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Hillary Clinton in Trouble?


For decades, the Clintons have deftly eluded accountability for alleged improprieties, from Whitewater and Rose Law Firm records to issues around Vince Foster’s death; Bill’s chronic sexual harassment and rape allegations to Hillary’s wild profits on cattle futures during Bill’s governorship; Benghazi and missing emails to destroyed servers, private foreign donations while Secretary of State to casual lies about handling classified material and “wiping” data. But Hillary’s escape from accountability – may be coming to an end.

No less respected a source than The Wall Street Journal seems to see cracks in Clinton’s legal defense. The sense one gets reading reports and transcripts is that accountability may be coming.

In short, the 2016 Clinton Presidential Campaign appears to have been more than a passive collector of opposition research, a standard gotcha-game part of modern political races.

The standard is to rummage up old news, rumors and innuendos, score settling and envy venting, job, financial, personal, and any other allegations – then load the stuff like grapeshot in a canon for salvos during a campaign. Ugly, ignoble, but done.

That occurred in 2016, but evidence is mounting that something more sinister was also afoot. Facts are starting to come out of the trial of Clinton’s campaign’s lawyer that indicate a knowing plan to disinform, coopt, distract, or misguide the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The plan appears to have involved the seemingly innocuous relay of what the Clinton Campaign knew was false and presumptively damning information, created to tar Donald Trump before the FBI, maybe trigger surveillance, leaked reports, rumors … to sink the opposition campaign. 

After all, if the FBI was on her opponent’s tail, something must be wrong, right? That appears to have been the – rather bold, publicly corrupt, legally shocking approach that campaign took. As the Wall Street Journal is reporting, however, it gets more curious, more legally damning daily.

Not days after texts emerged confirming intended deception of the FBI by campaign counsel, one of Clinton’s aids says the former presidential candidate personally authorized going out with deceptions that ended up at the FBI, putting them on Trump’s campaign with false information.

Many questions remain not least how FBI and Justice leadership reacted, why statements at trial are now seeking to deflect the objective to mere misdirection of the press, and what will follow.

What we know is: “Hillary Clinton approved of an effort in the months before the 2016 election to provide the press with research purporting to show a computer link between the company of her GOP rival, Donald Trump, and a Russian bank” according to her presidential campaign manager.

Connecting dots, that bank was tied to the Russian government and Clinton apparently knew the data – and how it was assembled – suggested it was a bogus link. This testimony emerged during the on-going trial of Clinton’s campaign lawyer. He has been “charged with lying to the FBI about his motives for providing that research to the bureau in September 2016,” which he said was not for any client, despite working for Clinton.

Meantime, her campaign manager just testified: “I discussed it with Hillary … Notionally, the discussion was, ‘Hey, we have this, and we want to share it with a reporter.’ She agreed to that.”

The net pulls tighter, not yet tight. Words are slippery. Clinton could say she does not recall, too long ago, hazy, or just deny it. She could say the idea was to deceive just feckless reporters into these wild conclusions, not get the FBI chasing her opponent, or add FBI interest to storylines.

But this is getting hotter, not cooler. The special prosecutor has a reputation for playing chess with care, one piece at a time, triangulating cases, charges, witnesses on route to checkmate.

As the Journal notes: “The case is the first that special counsel John Durham has taken to trial in his three-year probe into how the Federal Bureau of Investigation handled allegations of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016.”

That would be a lot of work to bring a one-charge case. Testimony continues to pour out. “Earlier this week, that former FBI official, James Baker, said the agency would have treated the allegations more skeptically had it known of the research’s connection to the Clinton campaign.” Indeed.

The takeaway from this “first case” is that more is coming, and the level, quality, and significance of cases, charges, witnesses, and outcomes may grow. The process tends to push toward higher levels of culpability, not lesser.

Put differently, as testimony continues, we may see a freight train pick up speed, legal pressure and revelations mount, until one wonders: Is Hillary Clinton in trouble? Could the long Clinton run from accountability be over? 

Stepping back two steps, the larger point is that accountability in our Republic matters. It is the lifeblood of the constitutional process. All we have is trust in due process, rule of law, honest prosecutors, truth found via adversarial inquiry. The sense many have is that justice is coming. If so, the pursuit has been long, turns many, but we shall see. In all events, this trial matters.

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18 days ago

Even if the midterm election results in a Republican majority in one or both houses of congress, the Federal bureaucracy is so tainted, along with the DOJ, CIA, and FBI by unscrupulous Democrat operatives, there is little likelihood of Hillary Clinton or any other corrupt Democrat politician being held accountable for their crimes.

17 days ago
Reply to  Daniel

I will keep the faith! Amen

24 days ago

The judge made sure Hillary Clinton will not be held accountable when he allowed three (3) Hillary supporters on the jury. Already, the Mainstream

24 days ago

she’s always in trouble. that’s what evil people do! that’s hoe THEY measure “their own idea of success.” she, an e
Elite Moron.

24 days ago
Reply to  tika

Always in trouble but never held accountable

27 days ago

Hillary proves one thing: if you’re rich, white, and (Democrat) politically-connected, you can get away with anything. The only house this woman needs to be in has bars on the windows…

24 days ago
Reply to  robzuc

Agree with all except skin color. OBAMA has never been held accountable for all his crimes including orchestrating a Trump Coup from the Oval Office

29 days ago

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Cicero

27 days ago
Reply to  Christopher

And it is pretty well documented that the Clintons (Bill and BroomHillary) have engaged in activites and actions which pretty much leave them in the zone of treason. And if that is not enough, the whole Biden family appears to have a fixation with consorting with foreign Nationals to their own personal profits. And the citizens of this country have not DEMANDED a voting system that cannot be rigged to produce false results.

Julie Elllingson
29 days ago

Great article. It gives us hope justice can be served on the Clinton machine. Durham is thorough and cannot be bought or manipulated. We need more like him and his team.

Andrew P
29 days ago

The Prosecutor Nail Hillary?? I’ll believe it when I see it.
By the time the prosecutor is able to go after the Hildebeast, if ever, the statutes of limitations will have expired. And Hillary is running for the rematch with Trump in 2024. If anything, Durham’s prosecutions will actually help Hillary. They show that Hillary is incredibly competent at conspiracies and skullduggery – which means that she is likely to be an incredibly effective and powerful President.

27 days ago
Reply to  Andrew P

Hildebeast … Gnu Hillary Clinton!!!

24 days ago
Reply to  Andrew P

Do you mean a corrupt POTUS LIKE JOE BIDEN?

29 days ago

They damn well better nail her and everybody involved !

Bull Shit
29 days ago

The Clinton Tribe will go unpunished.

M. Jones
28 days ago
Reply to  Bull Shit

I agree.

29 days ago

I’ll believe it when she’s in prison. The DOJ has the opportunity to get involved. That cabbage brained Nazi in the White House could just pardon her.

Andrew P
29 days ago
Reply to  Sid

He won’t have to pardon her because she will never be prosecuted.

29 days ago

Misguide the FBI
No such thing as Hillary misguiding the FBI.
The FBI was willingly and maliciously on doing illegal —don’t just say they were not correct -say it the way it is they were corrupt in their hearts Lisa page his lover —Brannon the second in coman, Come the director of the FBI there is video of him saying the corruption he did he was the mastermind of a coup to get President Trump in jail
Come knew that Hilary was too corrupt and for a dash of remorse he went against her
Otherwise she would have been more corrupt than Biden flack of feathers walk together we need to pray for Durum because he can appeared dead any minute to cover their track Ray is another corrupt operating from the Top he needs to be fire also
The same operations from the same group of corrupts
They need to accountable on the crimes they have committed
I know you have to be careful what we say
Because the truth can get us destroy with this group of corrupt politicians
I don’t get it how people are blind
Now that people are knowing the truth that is why the democrat party is passing laws that illegals vote
They bring all this illegals to do their duty work , look at the video when Cinema was in the bathroom who was outside her her bathroom door —- illegals —- that is what they said gi listened to the video.
All the Rhinos are voting to protect all this corrupt democrats
They vote themselves into power with the votes they buy and pay to illegal immigrants that are in our country a lot of them that are not qualify for asylum.
Republicans are like bad dogs they fallow the dog for a while and then they loose the ball ???? because is not conviniese to find the ball because if they do find the ball they will loose favor from Democrats.
USA ???????? POLITICS TODAY are all about what is it for me m, not what is good for our country that will benefit Americans ????????

Look at Cheney she is corrupt as hell she lies with stray face.
Corruption is not part of freedom of speech
That is how some republicans act like they have the right to corrupt as though is not a crime they call it candor so that they can do it easier a lie is a lie
Hillary needs to be in jail because she chose to do criminal behavior
She agreed to break the law she decided to turn her face from Benghazi from Afganistan she part of the advisory board that is why they did the same turn their face away from all the women that were assassinated, rape , sex slaves, sex traffic
Etc… because that is their mode of operation.
Thalib, Omar are worse than Hillary because they are women and they never said anything against what the democrats did if abandoning this women to the desecrated they are all the same corrupt like hell.

29 days ago

I’ve been closely following the many sordid Washington scandals since the Washington Post put a wooden spike into President Nixon’s heart. Sadly, the Post, like the NYT, is only interested in hanging republican scalps on their tepee poll. So I’ve noticed a very different response to how they’ve handled all the Clinton scandals. Which is to say they’ve completely ignored them.
Unfortunately for them the Washington Swamp no longer controls the narrative on what’s fit to print, and what dies in darkness. And even if the three Durham trial jurors who gave Hillary campaign donations in 2016 vote to say she’s innocent, that isn’t the end of the story. As Winston Churchill once said. It’s only the beginning of the beginning. There’s still a lot of dirty laundry that needs to be taken to the cleaners, and the Durham trial is just the beginning of a process. The get out the facts stage. There will be many more trials in civil court where the standards are different and it’s not so much about sending people to prison, as it is about sending them to the poor house. This is the part I’m going to enjoy the most. Even if the Post and NYT ignore every bit of it, Hillary and her co-conspirators will face a very bleak future. But I won’t, because I’m going to be watching these trials for years to come.

29 days ago

I hope and pray that they finally nail herShe is a disgrace to our country

Jeffry Earl
29 days ago

It’s about stinking time!!She and her companions have gotten away with murder.

Mari-Ann Henry
29 days ago

If I had a dime for everytime I heard someone say Hillary is finally going to be held accountable, I’d have more dollars than her corrupted Haiti Foundation. I hope and pray that someday, or comes true. But I am not holding my breath.

Art Birx
29 days ago

The Clintons will always be untouchable even if strong hard evidence slaps the American public and media directly in their faces.

Bob Haagenson
29 days ago
Reply to  Art Birx

Not this time Art. There are still several “scandals” before the Treason is brought to bear. She will be convicted. You do know the penalty for Treason, right?

David Block
29 days ago

The Clintons may be one of the most corrupt families in the history of the USA.

29 days ago
Reply to  David Block

I really believe the Obamas will dwarf the Clinton’s wave of political misdeeds. Barak (Barry) is much smarter than either Clinton. Keeps things much more under the table.

29 days ago

For all the offenses that Hillary, Bill Clinton and other officials have done… They should have been put to death a dozen times.

Dave Williams
29 days ago

The article points out many truisms with the exception that the Clintonswill be held accountable.

Rush Glick
29 days ago

Hilary is under the protection of the 95% all media as well as the SWAMP itself. Until the government is cleansed of enough of the FILTH who rule it, as well as the hordes of vermin who infest its very bowels, nothing will happen to that witch.

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