America Voted to Expand the Nanny State – But Who is Paying the Nanny?

Tuesday night’s election results didn’t change the balance of power much in Washington. It is still headed in the direction of runaway spending and expanding entitlements with more and larger government services. Of course, this costs tremendous amounts of money.

Bill O’Reilly summed up the election results yesterday:

“There are fifty percent of the voting public who want stuff. They want things. Who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it and ran on it. … Twenty years ago, President Obama would have been roundly defeated by an establishment candidate like Mitt Romney.”

As I wrote in my October 21 piece, the left has capitalized on being the party of the government dependent entitlement society. This population has been mobilized to vote and has tipped the balance of power. They are immune to the effects of a bad economy the private sector remains is mired in. Why should they care if taxes are raised?

The national debt of 16 trillion doesn’t affect them either, future generations will be saddled with this burden. We ran out of our own money long ago and are now spending our children’s/grandchildren’s money to afford today’s entitlements.

But what is important to this base is getting stuff today… President Obama and his party have done the best job of promising that. But nothing is free, everything comes with some sort of price tag. That price is monetary and a loss of freedom from intrusive big government protecting you from yourself by imposing its policies on you.

Britain’s Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

America had an opportunity on Tuesday to change that direction, but failed to grasp it when an alternative for fiscal responsibility was offered by the Romney candidacy.

Many Americans will now get what they voted for: A bigger and more intrusive nanny state…paid for by someone else, until they run out of money.

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8 years ago

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8 years ago

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”–Alexander de Tocqueville

8 years ago

I;m so frightened about the future that I am looking for a community of like minded people where I can live out my remaining years and not have to interface with the takers…….is there such a place?

ed farnan
8 years ago
Reply to  patricia

You might find enclaves like that in Idaho, where there are a lot of like minded folks

Ann, RN
8 years ago

And what would be wrong with letting tax Armageddon happen??

8 years ago
Reply to  Ann, RN

Ann, theoretically it goes something like this: raise taxes; cause recession; jobs lost; household incomes drop; less tax revenue coming in; print money; businesses fail; dollar loses value; print more money; raise more taxes on the few who have money; more businesses, even hospitals fail; massive unemployment; RN’s on street begging with tin cups.

Jean Borgers
8 years ago

I’ve often wondered if it is legal that before we get paid, taxes are deducted from our gross pay. If we could stop tax dollars from coming out of our paychecks, I think we would be able to defund the government or at least undermine it. If all working Americans did this, what could the IRS do to us – throw everyone in jail? What if we requested that all our wages be paid in cash? No trace of payment so no tax! Maybe the only thing we can do is organize and march on the IRS April 15th and demand our money back! Just trying to think what the heck we can do to minimize the damage this egotistical arrogant moron is doing to our great country.

8 years ago
Reply to  Jean Borgers

Good idea! No tax dollars = no government. Go fairtax!

Thomas L. Adkins
8 years ago
Reply to  Jean Borgers

Unfortunately employers are required by federal and state law to withhold taxes from your wages.

8 years ago

Younger generation has been spoiled by their parents and were given what they want when they wanted it. I’ve watched this for years and wondered when things would blow up in our faces. They want stuff constantly and think it’s their due. All of us now are now having to pay the price.

8 years ago
Reply to  Louise

It isn;t just the younger folks…..I have a friend who has plenty of money because family ll has left it to her thru wills. She prides herself on getting the govt to pay for any and all medical necessities. She is 75 was recently diagnosed with some strange maladay medicare would not pay so she fought and is getting the experimental medicine free and it costs 10,000 dollars a day…..thats you and me paying her bill….

G. Crego
8 years ago

The only consolation for this travesty of an election is, the leeches who voted Obama back into power will be the first to starve to death when the government runs out of “our” money. Those who refuse to do for themselves won’t survive what is coming and those who are doing for themselves will have run out of patience!

C. Rollo
8 years ago

I recently explained this to one of my relatives who is in need of public assistance (while doing all they can to move away from welfare through work and higher education). My explanation was simple and needs repeating, even if is seems obvious because to some it isn’t.

Government doesn’t generate money. JOBS generate taxes that pay for government programs and necessities. And soon, if there are no JOBS, the money runs out and we collapse — just as we seeing governments teeter around the world toward collapse.

The solution isn’t easy or pretty — we can either face this crisis and be willing to take the pain of being WEANED off the government teat and pay the bill OR we can continue to ignore it until WE ALL SUFFER a much worse fate when it all collapses. We still have a choice to lend our support to those who are faced with hard choices that will keep us free and restore our country. Just thinking about “me” isn’t going to get us out of this mess. Time is running out.

Buddy Whatley
8 years ago

a friend was recently laid off after eighteen years with a major company and tried without success to find another job… she finally drew unemployment until getting a job at wal mart where she makes less than unemployment. So… why work?!

high unemployment, $16 trillion debt (and obama said bush’s $9 trillion was unsustainable and unpatriotic), gay marriage, abortion, food stamps, welfare, the laughing stock of the world, a dead ambassador, money disappearing into bankrupt green companies, high gas prices and no drilling allowed, a president more focused on talk shows than his job, a first lady who hates america but enjoys living like a queen on our money, and the most anti-Christian president in our nation’s history… and we just voted for more!?

C. Rollo
8 years ago
Reply to  Buddy Whatley

That about sums it up!!

Larry Barnett
8 years ago
Reply to  Buddy Whatley

You summed it up perfectly. It makes me ill to consider where we are and where “the people” have voted to send us.

Bob Chamberlain
8 years ago

We know we’re in trouble as a Nation when 50% of the population can vote themselves “Free Stuff” at the expense of the other 50% of the population! It’s been tried before in the Soviet Union with predictible results, it doesn’t work as the 50% that is working will refuse to support the other 50% who don’t work and will soon join them in not working as there is no benefit or incentive to be working!

Nancy O'Hara
8 years ago

I keep wondering what our world will look like and how we will act when the “rich” have been fully taxed — when their “riches” no longer exist. Who’d going to pay for all those freebies then? Thank God I probably won’t be alive to see it, but my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will.

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