What is your view of the National Rifle Association (NRA)?

Friday, September 11, 2020 Sep 11, 2020 523
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Don in Pa
6 days ago

I read all the comments here and needed to object to most of them because: 1. Our Guns and freedom to own one would have long ago been taken away if not for the only real powerhouse in DC to stand against it. No one quotes GOA or anyone else for that matter when a national gun assault begins. 2. If you want to keep your 2nd amendment Gun Freedoms ( which protect all our other freedoms) you better join the NRA or all these complaints will mean nothing when there is a knock on your door. 3. If your… Read more »

Celia Melao
6 days ago

The NRA is a necessary organization in today’s state of affair. They are the voice of our second amendment rights.

Ed Goodwin
6 days ago

Answering this question as posed would not provide my view of the NRA. I am a lifetime member. However, I feel there is fiscal malfeasance involved and I can’t provide them my wholehearted support.

The Freezing Senior
7 days ago

I became fed up and annoyed with their constant demands and ceaseless pleading for more and more money which
bordered on harassment while their officers lived lavishly at the palatial NRA HQ. on the backs of the membership.
I am now a proud and satisfied member of GOA which I recommend to all 2a patriots without hesitation or reservation,
and the difference has been like that of night and day. I would urge all to check them out and join even if you are
not a firearms owner.

#Trump/House/Senate/2020 – Deus Vult !

Rick Veldman
6 days ago

Life Member. They have been steadfast In their support for 2nd Amendment and in fighting leftist Democrats. We shouldn’t have to fight for our rights but Democrats insist on it so now we fight.

6 days ago

I do not like the way the questions are worded so I can not respond. In fact, most polls are worded so that thinking and considerate people can not answer.
I stand with the second amendment.

Wayne Peterkin
6 days ago

If someone really believes in our Bill of Rights then the 2nd Amendment must be respected. The NRA has its faults, but defending the 2nd Amendment is not one of them. Therefore, I support them and am a member. Have been for years.

6 days ago

Am a member of both NRA and GOA.

6 days ago

I need the right to protect myself, my family and my property.

Jack Dawes
6 days ago

NRA is the ONLY gun rights organization able to effect change, even in the most anti-gun years of American politics. Other organizations join NRA lawsuits and paint themselves as the champions of 2A, but not supporting the NRA is like choosing to vote for a candidate you may like better but know can’t actually win the election.

Fred Sebastian
6 days ago

I am an NRA LIFER, don’t give a rats why other/s think whatever about the NRA and certainly don’t know (for real) what the officers get for a salary.
The REAL task is to defend the 2A! The GOA is a “mini” NRA so whats the diff?
When the the air fills with the smell of sulfur I also will donate……..blood & treasure, as I have done in the past.

6 days ago

The NRA could put more effort into defending gun rights and the second amendment. Their top executives are paid too much and they give away too many trinkets that are made in China. heir home state of Virginia has way too many gun related laws for me to believe that the NRA is actually defending the second amendment. The RED FLAG laws that the NRA supports are a violation of our second amendment freedom. The NRA was a good organization when I joined in 1973 but they have weakened to those who want to rewrite our constitution. I am a… Read more »

6 days ago

I am a Life Member of the NRA, and will hold judgement about their finances until the actual facts come out. I certainly won’t trust an Anti-2nd amendment NY Attorney. I am also a member of USCCA, and have found their programs, and personal insurance protection to be worthwhile..

6 days ago

An NRA Life Member, but also SAF and pro-2A organizations in my state. Contributions to SAF are tax deductible. NRA has issues but still the big dog in the fight.

Roland Alvarez
6 days ago

I fully support the NRA. I am also a life member!

Michael Setzer II
6 days ago

I’ve always supported the ideals of the NRA, but joined a few years ago with all the attacks and false information that Left was putting out on them. Don’t currently own a gun, but 48 years ago, dad was a member of a Gun Club, and brother and I went thru the 2 full day training course they had. First day was all book and information work. Second day was actually showing the weapons showing lots of physical weapons and the features of each. Then finally, got to fire about a half dozen weapons. Gave a good understanding of the… Read more »

Jim V H
6 days ago

I agree with the freezing senior. My wife and I are lifetime members and I’m getting tired of be asked for more money for a “better lifetime membership”. It is true they are not what they used to be. It seems no who it is anymore, “follow the money “.

S Clark
6 days ago

I am a new gun owner and had intended to join the NRA until I heard about top leadership abuse of funds and corruption. My hard earned money will not go to any organization that is not fiscally responsible and ethical. I will find another gun rights group to join; but I support the NRAs original purpose of defending 2A rights and proper gun training.

David Elstrom
6 days ago

I am a member of NRA and a Life Member of GOA. NRA does good work but sometimes suffers from a desire to compromise with politicians when it could hold more firm. This is not an unusual phenomenon with lobbying organizations. NRA also is suffering some issues with what looks like misuse of funds by certain members of management. Col. Oliver North intitially raised concerns but was pushed out by LaPierre loyalists. Now it looks like North’s concerns are valid and the situation needs to be corrected (by the organization, not by activist anti-NRA Democrat prosecutors. GOA is “The No… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax
6 days ago

I’m a Life Member of NRA as well as a member of GOA, VCDL, SAF FPC and CCRKBA. Negotiating Right Away is the only one I made a mistake by joining. Since its inception the NRA has NOT been a pro-2A group, check the comments made by its founder about citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. It has had its hands in writing every piece of federal anti-gun legislation that there is, although it denies it or tries to explain away its actions. This survey is skewed in favor of No longer Relevant Anyway in that it doesn’t have… Read more »

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