What is the biggest outrage of this week? Please select two.

Friday, October 16, 2020 Oct 16, 2020 498
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8 days ago

Personally, the biggest outrage of the week is that the American people continue to tolerate the continuing, non-stop frontal assault on their liberties and freedoms by the American Socialist party (still referred to as the Democrat party) and the NWO types funding and assisting them. That includes all their allies and financial backers in the MSM, the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, as well as China who stands to benefit the most from any success they achieve. Virtually every item in this weekly poll is simply one more example of how the left is continually trying to chip… Read more »

Marie M
8 days ago

For me the biggest outrage is 4 years of investigations into Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper and the rest of the gang all getting away with the biggest crime of the century! The Democratic Party and the MSM one and the same will out right lie, ruin reputations in order to gain power this is their goal. In the meantime a small number of Republicans fighting back, the remainder are Rinos.

Dave G
8 days ago

The biggest story of all is Joe Biden’s involvement in influence peddling in China, Ukraine, and God knows where else while using his son as his front man. This has the largest national security implications of anything we currently know about. This man, that I consider a traitor to the USA, cannot be allowed to become president and bury this issue.

8 days ago

What has happened to America? When it’s OK to riot in the streets— burning down businesses and throwing rocks at police—. But you aren’t allowed to go to church? It seems as though Americans are so accustomed to our rights we can’t imagine not having them. But if we don’t slam that barn door soon we’ll know all to well what it is to live without the Bill of Rights.

8 days ago

It was awfully hard to pick just one. They are all outrages!

8 days ago

Seems to be so obvious that the democrat party no longer supports America and there are so many citizens going along with them. As I said, it’s obvious but opens my eyes to how the people of Germany, Italy and Japan could turn against the world and follow their leaders. I pray that American’s wake up and put a stop to a repeat of history that cannot end well.

8 days ago

What about the CIA whistleblower who has proof that Biden, Obama and Hillary were responsible for the killing of Seal Team 6?

Jack Davison
8 days ago

The democrats like Kamala Harris and Nancy (crazy) I are out to ruin America as we see it they would have joe Biden out within six months and then Harris would be president and crazy Nancy would be vise president and ruin America and the American people

8 days ago

How about the biggest outrage being the Democrat party and Leftists accomplishing absolutely nothing the last for years except their ever increasing TDS. All their efforts have been to oust a sitting president, or try to ruin his economy and reelection. And still, they have people in this country that will continue to vote them into office. They and the media are the enemies of the state and should be dealt with accordingly.

8 days ago

We are in the midst of an unprecedented indoctrination campaign, similar to what occurs in communist countries, where the media controls the narrative and only reports what they want the people to know. Donald Trump has been vilified on a daily basis while Joe Biden is protected from any scrutiny or negative coverage.

8 days ago

Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting human being. She is the face of the democratic party and a perfect example of do what I say not what I do. She cares not one wit about the American people who are suffering because of this virus, she only cares about beating Trump and like I said she is disgusting.
Hopefully she will finally retire to her icecream filled mansion after she loses the house.

Nancy Farner
8 days ago

I’m disgusted that Durham hadn’t wound up the investigation and presented the findings and that Barr hadn’t arrested anybody and the head of the FBI hasn’t been tossed in jail!

Patty Pawlak
8 days ago

Hunter Biden’s crooked emails and degenerate pictures that show how crooked the Biden family is, and how they have used Public funds to enrich themselves is my number one this week.

8 days ago

I overheard part of Guthrie’s screeching at Trump. I don’t know how anyone could be married to her. I certainly couldn’t.

8 days ago

The questions is, will any of this information resonate with the uninformed masses?

George Brinkwart
8 days ago

The biggest outrage was that the FBI jad Hunters lap top all this time and just sat on it.

Candace Warren
8 days ago

I chose the cenorship response, because it has to do with a Constitutional right of Americans to know ALL the news, rather than just what a common source chooses to allow us to be aware of. While Facebook and twitter are privately owned entities, they till have a reponsibility to be fair in their publications.

8 days ago

I was banned from Twitter about 4 years ago for trying to wake people up by showing the quotes and names of imams and mullahs talking about over 100 commands in the Quran and sunnah, to KILL all non-Muslims. I refuse to stop showing the truth! Then this week I posted several proven BIDEN crimes, lies, hypocrisy and because I’ve been exposing the truth about corruption for a few years and been censored numerous times for doing so, FascistBook permanently disabled my account.

8 days ago


John Bojonny
8 days ago

With the availability of social media, why is there not any site or publication that lists the issues and where both presidential candidates stand. A local paper her called the Epoch Times published an article that lists the issues and how each presidential candidate is planning or has already addressed the issue. I would like to see fact checkers review it and verify.

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