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Republican Governors Unite to Resist Biden’s War on Work

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With missiles flying in the Middle East, illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border, inflation rising, and gas prices skyrocketing, the bad news for Joe Biden just keeps on coming. But perhaps no news did more to send chills down the spine of Biden administration officials than the announcement that only 266,000 jobs were created last month, just a quarter of the one million that was expected.

Like the other crises threatening to overwhelm Biden’s presidency, it’s a crisis of his own creation—attributable in significant part to socialist policies such as unemployment bonuses that are paying people not to work.

While the media is eager to distract from the Biden disasters by advancing the narrative of an imaginary world in which Republicans are careening off the cliff and on the verge of inter-party civil war, in fact, the party has rarely been more unified.

As of this week, 22 out of 27 Republican governors have announced that they are rejecting the Biden unemployment bonus policy, as economists and businesses sound the alarm about the dire effects of handing out $300 weekly checks giving people extra money to stay home.

The governors include many of the party’s leading faces, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

At the state level, the party’s leading figures have quickly aligned their strategies to resist the War on Work being waged by the Biden administration. With Democrats in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, this unity and coordination at the state level may be Republicans’ most effective means of stopping the federal power grab Washington Democrats are attempting.

While politicians in D.C. ignore the warning signs and take the easy, short-term political “win” of handing out even more borrowed or freshly printed money, the task has fallen to Republican governors to recognize the economic catastrophe these policies are creating around them. 

South Carolina Governor McMaster described the problem of the unemployment bonuses clearly. “What was intended to be a short-term financial assistance for the vulnerable and displaced during the height of the pandemic has turned into a dangerous federal entitlement,” he said. He suggested that the Biden policy is “incentivizing and paying workers to stay at home rather than encouraging them to return to the workplace.”

A quick drive by any street with a restaurant or store confirms this fact. Help wanted signs blanket America’s business landscape, with hiring bonuses and hourly pay at more than twice the minimum wage for most entry-level jobs. Businesses have no choice; they are competing with the government’s stay-at-home bonuses.    

Unfortunately, the War on Work is not just limited to unemployment bonuses. With the help of Democrats in Congress, Biden’s policies are saddling states with increasingly bloated welfare rolls. For instance, they have banned states from removing able-bodied, working-age adults from welfare programs even if those individuals are no longer eligible—adding further to the disincentive for unemployed workers to get back on the job. In effect, the Biden administration is helping to create a new permanent class of long-term government dependents, unlike anything that existed prior to the pandemic.

The far-left has not let a good crisis go to waste—they’ve used it to transform the face of America’s welfare state.

For the same reason, D.C. Democrats are attacking new election integrity measures being adopted in Republican states. Biden, Bernie, and the rest of the Democrat swamp hopes that with a few more elections like 2020—where voting laws were manipulated, abused, and violated across the nation— Democrats may succeed in turning their millions of new welfare state dependents into Democrat voters.

Let’s hope Republican Governors stay unified and stand in their way.


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Miranda DeGroot
8 months ago

Biden and the Democratic party is HOME LAND INSECURITY. Just on this issue along, Biden should be impeach,

Lee S McQuillen
8 months ago

I live in Pennsylvania and I sure wish we had a smart governor – one who understood economics and human needs. But, we’re got a tyranical governor – a democrat!

Bill on the Hill
8 months ago

The Democrat mantra… Vote democrat & continue getting gov’t paid FREEBIES, for life…
If Y’all live in a ” blue state ” that state will willingly keep you on WELFARE forevermore whilst they themselves continue to suck up all the Federal subsidies they can find…I live in such a state, sadly.
My state of residence is Vermont & sadly enough it has been on a ” socialistic bent ” for close to 50 years now, think Bernie Sanders: Need I say anymore?
I tip my hat to the red state governors that are shutting the unemployment bonus spigot OFF & telling people to get back to work!
Inflation is here folks, look at the lumber prices, up 300%… Look at those gasoline prices now as we should profoundly thank Uncle Joe for shutting down the Keystone pipeline on day ( 1 )…
Need a job? Better be quick, there are 1000’s upon 1000’s of illegal immigrants that want those jobs right now & Uncle Joe is prepared to get them social security cards so as to make them eligible for those Federal subsidies, i.e. stimulus payments, welfare, etc. & get their votes at election time…
Bill on the Hill… :~(

8 months ago

Trump is backing our line of defense with supporting Republican governors to the tune of 9x’s matching-$20=$180. PTL for the real President Trump. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for saving America from the wicked tyranny of the left. It has been a long time since we had a President who truly loved the people of America and what has made us great-Our Judeo-Christian way of life!!!

David P Nelson
8 months ago

Thank you Governors for seeing through Biden’s Socialist approach to complete Government control.

8 months ago

His Excellency Joey Biden is the wrong person in the wrong place.

Robin Walter Boyd
8 months ago

Our Socialist government is using money created by those who are working to provide incentives for those who are willing to let someone else take care of them. They are creating a situation where more American citizens are becoming more dependent on government. As has been proven over and over again in failed Socialist and Communist nations, this sort of government control cannot last forever and will soon enough turn out to be devastating to both those who are producing the money that is being redistributed and those who are being taken care of by that money. This is a lose-lose situation for the average American citizen while elitist politicians and other government workers become more wealthy and more powerful.

8 months ago


8 months ago

Well the GOP in Congress helped set up this debacle in 2020.
As usual the states must lead the charge to what the Republican Party should be going forward!
I may even vote for them next year.

Ron Howard
8 months ago
Reply to  Frank

“MAY”? If you don’t like what is going on now, you BETTER vote for Republicans next year, and in the future!

8 months ago

I have been saying this for years . . . get rid of both parties, Rep. and Dem. They both stink. Only the Rep. party stinks a LOT LESS. Trouble is, every election, that is our ONLY choice

Ron Howard
8 months ago
Reply to  Raymond
Here is an idea, take the money out of the Presidential Campaigns. Give the final 2 candidates a set, equal amount of taxpayer money, no other contributions allowed. Each get equal TV time, candidates allowed to only express their views and plans, no disparaging remarks against one another. Only paper ballots, with equal representation in counting votes, mail-in ballots for only seniors and handicapped who request them. Voter ID required, and only one vote for each qualified voter. 
8 months ago

Our D governor wants to pay a hefty bonus to people getting jobs. So he figures he’s got you whether you choose to stay out of work and collect enhanced government handouts or to do the right thing and get back to work. He’s buttering both sides of the bread.

Ludicrous, totally insane, what is this country turning into???

8 months ago

Both my native state (Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson) and adopted state ( Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb) have ended the payment of unemployment compensation from the federal government, so our people can get back to work. Companies are begging for workers. I hope all Republican, and even some Democratic states, will follow suit.
On a different issue, I fervently hope that the US will not turn its back on Israel and risk God’s judgment, as all the superpowers in the past who did turn against Israel have experienced.

Ron Howard
8 months ago
Reply to  Howard

Israel is, and has been for many years, our best ally in the middle east. The fact that the Biden administration and Democrats support Palestine and Iran (the most terrorist government in the world) speaks volumes about where they stand against America!

8 months ago

Problem with a 78 year old career politician – need to know what work is, regardless of the position.

8 months ago

Joe Biden has been clueless in thinking through all of his pathetic policies. We are stuck !!

8 months ago

We knew this was coming no surprise to the smart ones….this fraudulent Totalitarian Regime looks more stupid every day so does anyone who voted for joke obiden and 1% harris those two clowns belong on the cover of “do we screw em and how”

Steven Huskey
8 months ago

Welfare reform is past due!

8 months ago
Reply to  Steven Huskey

The replubicans did that under bill clinton. Then wouldn’t take credit 4 the repukeacrates won’t do this. They didn’t under trump instead they went after trump

8 months ago

United against joebama and commie harris destruction of America and freedom!
We the people must remove EVERY Democrat in 2022. Failed govenors half whit of Michigan, elder abuser coumo of NY, losers in Illinois, New Jersey ,Pennsylvania!
Any/every representative or senator with a d, goodbye!

8 months ago
Reply to  Garye


8 months ago
Reply to  Lorey

The only plan that they have is to destroy this country

8 months ago
Reply to  Garye

Got to rid companies of socialistic, communistic CEO’s/Directors as well

Ron Howard
8 months ago
Reply to  Garye

You left out California!

the rebel
8 months ago

The US government is a phucking joke and the so-called Congress has been phucking the US taxpayers for years !!!!!

The @$$hole in the WH and the CA hooker are proof of this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis J. Duffy
8 months ago

And the money is being borrowed from China!

Kris Fullington
8 months ago

It is obvious they are trying their best to make our country a socialist one. They are trying to make citizens dependent on the federal dollar, destroying any pretense of election integrity, and politicizing the Supreme Court.

8 months ago

obiden is sucking everyone in with all these stimulus checks people living large now it’s party time they dont want to work dont have to Americas small businesses the backbone of this country are suffering many folding millions of illegals on the system inflation will be through the roof unemployment will skyrocket our debt from democrats insane spending in the trillions our economy will crash sadly jobs will be gone people will be broke they will now have to depend on the government just to eat democrats sick plan socialism here we come!

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