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Life Along the Border Collapses

Migrants, many from Haiti, encamped along the Del Rio International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. (Tony Gonzales)


Take all of the imagery you have seen of the more than 14,000 Haitian migrants camped under an international bridge in the small Texas border town of Del Rio and add the complications of disease, public excrement, unbearable heat, and heightened frustrations. It has led to violence that has injured Border Patrol officers.

Now, close your eyes and imagine it is 100 times worse.

Because that’s what it is, said Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales, the freshman Republican who represents 42 percent of the border. The overwhelmed city of Del Rio had been in a rapidly deteriorating crisis situation when illegal immigrants first began surging into the community in January, but Gonzales now says the situation here is a “Category 5” and that the environment is unlike anything he has ever seen before.

“I arrived here today to pure chaos,” he said. “I’ve never seen it in this environment. There literally is no border left.”

Gonzales said Del Rio is in dire straits.

“There’s no doubt there’s COVID here, there’s measles, tuberculosis, all kinds of diseases,” he said. “You’ve got kids running around in nothing but diapers. A handful of port-a-potties—my God, the stench is terrible. This is not good for the migrants. It is not good for the residents. It’s not good for wherever our government is sending them in the interior of the country.”

Despite the Department of Homeland Security insisting repeatedly that the Haitians would be deported, as of Tuesday, it had only removed 1,000 of the estimated 15,000 under the bridge. Multiple news organizations including CNN reported that buses have been escorting them to a nonprofit organization in town where they purchase bus or plane tickets. They are then moved to a gas station where buses pick them up and take them to other parts of the country.

The Washington Post reported that those released to parts unknown in the interior of the country number in the thousands.

“My takeaway after I walked through it all, I look over at the sector chief, and I go, ‘Man, I just feel sad.’ He goes, ‘I know. Everyone just feels beaten here,’” Gonzales said.

Epoch Times Photo
Migrants, many from Haiti, encamped along the Del Rio International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. (Tony Gonzales)

Del Rio residents have seen their lives turned upside down. The international bridge—a lifeline bringing tens of millions of dollars to the local economy— has been closed. If you’re a small-business owner and your business has somehow survived COVID-19, something like this could easily wipe you out.

Everybody has been sucked into this chaos.

“The worst thing is that we are not even talking about the other places where this is happening,” Gonzales said. “Today, we’re talking about Del Rio, but tomorrow, it’ll be Laredo or Brownsville or Eagle Pass or El Paso. This problem is not going away.”

Gonzales said he asked the chief of Border Patrol, Raul Ortiz, at a Homeland Security Committee hearing about its surge of agents to Del Rio.

“Those agents are coming from somewhere,” he said. “And my worry is other sectors are going to be weakened, thus creating a national security crisis, putting us at risk in other sectors, because everyone is focusing on Del Rio.”

Ortiz agreed. He also confirmed that reports were true that migrants had assaulted Border Patrol agents—five of them, to be exact.

It’s hard to imagine that this scene is playing out in America. It is also hard to imagine that our government has failed to secure the border or address this crisis with the seriousness it deserves.

Which is what makes the other part of this crisis political: Until a photo of a Border Patrol agent on horseback herding migrants back over the Rio Grande to Mexico was circulated on Twitter, Democrats, journalists, and the White House had almost completely ignored or downplayed the 15,000 people who had been living in squalor under the bridge.

Blue-check Twitter cried foul, claiming that the agent’s long reins were whips and absurdly likening the image to that of a white overseer whipping a slave. Suddenly, not only did press secretary Jen Psaki and the vice president notice, but they along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House press corps fabricated a story about Del Rio—not about the appalling migrant crisis, but about how racist the Border Patrol is.

That story has been debunked, and to date, there are no reports that any migrant was ever “whipped” by agents.

It irks Gonzales that Border Patrol agents, who risk their lives and are coming under immense pressure right now, are having their actions and motives unfairly impugned.

“They see their jobs as patriotic,” the former Navy cryptologist said. “They know they are both protecting their community as well as their country.”

The Biden administration and Washington Democrats’ blind eye to this crisis have already had an impact politically. Hints of the future may have cropped up in last year’s election, when majority-Hispanic areas rejected the Biden campaign’s rhetoric that former President Donald Trump’s handling of the border was racist.

Texans pummeled President Joe Biden in several border counties, with large numbers of Hispanic voters going for Trump. That shift away from Democrats may grow given the handling of the border. Already this summer, Republicans unexpectedly won two big mayoral elections in border towns that are overwhelmingly Hispanic and historically Democratic.

And it isn’t just South Texas Hispanics who are running away from Biden and by default from the Democrats. It is all Texas Hispanics. Last week, a Dallas Morning News/University of Texas–Tyler poll showed that Biden’s approval rating with Hispanics in Texas is 19 points underwater, with only 35 percent approving of the job he is doing and a whopping 54 percent disapproving. There may be a realignment in the works.

In short, while white liberals in Washington think that using words like “Latinx” matters to the Hispanic community or connects them with its values, they are ignoring a crisis that deeply affects middle-class Hispanic families. They justifiably worry about their safety and their ability to pursue prosperity. The Democrats’ oblivious lack of concern for their real-world concerns is already backfiring.

Maybe if one of them, any of them, spent a few days living in a border town, the party would understand just how dire and dangerous life there has become.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Reprinted with Permission from - The Epoch Times by - Salena Zito

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Ed Valiket
3 months ago

This can only be seen as intentional to ruin the country, our founding fathers would be dumbfounded the country they founded would be taken apart from within

3 months ago

this is criminal what is happening. MUST be handled!

3 months ago

We need to start shipping the illegals to Martha’s Vineyard, Delaware and a few other Democratic states. let them set up camp just outside the White House ….

3 months ago

It is one thing to tout all the chaos on the Texas border, but let’s not forget that there are two other states who are having the same thing happen….Arizona and California. California may be a lost cause, but Arizona is being flooded now, since so much attention is being shown to Texas….all the incoming immigrants do is shift a bit and cross at some other point….and here’s the clincher….the cartels and the like are orchestrating it all from the Mexican side and from other countries on the way….and they are like water….going the way of least resistance. It’s like playing “wack-a-mole” and the border is the game board…..border patrol is limited and when they have to move to another area, it opens the door to crossovers somewhere else. We have an administration that sees all this as “opportunity” mostly to increase the voter base for the upcoming elections. They could care less what happens to the people or communities or economies on the border….it’s just the cost of doing business….States with the gumption to do it, should line their international border with armed national guard troops and trained militia volunteers……complete the wall where needed, and enforce the laws the federal government refuses to carry out. It’s up to the states now, for self-preservation and the national interest. Contact your governors and the like in your state….mount an effort to take control. If your city is being flooded with immigrants, take the steps needed to deport them ASAP…before they become a part of the landscape. Granted, this may force the hand of the feds, but that may be what needs to happen to turn things around. This can all be done if the people stand together…..if for no other reason than to save their own local community. If you can’t participate directly….give to the cause… is the other factor in this….millions are needed to finish the wall, finance the troops, and see to the needs of the people at risk. This may not be the “now or never” point, but I think we are getting close.

3 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

I believe that there is more than a democrat vote coming across the border. I think that they are bringing these people here and training them to assist in taking over our country. I’ve said this in more ways than one. If we don’t get a handle on the federal government soon we are doomed

3 months ago

This s exactly what the left wants, CHAOS. This is how they will collapse the system.

3 months ago

What percentage of drug cartel and human traffickers profit do the democratic office holders receive?

3 months ago

Finish the wall!!!! Or, bring in the “troops”

3 months ago

“Delusional indeed…these people have TB, Aids, Hepatitis, HIV, measles, mumps, various skin diseases…the heck with covid…and the reporters that are always screaming…” Humanitarian Crisis”…I ask myself…”This person probably had college paid for…along with other freebies…because if they ever struggled at all…their attitude would be different”…I live in Texas…my recommendation for the holy than thou attitude…bring a sleeping bag and camp out with the illegals”…

Rhonda M Holub
3 months ago

Time to affix bayonets!

3 months ago

Sara. Are you in denial or just plain delusional???????? Or maybe you’re just another shallow, superficial, democrat. Sheesh! There are far more important matters in our country today. ????

3 months ago

Are you in denial or just plain delusional???????? Or maybe you’re just another shallow, superficial, democrat. Sheesh! There are far more important matters in our country today. ????

3 months ago

Are you in denial or just plain delusional???????? Or maybe you’re just another shallow, superficial, democrat. Sheesh! There are far more important matters in our country today. ????

3 months ago

This is just typical of what the democrats have done in other states, not just with illegals, but with their anti-police gangs, the thugs that ravaged cities like Seattle, etc., the mayhem he’s caused here in the USA and now around the world! Biden and his cronies are only interested in their own power and won’t care about anything else until they have destroyed our country and can take power and control of ALL the people! They govern by fear and intimidation.

My family lived in Afghanistan for 12 years, so I saw that type of control over the people and looks exactly the same! He has flooded the borders with illegals and the streets of Seattle, San Francisco, etc. with the people they want to control with giving them anything they want so the Democrats will have a bigger voting base. They are giving our country away. Shame on Pelosi, too, she doesn’t deserve to represent San Francisco, let alone being a Senator. It’s just disgusting what they’ve done.

Deborah Myers
3 months ago

We cannot afford to allow this many illegals into our country. There are many who will appreciate it but the fact is they are illegal and as soon as they cross that border they have committed a crime. Many will never learn English or assimilate to our culture. From what I understand Biden wants to make them citizens almost immediately and of course they would vote Democratic since they give Biden the credit for letting them in. Finish the wall and possibly hire more armed border security. they are breaking the law and if they don’t have to face the consequences it will continue.
We have enough of our population on Medicaid with access to free medical care, food and housing while the rest of us who once loved our country and trying to make ends meet are paying for it.

3 months ago

Just curious, how many of these “refugees” are sent to Wilmington, Delaware, Washington DC and it’s suburbs in northern Virginia and Maryland swamp, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Chicago and every other blue state and city???????????

H L Howell
3 months ago
Reply to  Felix

how about Maine,Connecticut, New Hampshire,and Vermont?

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
3 months ago

Sending them to D.C. is the best idea yet. Penn. Ave outta hold at least 15,000 plus. Block mand lettem live there. Kyle L.

Dr. R. Leach PhD
3 months ago

so right! put them all in to busses, drive them to Washington and place them all around the White House!!!

Ralph S
3 months ago

How about this??? Instead of deporting “illegal” undocumented aliens,,, we deport illogical DumocRATS.

3 months ago

We should put them all in Nancy Pelosi’s gated mansion!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Greg

They are already in a ‘gated community’ since she put up the fence around the Capitol!!!! ????

3 months ago

Life along the border will collapse even further when the 60 to 80 thousand show up, with an administration who doesn’t care. Del Rio is not the only border town of Texas, I feel for them as I don’t live too far from there. I’ve seen lots of illegals getting off the buses in Abilene while on a road trip; I’ve seen lots of buses carrying the illegals coming thru San Antonio on IH-35, knowing they are heading to someplace that has not been previously notified. I feel for all these towns that are dumped on. The ones who came across the Gulf didn’t get to South or Central America on their own, they had assistance. No “flotillas” carried them to these areas. If the so-called Clinton Foundation had used the donations like they said they would to help Haiti many years ago instead of putting the money in their own pockets or paying for a wedding or continuing having high “salaries”, then the Haitians would have had homes that were promised but not built, and a better way of life. Let’s all keep an eye on what border towns in Texas are over-run, not just Del Rio. Build that wall!

Red Hawk 1
3 months ago
Reply to  Barb

Several of the radical subversives, elected to our U.S. Congress, came by the Government relocating immigrants into cities across our country. We must return to the “old way” where immigrants were allowed to assimilate into the American culture. Multiculturalism and diversity has destroyed America. We have gone from a “melting pot” to a “cess pool.”

L.Mark Mckee
3 months ago

There are many who would be willing to string up wire, and I’m fully serious.

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