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Liberal Hypocrisy – Pandemics and Protests


Liberal mayors and blue state governors have set a trap for themselves, and they likely do not know it. Just weeks ago, barbers and gym owners were targeted for arrest. Their business licenses were yanked for trying to earn a living and to serve the public. A single paddleboarder was chased down by authorities on jet skis off a southern California beach. Walking on sand was grounds for apprehension in May. Why? Liberals in authority wanted to appear tough. Dare cross them, and a strong price was to be paid. They were eager to make examples of out of people.

Enter the protests. Where were the liberals in power? The hands-off, “velvet glove” approach of letting protestors do whatever they wanted for several nights has proven disastrous. What about Covid-19? We were told there is a pandemic. Lives are supposedly at risk. You still can’t get a haircut in Michigan, even today. Yet thousands of protestors assembling and marching practically on top of one another is fine. Could it be because most in these crowds are leftists and progressives? Are mayors and governors reluctant to bite the hands of the very voters that put and keep them in office? It sure seems so. Apparently, it’s just the business owners be damned.

It’s been a double whammy for too many business owners in America’s cities. First, the mandatory closures. Then the broken windows and looting of their property. Some are now finished for good.

The cause of speaking out against police brutality is righteous. It should never be tolerated. Indeed, the right to peaceably assemble is guaranteed by the First Amendment. But the tactics of the more militant protestors, indeed even the assemblies themselves, are questionable though, given the pandemic.

Here is the trap. If we have a spike in Covid-19 cases in the next one to two weeks in these cities, we will know why. The same liberal mayors may try to say it’s because business re-openings were rushed. They’ll try to blame the law-abiding couple for going out to a restaurant or the restaurant owners themselves. They’ll even find a way to blame President Trump. But we all know better. The liberal mayors and governors themselves will be to blame for not shutting down the protests the first day in the name of public health like everything else shut down for the same reason.

But what if there’s no spike in Coronavirus cases? Were the liberal authorities then right to allow throngs of protestors to march in big crowds and the mobs to rule with impunity for several nights? No. It’ll just expose how wrongheaded the draconian closures were in the first place. Keeping the healthy away from the healthy when only the old and infirm needed special protection was never sound public health policy and are without precedent.

So there you have it—more failed liberal leadership in our cities and some blue states. Voters should pay attention. Don’t expect the media elite to tell the truth about any of this. They are complicit accomplices in the entire affair.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communication for AMAC, a senior benefits organization with over 2.1 million members.

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2 years ago

All trump has 2 do is deny federal bailouts 2 all liberal cities. Let them live in squalor 4 the next 10 years 4 not stopping it ahead of time

2 years ago

The demonstrations have long outlived there usefulness. There is a point of diminishing return. Now is the time for overall respect. For people, properties, and the law.

Peter K
2 years ago

Since everything in our country now has a political element, we too have to be careful when throwing stones. After all it was the “experts” from CDC, NIH, and president Trump’s task force who suggested extreme measures and the closures, to begin with. Add the incompetent handling and lack of understanding by the people that “should know”, in particular Dr, Fauchi, and the blame can be spread across several individuals and policies.

Yes, the blue states intentionally exacerbated the problem for political gain, however, many of their residents will vote for anyone but Trump anyway so no loss there. It is the independent voter that needs to punish the liberal governors and mayors. The left is clueless and many are single-issue voters, i.e. abortion beyond birth, and will never vote red.

I am not going to place blame on any single individual but I do know all levels of government performed poorly. We should know about these things even if we do not have a cure/vaccine on hand.

We should ALL have learned a lesson on why the president is correct when he rails against China’s influence and control over the USA and the world. China, as are all communists are bad news. Why our left doesn’t see that is a mystery.

Gary Seaton
2 years ago

The socialist left in this country, including many Democrats and most in the propaganda media, has been at war with our nation, behind the scenes for a long time, and openly and increasingly since the 2016 election. Facts do not matter. Truth doesn’t matter. They will say anything, they will do anything, they will hurt anything or anyone. Black lives matter? Unless you’re a black conservative. Or an unborn child. What happened in Minneapolis was tragic, should never have happened, and should be punished severely. But the socialists do not truly care about George Floyd or his family. They DO care about one more possible way to damage our nation and our president. There are no changes or apologies or any other action that would satisfy them. They’re at war, and we are the enemy.
Until we realize this situation for what it is, that we are at war whether we like it or not, and begin to respond accordingly, we’ll continue to suffer from the outrageous illegal acts of the left. The Republicans need to grow a backbone and exercise some courage.

Mario Capparuccini
2 years ago

Well said! I cannot travel to see my grandchildren who all live out of our state because I would have to quarantine for 14 days upon my return. I cannot work from home and I do not accrue vacation time in my position. If I do not work, I do not get paid. So as a law abiding, tax paying citizen, my movement is restricted but looters and arsonists may roam free. Hypocrisy is an apt word to describe this phenomenon.

2 years ago

Now how do we get this news out to liberals?

2 years ago

Jeff Szymanski speaks for me and many like me. We will voice our opinion in the voting booth—unless Pelosi & her ilk disrupt voting process.

2 years ago

agree with everything except “only the old and infirm needed special protection” Many more have been dying. But enough is enough and the liberal leaders were totally wrong to allow violent protests and moan that one of them died. Create panic and you will get a panic response!

Ralph S
2 years ago

One synonym for BLUE is SAD! Blue states are in sad shape. How many business owners will move out of these sad conditions and take their employees and taxes with them to productive RED states?

Robin W Boyd
2 years ago

This article may be accurate. It won’t matter to Progressive liberals. They simply don’t care what others think or know about them. As long as they can keep gaining support for their Socialist agendas, Progressives don’t respect others enough to care.

Ed J
2 years ago

If on any one issue there is a “rightness of action” path, always expect the Demsheviks to charge headlong in the opposite direction. After all, their singular universal motto and holy mantra is, “We will snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory!” They can’t help it. These libtards are simply hard-wired (as in mis-wired) that way and deliriously oblivious to the objective reality surrounding any situation.

2 years ago

Remember all of this on November 3rd!

Donna Christensen
2 years ago

Be forewarned! The second coming of Jesus Christ is approaching fast! All prophecy has been fulfilled. We are running to and fro, and knowledge has definitely increased! So much, we can’t even think straight! Are we prepared for he next big event?

2 years ago

Remember, the fuel of today’s left wing is hypocrisy. Without it, they have nothing. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’

“Black Lives Matter” (unless they’re black lives in Chicago’s south side)
“Police are racists and should be defunded” (as long as you don’t defund those in my neighborhood)
“Smash and Grab is not violence” (as long as its not my business)
“Racial diversity and inclusion in all work-places” (except my workplace)

What happens when you combine city managerial incompetence with a conflict? You get NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle ===> Mayhem & Destruction
What happens when you combine city managerial competence with conflict? You get Layfayette, LA, Knoxville, TN and Scottsdale, AZ====>Organized and swift to arrest violence

2 years ago

I know, I’m repeating myself but I learned from going to church and ‘hearing’ God’s Word about nations that either worship other gods or turn away from our God at some point will fail or be destroyed. This is evident from recorded history throughout the world. Even though a political party is leading in that destruction of our own nation, I learned also that God allowed evil nations to destroy Israel for their sin and worshipping of idols. Looks like the same is happening for this country. This country has fallen so far from God’s Ways and desires for us that we’re seemingly getting what we deserve. I pray every day that we as a nation will turn back to God. He mentioned in his Word that, ‘Without Christ we can do nothing.’ So even though all the chaos going on right now has relevance, I believe what I’ve just been saying is what this is really about. There are many worthwhile Bible verses I could resort to but I feel I’ve shared enough of what’s important right now. I’ll sign off with this one message, A nation which fears God and lives by His ways will prosper.

2 years ago

There are 2 kinds of people in the world.. One loves God and His laws and ways. The other is on Satan’s side, though they may not realize it. Good/bad. God is in control, and allowing Satan, who thinks he can equal God, a time to try to convince people to go his way. The time of the tribulation seems very close, though only God knows the actual time. He loves everyone but each person must make their own choice. To choose God, you have to ask Christ Jesus to save you. If you do it and mean it, He will direct your path. I can’t wait for the day God rules, when there will be joy, peace, love, kindness.

Glenn Lego
2 years ago

In other news, there was a gigantic Memorial Day party in Osage Beach Missouri. So far there’s no evidence of any spike in Covid 19 cases. The people were not social distancing or wearing masks or anything else like that, but just having a good time.

David Sigwart
2 years ago

Very truthful. It will be interesting on how many law suits come out of uscirpting their authority and unauthorized imprisonment of working individuals. While allowing the destruction of business personal property and encouraging theft and criminal behavior. If not a class action law suit brought against any city or state allowing any violence to produce destruction. Personally sueing the public official of corruption.

Judi Ward
2 years ago

The leftists will stop at nothing to try to get rid of the best President we have ever had. Yes, he says dumb stuff but he never does dumb stuff! I wish there was a way to get to the mainstream media to MAKE them tell the truth and really work for America.

2 years ago

I could not agree more with this article. We (my wife and I) are new to AMAC, and I love how they dig into the subjects of the day and destroy the down right despicable tactics of the left! We really do need new leadership in the Democratic Party, some that will work to deal with the real issues to help Make America Great Again!!!! Vote for Trump 2020!!

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