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National Security Takes Center Stage

GallupJedediah on national security has some recent updates about national security concerns:

Americans’ satisfaction with the nation’s security from terrorism has significantly eroded for the second year in a row, with a majority now saying they are dissatisfied. More than two-thirds, 69%, said in 2014 that they were satisfied with the nation’s security from terrorism, but that figure dropped to 59% a year ago and now has fallen to 43%.

While the economy is typically the primary item on voters’ minds, national security has caught up quickly. It’s a fantastic opportunity for candidates to inspire confidence.

Which candidate are you most comfortable with when it comes to the handling of your national security concerns?

Is national security your primary issue this election season?

When it comes to your national security concerns, what attributes in a politician inspire confidence?

Is there something you’re not hearing from presidential candidates that you wish you were?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me your thoughts.

Jedediah Bila is a TV host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Bob Gardiner
6 years ago

Our Constitution is what makes this country great. It and the United States became the country that we are because of those few but great Politicians that supported it completely and by the American Populace that fought and died to defend it. All Federal politicians when elected to office, swear to uphold and defend the Constitution as a prerequisite to taken office. Quite a bit of our problems result from politicians just ignoring the law, as well as the Constitution and , doing as they please. Unbeknownst, I believe to quite a few people, as well as the media, is the fact that we have on the books an Immigration Law or laws which Obama and others ignore. They do not have the right to ignore the law. Yet we let them get away with it. If Congress does not agree with a law that was legally put into effect, Congress has the right to modify, delete it altogether, or replace it with new law. These are their only Options. The President can sign the law into affect or veto it. However he does not have the right to create a new law, he doesn’t have the ability or power to make or create law. Any attempt to violate the Constitution could and should lead to his or their impeachment. Quite a few of those that have the power to impeach and the jury for Impeachment are equally guilty of violation the Constitution as well as the laws of or nation. Much like our tax code we do not correct bad law, we leave it in place and write new law.

Congress is no longer able to police the Presidency or itself. There are means available to Change or amend the Constitution, it is not easily done and requires the people in each state to approve the changes and two thirds of all states to approve. So Congress knowing that they would not likely have the approval of the people just ignore what they chose. There are many other laws that are equally ignored and this is our problem. We need a method to hold them responsible!

Bob Gardiner
6 years ago
Reply to  Bob Gardiner

There is a typo in my previous. To modify the constitution all states get to vote on the proposed amendment and passage requires that two thirds vote to approve the amendment.

Randy P.
6 years ago

Moral decay under the present regime is very real. Christians are the most persecuted in the world today. I cannot help but wonder when the “King” says that someone is in his prayers what God is he actually praying to? Killing God’s babies and celebrating the perversion of same sex marriage is totally against the God that I pray to in his strict rules of obedience. And no this is not pointing a finger and being judgmental, but merely stating what is in my King James Bible.

Duke O'Flaherty
6 years ago

Aside from the obvious lack of effort to secure our boarders and the willingness to import more potential “terrorists” we have a current administration that is totally unconcerned with our safety. Who ever runs against Hillary needs to address the issue and do everything possible to secure our boarders, deport or imprison illegals and treat these people as enemy combatants, not US citizens. They are not entitled to Constitutional or Bill of Rights protection.
Also, a lesson from history: Japan did not invade mainland USA, partly because the population is armed and would fight back. Now, ISIS is careful to limit attacks and locations where armed citizens are not likely to be present. Gun free zones are targets.

6 years ago

Well considering we have President that not only publicly refuses to acknowledge most, if not all, the numerous national security threats we face, but he is actively advocating to import additional potential terrorists into this country through his so-called “Syrian refugee program, it is not hard to see why the public’s confidence is so low. Since we are neither properly acknowledging these national security problems nor are we properly formulating and executing a credible strategy to address any of these myriad threats, why should the American people feel more positive?

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