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Is It Too Late to Save America’s Cities?

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


November 2021 may very well be remembered as the month that “Defund the Police” and “Woke Justice” finally collapsed. In a string of major reversals, city legislatures and progressive prosecutors are desperately attempting to re-fund police departments they defunded, prosecute criminals for crimes they previously refused to charge, and hire police officers after forcing thousands to quit. The stunning turnaround for some of the most liberal politicians in America is no doubt in response to the wave of murders, carjackings, and mass looting that has overtaken multiple cities.

For several decades, progressive activists and radical college professors have been pushing for a “reimagining” of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. One of the main aims of such a reimagining includes “decarceration,” sometimes referred to as “woke justice.” In short, it involves the forced reduction of the prison population – even if that means letting violent criminals back out onto the streets.

The crux of the argument in favor of decarceration is that crime is the direct result of poverty and inequality, which are in turn completely caused by structural racism. According to this theory, police officers and prisons only make this problem worse, and are themselves racist institutions that must be abolished or “reimagined.” Criminals, then, are the “real” victims when a crime occurs. The solution? Letting vast swaths of convicts out of prison, refusing to press charges for “smaller” offenses (like shoplifting, arson, and even sexual assault) and cutting funding to police, all while expanding funding for social programs to supposedly eliminate crime. The theory was largely contained to academic spheres until it suddenly burst onto the national scene during the widespread riots in 2020.

But just how did such a fringe theory suddenly become the predominant view of the mainstream political Left? Americans largely have one man to thank: billionaire progressive donor and activist George Soros.

As previously reported, starting in 2016, Soros began an aggressive campaign to pour millions into state District Attorney elections. He was generally successful, with his selected DA’s winning control of districts that contained as many as 50 million Americans in total. As DAs and state prosecutors have the ability to negotiate reduced sentences, release accused convicts before their court dates, or simply refuse to hear certain cases, they wield incredible power over the social and judicial fabric of thousands of local communities. These activist prosecutors’ agendas ranged from declining to prosecute drug dealing and prostitution to releasing accused rapists until their court dates. Now, as Americans emerge from the immediate urgency of the pandemic, they have a full view of the damage these prosecutors have wrought.

By far, the most terrifying metric has been the record number of murders in 2020 and 2021. A series of high-profile murders have revealed a direct link between failing to prosecute criminals for serious, but lower level, offenses, which directly enabled those criminals to engage in more severe crimes. In Virginia, an accused rapist, who was released on bond before the trial, murdered the woman accusing him of rape. In Maryland, a career criminal who was placed on home confinement despite a history of breaking home confinement, murdered a mother while she was celebrating her son’s acceptance into the Naval Academy. Most horrifically, in Wisconsin, career felon Darrell Brooks, who pulled a knife on a police officer and was released on $1,000 cash bail (after having a history of jumping bail) intentionally drove his vehicle into a Christmas parade, killing six people and wounding another 48. 18 of his victims were children. All told, as of November, many cities are poised to, or already have marked 2021 as their deadliest year on record.

While many of these prosecutors may feign ignorance as to the results of their policies, their past says otherwise. Take, for instance, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, the man responsible for freeing Brooks on $1,000 bond. In 2007, when pressed on his bail reforms, Chisholm said, “Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into a treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed.” Yet he defiantly stated that those murders would not be evidence that his policy of reducing cash bails and seeking treatment over imprisonment was not sound. To him, the unnecessary murders of the citizens he was sworn to protect were simply necessary sacrifices in order to achieve his ultimate goal of “reimagined” criminal justice. As defenders of Soviet Communism used to say, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” The prosecutor has yet to clarify whether or not those killed in the Christmas parade were those he imagined would die as a result of his policies.

Soros prosecutors have emboldened criminals who commit lower-level crimes as well. In 2014, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced that he would prosecute thefts below $950 as misdemeanors. In addition, he also announced that he would not prosecute “victimless crimes.” These crimes include “prostitution, open drug use, and drug dealing.” As a result, thievery exploded across the city, causing many stores to close permanently. The end result was felt last week when dozens of looters swarmed Louis Viton stores and other designer shops, stealing tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise. While many have referred to these thievery events as lootings, other experts have actually stressed that they are “organized robberies.” Looting is performed during a state of emergency when supplies are scarce, panic is high, and the stolen goods are largely essential supplies. These raids are organized burglaries with the goal of stealing high-end goods for resale. Though the problem is most evident in San Francisco, it has been felt nationwide.

These lax legal enforcements are all coming at a time in which police departments have been ruthlessly gutted by city councils, with the blessing of Soros’ District Attorneys. In Minneapolis, the heart of the Defund the Police movement, the city council is so desperate for new police officers that they are recruiting cops from other police departments in and out of the state. As Washington, D.C. reels from record-high murder rates, the police are still urging the City Council to reverse the budget cuts that crippled their department and left citizens at the mercy of murderers.

While many cities are reversing course on their radical policies, some only seem to be sinking into a deeper level of insanity. For example, in Seattle, newly hired Police chief Carmen Best, a black woman, successfully enlisted a new class of recruits, 40% of which were minorities – a fact that many hope will help alleviate racial tensions between minority communities and law enforcement. When the city council demanded that the department be reduced in size, Best pointed out that most of the police that would be fired would be the new, diverse, class she just hired. As a solution, a radically progressive council member, a white woman, suggested that the chief only fire white cops. The chief refused to engage in such a racist act and was later forced out of the department. Thus, a white female liberal council member helped push out a black female police chief for refusing to fire police officers for being white.

These failed policies have led many Americans to flee cities that some have called home for generations. In Chicago, black citizens are fleeing the city in record numbers specifically due to the city’s inability to confront and solve violent crime. In California, those who aren’t fleeing to other states are abandoning the coastal cities for inland, more conservative, areas. In New York City, the wealthy are fleeing in record numbers, costing the state billions of dollars.

Perhaps finally wise to the issue, some prosecutors are beginning to pivot. Boudin has announced felony charges against nine suspects involved in the mass robberies of luxury stores. Other progressive legislators are enacting measures to reverse the damage their policies have done. Yet, it may be too little too late. These robberies, murders, and raids have done more than physical damage. They have torn up the very social fabric that all cities rely upon to maintain decency and liberty. It will likely take years if not decades of healing to repair such wounds.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.

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5 months ago

Any time, and every time, a “WHY was the behavior committed” allowed in as an issue, there will be massive failure.
The ONLY focus necessary in a civil society is what is defined as a crime that damages that civility. Period.
Then, that society devises the proper punishment either for deterrence or permanent solution, ie, death penalty.
Communism requires massive chaos so people beg for government solutions.

5 months ago

If the DNC is not abolished, and it’s socialist agenda made illegal, then YES IT IS FAR TOO LATE!

Mike Ecko
5 months ago

Is it too late to save American cities? Dare I reply, “I certainly hope so.” With 50 million residents overwhelmingly in thrall to the DemonRat party and socialist dogma, it’s easy to commit massive voter fraud, and perpetuate the decline of the American way of life.
Perhaps if the cities, where people are so ready to accept the heavy hand of Big Government, were to experience a serious dismantling, people might move to areas of the country where things like God, liberty, resourcefulness, capitalism matter. Maybe the demise of the cities could signal a rebirth of the country.
Just sayin’.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mike Ecko

Most likely, the useless, braindead,Communists take their beliefs and behaviors with them. As they have done for decades. Remember, California used to be republican….

5 months ago

The same George who gave the Nazi’s his own people . A good moral human being . There are people who don’t do their job . Solution the rocking grannies should have been packing and a whole lot of misery could have been avoided . Every American transgressed should sue for such ignorance.!

5 months ago

Soros is evil to the core. The same Soros who sold out fellow Jews during the Holocaust and sided with the Nazis. Some time ago I watched the last few minutes of an interview by 60 minutes with this self aggrandizing monster as he “fondly” remembered taking the belonging of Jews and giving them to the guards…as they were sent on their way to the most horrific death one can imagine.
He was 12 at that time, in the Jewish faith accountable as a grown young man with responsibilities.
I wanted to hurl as he “smiled” and said: ” I fondly remember that time”. He went on to finish with these very telling words” “I guess I have a messiah complex”.
Evil just barely covers this pretend human…one might have to wonder if he has Hitler’s blood running in his ice cold veins.
But for those who may remember George Bush Sr.’s acceptance speech when elected as president: and I quote: “We must usher in the New World Order”…unquote. I have to wonder if maybe Soro’s was already deeply into the destruction of our nation as he has been responsible for the destruction of at least 4 other countries…

5 months ago
Reply to  Denise

Most people think of Soros as the Devil’s spawn!

5 months ago

It’s a shame Mr. Soros does not have to enjoy the work of his donations to progressive and liberal DAs firsthand. Might teach him something.

anna hubert
5 months ago

Only when law and order replaces chaos can there be a success appeasing the mob leads to more chaos and destruction

Bruce A Forbes
5 months ago

I am enraged that any politician would accept the support of a foreign enemy of the United States. But even more infuriating, is the fact that there are prosecutors and political leaders who believe crime in America is the result of structured racism; they are either ignorant, morons or both. Like defunding the police, allowing color to excuse criminal behavior is a setup for other personal characteristics like creed, nationality or gender.
Yes, Poverty is a contributor to dysfunctional behavior and our current capitalist system requires oversight to insure excessive wealth can be channeled to provide needed support to the poor, but organized rioting and the destruction of stores and theft of non-essential goods is nothing less than old fashioned criminal behavior. ( stealing food in a real crisis of availability is a different matter).!
The recent turn around in many elections may signal that the ‘sleeping giant’ , that solid hardworking core of America, has once again awaken – perhaps we have learned that the only way to truly right the wrongs is to punish the offenders without prejudice or bias in support of ‘ideals’.

However, we do need to confront extreme wealth, political power and involve more citizen level oversight of running America and our communities. Maybe it’s time we place term limits and other modes of building corrupt influence on public ballots and let all of us decide. Voting is the core of our existence, so in order to to strip the power from the parties, voting must Only be by legal citizens, with formal identification and let their vote decide what direction reform takes. Let taxpaying, legal voters vote on CRT, Woke, gender/label issues, border/wall issues and regulations that mandate transparency in media ownership and operations.
We’re suffering from an organized assault on America via education and the teachers unions and tenured professors have demonstrated that truth, patriotism and integrity are enemies of their agenda, so they’ve spent untold dollars and untold hours behind closed doors, targeting our children and minorities, motivating the division of political and social sentiments we see destroying the foundations of civilized community.
I believe if we are to avoid a civil war or opportunistic actions by foreign interest that would spark a global conflict, the time is now to be AWAKE, not Woke, to expose the roots and source of Critical Race Theory and publish the victims and other losses on a daily basis, calling attention to the damage and pain caused by the Leftists cowards behind this national crisis.

Brian Miller
5 months ago

The communists feel no empathy for anyone. They have no convictions beyond securing their own power and they see these destructive forces to society as a means to an end. They care nothing for the people on either side.

anna hubert
5 months ago
Reply to  Brian Miller

When bolsheviks won and Soviet union was created first on the agenda was destruction of the family ,parents were sent to gulags childeren to state run orphanages where they were molded properly remember the sheep asking what happened to all the puppies ,they found out soon enough when pups all fully grown ger.shepards were released at the meeting and ripped their throats open that is communist style

Christine C Love
5 months ago

Get this RED Circle with FLAG OUT OF THE WAY while I am TRYING to read the article.

5 months ago

Or put it on the right edge instead of the left edge!

David C
5 months ago

Dear Friends of Freedom and Healing our Nation,
It is another poverty or inequality that is at the crux, the center of the problem within our society.
It is the destruction of the family, the abuse of parents, the abandonment of parents, the breakdown of the family that creates poverty of all kinds.
Fix the Family, you fix society. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself why socialism and communism want to put itself in charge, in effect a corporation of control, not love and support that defeats Inequality.
The voters in Virgina got the message and so did Terry Mccauliff. Spread the word.

5 months ago
Reply to  David C

The family really is the key. Families teach their children morality – teach them that participating in a flash looting isn’t just wrong because you could get caught, but wrong because it’s morally wrong. A democratic society can only function properly if it’s citizens are moral and it’s the family that primarily carries those moral values forward.

anna hubert
5 months ago
Reply to  David C

If you fix the family there would not be a need for government involvement and interference that will never do

5 months ago

There is absolutely zero change of heart among the commie leaders in these cities. They’re temporarily pivoting. The idea is to lull people back to sleep. They want to tamp things down a bit before the next election cycle, thats all.

5 months ago
  • sore-AZZ is EVIL !
  • these COMMUNIST so-called prosecutors are EVIL !
  • * the CRIMINALS are EVIL & belong BEHIND BARS !
  • * COMMIE city-councils which promote this EVIL are EVIL !
  • Law-abiding LEGAL American Citizens SUFFER because of this EVIL !
5 months ago

This is not new.Been going on a long time.Before was to get name in the papers.Just look back,no headline no prosecution.

Philip Hammersley
5 months ago

Nothing can be done UNTIL Blacks and Latinos WAKE UP and vote the DIMMS out! Why ANY of them vote DIMM is beyond my comprehension.

Stephen Russell
5 months ago

Use Portland & Seattle as models for NOT what to do.
Need major reforms, quit voting for Dems in office, change policies
50./50 to save cities

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