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Led by Sununu, NH Republicans Sell Out the Unborn in Shameful Retreat

AMAC Exclusive – By Charles Rex

Governor Chris Sununu

Last summer, New Hampshire’s state legislature passed the Fetal Life Protection Act, or FLPA, which banned late-term abortions and made the Granite State a leader in protecting the lives of the unborn. The bill, which Republican Governor Chris Sununu signed, went into effect just this month, marking a major victory for the pro-life movement. But that achievement is now at risk. And New Hampshire Republicans – particularly Governor Sununu – aren’t exactly putting up a fight.

After Republicans included FLPA in the state’s budget last year, pro-abortion advocates and Democrats in the state legislature vowed to fight back. They made good on that promise recently by introducing HB 1609, which aims to gut the most important provisions of FLPA and render it effectively useless.

But instead of reaffirming their commitment to life and defending legislation passed by the Republican State Legislature and signed by the Republican governor, some Republican lawmakers and Sununu himself are engaged in an incredible about-face, joining with Democrats to try and kill that very bill under the guise of “refining” it.

In a letter to state legislators, Governor Sununu offered his full support for HB 1609, writing that “Like most Granite Staters, I don’t live in extremes on either side of the issue that is being considered today.” While cynically characterizing the pro-life position as “extreme,” Sununu also called himself “pro-choice,” and stressed that he wanted to ensure abortions remained “safe and accessible.”

Sununu is not alone either – incredibly, six Republicans have co-sponsored the legislation. In doing so, they are not only failing to protect innocent life, but are directly defying the principles embedded in the platform of the New Hampshire Republican Party, which includes the following statement: “We believe that life is sacred, from conception to natural death and that we cannot diminish the value of one category of human life without diminishing the value of all human life.

Rather than own up to the flip-flop, Sununu has adopted Democrats’ talking points and says the new legislation “fixes” the Fetal Life Protection Act by creating exceptions for rape and incest, the health of the mother, and fetal anomalies. 

But carving out those exceedingly rare cases are not the primary purpose of the new bill, as Governor and his Republican colleagues are no doubt aware. The real purpose of the legislation is to remove the requirement for an ultrasound prior to an abortion.

Why is that so important? Because the ultrasound is the only accurate and objective measurement of the baby’s age. The FLPA bans abortions after 24 weeks, and therefore mandates that an ultrasound be conducted before performing the abortion to confirm the baby’s age.

Democrats haven’t stopped there, either. In the state senate, they are working on a full repeal of FLPA, making clear what their ultimate goal is. SB 399, the repeal bill, had its first public hearing last Wednesday. If Sununu’s comments on SB 1609 are any indication, despite the advantage Republicans hold in the legislature and a sitting Republican governor, that bill has a real chance.  

Just how radical is Governor Sununu’s flip flop?

Just an hour south down the road in Boston, fellow Republican Governor Charlie Baker, who is not exactly leading the March for Life every year, vetoed a similar pro-abortion bill in Massachusetts. Because Baker still presides over the Massachusetts legislature and its Democratic super-majority, Democrats ultimately overrode his veto.

But the contrast is still striking. Instead of putting up any resistance, Sununu is joining with Democrats to undo something he signed into law just a few months ago. The effort to undo the Fetal Life Protection Act is also the opposite of moderate. It is the Act itself which represents exactly the kind of modest limitation on abortion—only limiting abortions “performed in months 7, 8, and 9 of pregnancy” —that the vast majority of Americans support.

As a sign of just how liberal Sununu has become recently, he now has a new fan in Washington – President Joe Biden. Biden quoted Sununu’s criticism of Republicans in the U.S. Senate extensively at his recent press conference, using the governor’s comments to slam Senate Republicans for being a “roadblock” to Biden’s radical agenda, including, tellingly, Biden’s attempt to eliminate the Hyde Amendment and pave the way for government funding of abortion.

The great irony, of course, is that the unborn children of New Hampshire could use someone willing to be a roadblock to what’s happening right now – if only Governor Sununu and Republicans in the state could find the courage to do so.

Charles Rex is the pen name of an eternal optimist with the scars to prove it. Rex is certain that the future of liberty flows from the state capitols, not Washington.

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Hon. Anne Copp
4 months ago

Agree 100% not from speculation but experience “ )

4 months ago

Those that cannot stand up for what’s right, are a demorat who should not be allowed to run as a Republican. It takes character to be a Republican

4 months ago

How can anyone support the murder of innocent HUMAN babies.

4 months ago

Republicans are weak, spineless, and absolutely worthless – I don’t support them because they are hypocrites!

Rosalee Cavanaugh
4 months ago

why are you surprised? The Republicans haven’t got the balls to fight for anything like the Democrats do. That is why I stopped supporting the party. I will vote Republican though. The Republicans had the Congress while Pres. Trump was in office and they fought him at very turn especially the Rhinos. They have never even tried to impeach Biden who is a threat to this Nation.

Linda Baker
3 months ago


4 months ago

Once again showing why everyone who is conservative has to be very careful when voting for the “republican” candidate. And when he turns rino after being elected, VOTE HIS ASS OUT at the next election!!! GET RID OF PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS!!!!!

Anne Copp
4 months ago

The Governor of New Hampshire is a RAT
As a former legislator this term, please look into this fraud of a Republican! He used his State Police detail to arrest a 72 year old grandmother and 8 other citizens at an Executive Council meeting on October 13 2021 opposing taking $27M from the federal government ( Biden) for vaccine mandates.

The citizenry were trying to redress their grievances, Terese Grinnell a Nurse was one of the arrests for saying “Amen”’

He is tyrannical, a little research will show. We need Nationsl attention on this ‘boy next door” darling of the establishment Republicans!

He is a Rat through and through. If we could get a FOIA on his cell phone records he txt the AG deputy and his Detail officers, The State Police, we can prove it was a set up to intimidate us from Protesting him.

As a duly elected State Rep he had me removed from the State House on Jan 7th 2021 his Inauguration Day. He made it an elitist private affair citing “Armed Protesters” at his house! A Republican Governor? A second Amendment guy? No not at all…

Please help expose him to the nation for the FRAUD that he is!

Hon. Anne Copp

Hon. Anne Copp
4 months ago
Reply to  Anne Copp

OBTW Did I mention He removed the Duly Elected Representative of the People from the People’s House ( The NH Capitol ) By his State Police Detail! He Refused the Swearing in ceremony because I am one of his detractors. Rep Copp.

He is an elitist, “Democratic Operative” I don’t use the term RINO anymore because they are not R’s In Name Only! They vote against us at every turn! Case in point FLPA

I was one of the Founders of the “Freedom Caucus” in the last biennium they let it die. We brought it back so Freshman and “Constitutional Conservatives” would have a voice! The Governor has neutered them, lied to them, snookered them and they bend to his will! We had 75-90 votes in that Caucus!

The block could essentially hold the line on any vote that was anti-constitutional or anti Republican Platform…. They squandered their power away partly because they let in sleepers ( Governors Minions ) He knew their every move!

They tried to withhold his Power the Governor enjoyed with over 80 executive orders he forced upon the State!

My Hashtag had to be modified to
#SunuNO! for NH Governor when he realized his chances for US Senate would be slim after the Patriot 9 arrests on October 13 2021.

The Majority of RINO’s have not supported True Republican values just, voting the platform which includes life! They tell candidates don’t mention the life issues “They are not a winner in the campaign! “
Bologna That’s why I ran, come to find out in a slim majority of 212 188 we only have “9” true Patriots willing to stand up and challenge him.

Too too many “Democratic Operatives” It was like watching the titanic sink, vote after vote went to the Dems! New Hampshire is not a life state, a right to work state or a school choice state! All of our values ceded back to the Dems because of a Governor who is a turncoat!

He has usurped every branch of Government in our State! He controls The Senate, The House, the Executive Council (supposed to be checks and balances on the Governor) they are captured, the AG’s office, the Courts and the NHGOP!

Did I mention The House, yes the Legislature is supposed to be one of the separate equal branches of government THEY have the power of unified!

The Speaker Sherm Packard is a tool for the Governor! He actually called me the “B” word at a House session April 9 2021 He was trying to muzzle me. I would not have it.

The Freedom caucus set up a mask free section. I was walking back to my seat before the House session began.

See below:


In the video he admonished me 3 times to return to my seat. What was I doing? I was circulating my CRT petition of which over 100 House Reps had signed. While doing this he is caught on a hot mic! It went viral! Disgrace of a man never apologized as he promised he would, the Governor’s aide told him not too!

Dusgusting, after the June Omnibus Budget rider bill, when I realized only 9 would stand up I resigned June 24 2021 to House clerk Paul Smith in the video The two discuss the potential of the hot mic, I wish I could have seen His face it would have been priceless when he realized what he had done! ( He was bound with a mask pitiful) it was like shoveling against the tide!

If we do not remove #SunuNO! we are doomed to be a Blue State!

“Live Free or Bye” I’m moving to Florida!


PS If video does not come through Google NH House Speaker uses slur toward female colleague April 9 2021

4 months ago

I smell a rat.

John D
4 months ago

This Sununu is related to the John Sununu who was HW Bush’s chief of staff and the Man Behind the Souter Pick. Decades of “constitutionally protected” abortion was the result. I thought this Sununu might redeem his ancestory. How sad!

4 months ago

The term is known as RINO// If you live in the NE and your state is New Hampshire the chances of you being a liberal are 90%// Wake up realize their is massive inflation/Border problems/Foreign Policy nightmare/Covid leaders are garbage/Shutdown of business is a joke/Schools in the USA are pitiful/CWhich brings me back to this RINO in New Hampshire rime problems are severe and run by BLUE STATE Governors/Which brings me back to SUNUNU who reality likes killing live babies/ The term RINO fits this loser to a T///

donald a colongeli
4 months ago


4 months ago

I hate to say it, but “typical” for Republicans. They often have by far the best agendas, but they almost always seem to have the weakest knees and buckle?/ We really needed that Tea Party to succeed but they were made up of disgruntled republicans and buckled as well. Now they are already claiming victory in 2022 (God forbid it be more Democraps) – and they are all singing their claims to the future but they can never get their acts together. They do not have the leader they had in Trump, just the scum they have with Cheney and alike!!

Robert Grabowski
4 months ago

Why is it OK to murder babies but it is not OK to murder the brain-dead animals who demand the right to murder babies? Just asking the question…

4 months ago


4 months ago

This is what is wrong with the Republican party….they have NO BALLS and NO COURAGE…they have become spineless. I can say one thing for the Communist Democrats….they stick together like flies on sugar. The Republicans cave to their demands which actually gives them more power. All this governor has to do is have enough gonads to veto the damn bill when it comes to his desk if the spineless Republicans in Congress end up passing it.

4 months ago

Right out of the Republican play book, as we have come to expect.

4 months ago

These supposed ‘representatives of the people’ are little more than arrogant, self serving, thieves who live the high life while getting richer and richer …. at the expense of those THEY ARE SWORN TO SERVE!
When WILL people realize, legalized abortion on demand “is” a self imposed curse on our nation.

No Name
4 months ago

They took the money.

4 months ago
Reply to  No Name

It’s the root of all evil

Linda Baker
3 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Correction. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil… 1Tim 6:10

4 months ago

Things are sure upside down. We watch North Woods Law occasionally, and the wildlife officers in New Hampshire will go out of their way to save animals….too bad they don’t feel the same way about babies!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Vikkic

HUMAN babies!
The ultrasounds of fetus/infants at varios stages of development should be publicly published.

Scott Berg
4 months ago

Most republicans in NH are RINO’s anyway so what did you expect!?

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