from the trail of WW and FDR – assisted living or life support. That is how THEY ruled America.

7 months ago

For everyone, note the related AMAC article: “As Summit Approaches, Putin Subjects Biden to International Humiliation…..8 June 2021.

John D. Beach
7 months ago

If you think non-existent collusion with the Russians was bad, collusion with the Chinese is a lot worse.

George Washington's Admirer
7 months ago

Just make sure they have microphones that look like ice cream.

George Washington's Admirer
7 months ago

Politics has lost a specific direction. It appears that advisors are running the show. The country is in disarray. Its confusing watching the confused run the government.

7 months ago

Both Russia and China have bought Biden (he’s like a cheap Time Square hooker to them)
He’s going to stumble and bumbull while they clear the table.

DeEnna Matthews
7 months ago

Who can we count on to hold China accountable? Who can we count on to save this country? The Marxists have a firm hold on our congress and it would seem the whole federal government, save for a few who still love America. I pray every day, and I know God can do the impossible, but I’m terrified. There is so much evil in the country, I have to wonder if He is going to let us be destroyed.

aluminum head
7 months ago

Got news for ya’ “Kiddo” – It took a lot more than prayers to liberate Europe from Hitler.
The same thing needs to happen here.

Tim Thompson
7 months ago

It’s a horror story that Biden will meet personally with Putin. Putin has eyes and can see the stumbling fumbling Biden try to get up the stairs of Air Force One. Putin puts Biden to an uneven position since he can’t think quick and he’s obviously in a state of dementia since taking office. The deep state swamp has kept him in a cage and only lets him out under heavy supervision so he doesn’t make massive gaffs and embarrass the Democratic Communist positions. I see this as a coming tragedy, there is no way to protect him in front of Putin.

aluminum head
7 months ago
Reply to  Tim Thompson

The world will see biden ( no caps intended ) and the ( D ) communists for who they REALLY are.

Jay A.
7 months ago

Why does Stalwell get a pass or Feinstein for involvement with Chinese spies? It would be 24/7 coverage if Republicans were involved!

7 months ago
Reply to  Jay A.

You answered your own question. Democrats are above the law, because those on our side do nothing but whine and complain while the Democrats are allowed to trash the country. When “The People” are unwilling to stand up for themselves, in order to protect their own rights, freedoms and rule of law, the inevitable outcome is a country where “The People” have neither rights, freedoms nor the security of law.

Last edited 7 months ago by PaulE
aluminum head
7 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Exactly right. There is NO ONE taking a stand against this communist ( D ) government. And the Dominion / Canadian machines will make them win again in 2022. USA = toast.

7 months ago

It is hard to crack down on countries that have bought you off…China and Russia own Biden and his entire communist regime. We need to file independence from Washington on July 4th….it is time to secede from this communist union….let the blue states have them and all the red states can become our own country.

aluminum head
7 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

Wanda, you are about right. But California has been taken back by the mexicans AND the communists.

7 months ago
Reply to  aluminum head

We will have to move to our red states if we want our freedom

7 months ago

Afraid Biden will sleep, while China takes over Taiwan, attacks our ships or land.

7 months ago

That’s what stumble-bums do. They stumble, on the way to the bathroom, going to the basement I just wish that just once he’d stumble from the top of the stairs.

aluminum head
7 months ago
Reply to  charlesw04

And then you have, guess who ?, in the Ovary Office ?

7 months ago
Reply to  aluminum head

Yeah, I don’t know how it could get much worse than it is now, but seeing what the border czar has done already I can pretty much guess that we might as well put our heads between our legs and kiss our butts goodbye

7 months ago

If you’re counting on the Biden administration to save you, you better think twice. Biden is a frail, weak puppet and will do as he’s told to do. Whether he get’s his instructions from from his handlers or from those that control the purse strings, he’ll do as he’s instructed. The problem is the people that control him do not have Americas best interest at heart.

Tim Thompson
7 months ago
Reply to  Steven

Biden is in it to save his family who obviously is a criminal enterprise which is so abundantly clear by his son who accepted 1.5 billion from the Chinese. It’s why this coming meeting with Putin is more than likely going to be a Russian demand list of what they expect from Biden during his stay in our White House. A coming disaster!

aluminum head
7 months ago
Reply to  Tim Thompson

And do you ‘think’ China or Russia would relish a meeting with Trump ?

Stephen Russell
7 months ago

Biden & allies do Zero to face both

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