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Leftist Propagandists Have Gone Over the Edge—Including Members of the Once-Revered American Medical Association


WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 17 — Next to the words, “I do,” when a man and woman get married, the words, “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy,” are arguably the most precious declarations a husband and wife can make.

But the AMA is now saying that we’ve got it wrong. They say that it’s not up to the parents to declare their child’s gender; that it is up to the kid to decide whether he’s a, she or she’s a he. Or, for that matter, it’s up to the children to identify themselves as something else entirely.

Here’s the American Medical Association’s conclusion in a new, controversial, and decidedly wrong-headed report, as some are describing it: “Existing AMA policy recognizes that every individual has the right to determine their gender identity and sex designation on government documents … To protect individual privacy and to prevent discrimination, U.S. jurisdictions should remove sex designation on the birth certificate.” The AMA was kind enough in its declaration that its decision would only apply to birth certificates; and that parents would still be able to report the baby’s sex to the government “for scientific and statistical reasons.”

The folks at took issue with the AMA’s take on the subject, pointing out that the issue of birth certificates is not a medical concern. In fact, in her article on the association’s report, author Kylee Zempel suggests that keeping one’s sex a secret can have deadly unintended medical consequences. She cites a case in which a 32-year-old man was hospitalized due to complaints of “intermittent abdominal pain.” He was somewhat obese, according to an attending nurse. It turned out that he was not obese he was a transgender woman, and she was pregnant. Those intermittent pains were labor pains. This was not discovered in time, and the patient died.

Ms. Zempel goes on to point out that the AMA declaration unwittingly and/or unknowingly revealed its misrepresentations regarding the gender-sex issue by “flip-flopping” between sex and gender in its report.

She cited this paragraph in particular: “Sex designation, as collected through the standard form and included on the birth certificate, refers to the biological difference between males and females. Today, the majority of states (48) and the District of Columbia allow people to amend their sex designation on their birth certificate to reflect their individual gender identities, but only 10 states allow for a gender-neutral designation, typically ‘X,’ on the birth certificate. Existing AMA policy recognizes that every individual has the right to determine their gender identity and sex designation on government documents.”

Political commentator Ben Shapiro wrote an opinion article on the AMA’s report. As he put it, “The implication that parents are doing violence against their own children if they connect sex and gender is utterly anti-evidentiary. Sex and gender are interconnected. For nearly every human being born, biological sex will correspond with genital development in the womb. And gender, contrary to the idiotic, pseudoscientific paganism of the gender theory set, is not some free-floating set of biases we bring to the table.”

Shapiro, who is noted for his ability to cut to the crux of an issue, went on to say that “Males and females have different qualities in a variety of functions, attitudes, desires and capabilities. In every human culture — indeed, in every mammalian species — meaningful distinctions between male and female remain. To reduce children to genderless unicorns simply awaiting hormonal guidance from within piles absurdity upon absurdity.”

Many other high-profile individuals expressed their scorn, as did ordinary folk. Nikki Haley, the former Ambassador to the United Nations, in her tweet, said it was “the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Stop the madness.”

Author and scholar Christina Sommers stated that “Another once-trusted institution has lost its mind.”

Men and women from all walks of life lashed out at the AMA as well. One tweeter was concerned that it could have an impact on how doctors might or might not “properly treat” a patient if they don’t know his or her sex. [Remember the guy who was really a gal and died because the hospital staff didn’t know that he/she was pregnant?]

Finally, one individual turned to social media to warn that the AMA report “is literally a propaganda takeover of truth. If there were more than 2 genders at human birth, nature would also have multiple genders in all animals. That’s literally never happened. All of nature is male or female gender. Truth: It’s a (rare) human psychology issue.”

FOOTNOTE: In June, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial board Opinion article entitled Doctors for Progressive Conformity. It evoked a lot of responses from physicians throughout America.

The AMA, as expected, took umbrage at the newspaper’s observations in a letters to the editor column.

Two physicians revealed the organization’s dirty little secret– that it has become a progressive socialist organization and, as a result, its membership has been decimated. One of them had this to say: “the AMA has morphed into a leftist advocacy group. I therefore have decided to join the majority of U.S. physicians. I will not be renewing my membership.” To put his message into context, he went on to point out that in its glory days, during the 1950s, 75% of American physicians were members of the AMA compared to just 25% today.

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1 year ago

Hawaii hospitals have been given immunity from litigation if they deny care to those over 65. Where is AMAC on this??

Judy Fuchs
1 year ago

This is sickening. Being in a medical organization, this should disqualify them from handling any decisions re sexual orientation, etc.
Next will they reinterpret the Bible, their authority should be strictly monitored.

1 year ago

Manipulating science to serve the agenda/political correctness. Hope all the chest feeders and birthing people are happy.

David McKinley Paine
1 year ago

This whole thing sickens me and it’s even more sickening the AMA supports it.

1 year ago

The AMA has been caving to the transgender agenda for some time, ignoring scientifically established child development principles in favor of justifying childhood transgender medical intervention. The AMA used to let the science guide policies, now it’s simply the politics. The cost is the children who’s parents allow this (if they’re informed at all).

1 year ago

Seriously, like most other politically leftist DemoCRAP, issues, “ the many have to change for the few!” Just as with other recent matters, they have influenced a change in our history, taking down statues and changing names to be politically “correct.” Suggest reparation to families whose ancestors? 200 years ago were enslaved while many of my ancestors died on the battle fields to free them. And now, those who are confused as to which gender to identify with are influencing the many who are quite clear and accept their natural gender.
Really, these people should develop constructive ideas that relate to the general good of ALL people. We are more than a ‘check mark in a box’.

1 year ago

My understanding is that there is another besides AMA, which has more members than AMA.

Are we going to have to inquire as to what our doctors believe in as to fact/science or if they are liberal wokies? Maybe they should be required to post their affiliations with AMA or others.

1 year ago

What are we leaving our children and grandchildren? I’m afraid if things continue as they are, and we fail to come together as an intelligent, vocal, proactive group of concerned parents, grandparents and American citizens, the inevitable answer will be nothing. There will be nothing of America left to leave. Fight back in any way you can. Don’t be bullied. It’s time to make noise, a lot of it!

1 year ago

One can only hope that the AMA will eventually implode and fade from existence along with all the other leftist propaganda. My wish would be to shove their sorry asses into the airlock and jettisoned them in to the vacuum of space. Good riddance.

1 year ago

So a woman imagined herself as a male, but had to have sex with a MAN to get pregnant (because, of course, two women can’t make a baby), which means she thought she was a gay man??? My brain is spinning. It’s the most ridiculous, twisted thinking possible.
As for the AMA and medicine in general, how many are aware that MDs no longer have to take the original Hippocratic Oath? Nope. Some medical schools even allow each graduating class to make up their own oath. To learn more medical school whistleblower stories, read nearly anything by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn or Dr. Lewis Madrona’s Coyote Medicine.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nan

Yes, I had read regarding Hippocratic Oath being optional some years back.
Perhaps that is why I cannot accept much of the CDC info given that so often is contrary to their previous reports.

1 year ago

Unless people accept God as the creator of the world. the Bible as our handbook to teach us how to live as sane, caring and loving individuals, there is no hope for our country or our world.

1 year ago

The AMA doesn’t know the difference between a BOY and a GIRL. GOD help us, please.

1 year ago

The AMA has become ridiculous. Seems like all public organizations have started to lionize liberal Commie DemocRat baloney ideas. Looks like the DemocRat Party is mobilizing the Commie Revolution as being the best way to RULE (not govern) the people. Also seems like this is another occasion where the DemocRats have reached ine toilet to pull out a non-controversial issue and make it controversial to snag a few nut cases, including some ninny news outlets.

Joe from Las Vegas Nevada
1 year ago

Add the AMA to the list of organizations that both China and Russia are laughing about. How did the United States of America go from the most respected country to the least in 10 months??!!

DeWayne Young
1 year ago

Democrats(communists) and rinos

1 year ago
Reply to  DeWayne Young


Rita Friend
1 year ago

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. You are born male or female. That is determined at birth and should be put in the birth certificate. If one wants to change their sex, that is their business but they should not be allowed to change their birth certificate. The AMA has gone a little too far on this one!

edgar fletcher
1 year ago
Reply to  Rita Friend

It’s impossible to change ones sex. They can do all sorts of things to their body to make it more feminine/masculine, but is impossible to change their actual sex. 60 years ago we didn;t have this issue. Today, we are inundated with this insanity.

John Stitzel
1 year ago

The very idea that gender is something to be determined later is patently ridiculous. You are what you are at birth. There are two genders – male and female 0 and ONLY two, and this “identifying as…” madness must stop.

Stephen Lykins
1 year ago

The way things are going we are ALL going to H E double hockey sticks simply because we have allowed this STUPIDITY to continue!

1 year ago

I got out of med school in ’82. Am absolutely proud I never joined the AMA. They sent me “bills” for something like $800.00/yr. for years (starting in 1987) for a “yearly” membership. Fortunately, I threw them in the shredder. Interestingly, even though I never paid, they still sent me their medical journal of the AMA that did have some interesting articles in it.

I thought back then they were stodgy idiots and fools. Now in this day and age they prove that again. Must be a bunch of liberalistic “bastids” took over. We’re either male or female period.

Except in the extremely rare instances when a baby is born with vague genitalia. It happens but thank God very rarely. In that case the plastic surgery docs take a look at the situation and see if they can remedy the situation. In some cases an XY boy has such deformed genitalia there is no choice but to make them phenotypically a girl. In that situation they are raised as female and given female hormones. Again, this is a situation that occurs at birth and is not the fault of the person who has the malady and again is very rare.

It’s a rare exception to the rule of birth gender. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Call it “birth gender”. (Sic)

Lawrence Greenberg
1 year ago

Sick, sick, sick.

1 year ago

gender at birth male.. blue birth record.. female .. pink nuff said jimbo

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