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Roe V. Wade, Now What, Choose Life

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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber joins the AMAC Weekly News to unfold the left’s deception and manipulative messaging behind the abortion/adoption issue in America. After an incredible victory in the decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, Rebecca reminds AMAC’ers that now more than ever is the time to change hearts and minds. Be sure to stay tuned until the end when Rebecca shares a way that you can help in the fight to Choose Life!!

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Don D
7 hours ago

Lets apply a little logic. What is more important a turtle and eagle or a child? You can go to jail for destroying an eagle or turtle egg but an undeveloped child is destroyed without any legal consequences. The lying left screams out women’s rights but what about the father? He could be Elon Musk or any other wealthy person, but if a woman wants to abort the baby, the father has NO rights. How is that for fairness and equal rights by the left? And what about rape, incest or the life of the mother? The last time I checked rape and incest are crimes and a judge is involved with the perpetrator. Can the judge not be involved with the result of the crime and abortion only allowed in extreme or special circumstance?. Having the child pay the ultimate price unnecessarily for the crime of one of the parents is barbaric. Again where is the justice or fairness? And finally what about the life of the mother? There is no law or crime against self defense. So if the mother with at least 2 doctors agree that her life is in danger, only then should she be free to make the decision to abort. However if she chooses to sacrifice herself for the child to be delivered then that is also a honorable and brave decision. Either way, that would be her decision with the input of close friends/family. This logic is too dense for the left and all their deluded followers so they will never get it. The left wants power and control and if human life gets in their way, then get rid of it. With millions of children destroyed, I hope God has mercy on this nation.

Edward A Posuniak
1 day ago

The Woke Corporations and the Communist Dems and RINO’s are all in with killing the unborn. We Christians and the Believers will always support Life which comes from God. Warren and the rest of the Communists in Congress will answer to God in the end. The women who get abortions will also answer to God. Heaven help them.

Philip Hammersley
1 day ago

It’s amazing what The Cackler said! Dred Scott was deemed “not a person” by a 7 to 2 vote by Democrat-appointed SCOTUS judges. Living human beings (babies) were deemed “not a person” by a 7 to 2 vote by mostly Democrat-appointed judges. It’s the Democrat party that is putting human beings in DEATH (worse than slavery).
The killers in NY, CA, IL, etc. still can murder babies and carry out the plan of racist Margaret Sanger, the founder of eugenicist “Planned Parenthood.” It’s ALL about the $$$!

1 day ago

BEN – Don’t interrupt Rebecca when she is talking!

2 days ago

Tried to log in to make comment and I still cannot get into my account. First what will companies do in the future if they help their employees to not have children. Who will work for them in the future because there will be no new people to employ. Second in 1972 I was coerced into having an abortion. Those who were taking care of me bought the lies and coerced me into having an abortion. My father had been sexually abusing me for year plus two other relative. So to say just do not have sex in the first place, far to many children are sexually abused and do not have the moral up bringing to stay pure until marriage. Then people wonder why children are having children, their moral or lack of it set in motion the path that causes nothing but heartache. The procedures for abortion have not change much. The way they did mine caused severe scaring so that I could not carry a child full term without great difficulty. And the two I was able to carry to term, both had health issue due to the placenta not being attached well, so the blood flu was not good enough for them. So not only do I pay for the guilt of allowing my first child to be murdered, but the lose of my other children that never made it to term and the two with health issues. Abortion is the hell that keeps on giving. Why are not those statistic revealed, the after math of destruction not only to women but their future. Abortion also caused menopause to occur earlier and for other hormone issues in women. One bad choice in my teens and I have been paying for it since. It is not always my body my choice. Sometime the pressure and the lies from the left leave parents making choice for their teens that harm them for a long time.

14 hours ago
Reply to  Eileen

Ellen, Thank you for your honest and direct answer why abortion is bad! My wife and I welcomed our two children because we planned for them!

Mess around and attempt to alter God’s designs and plans, we WILL PAY THE PRICE!

David Millikan
2 days ago

Only the delusional think abortion is a right.

Stan d. Upnow
2 days ago

It’s disgusting that they call abortion a “right.” NO, it is not! It is a Choice, and a Bad one at that!
If you made a choice to roll the dice and have sex without using birth control, then you don’t get the option to choose to use abortion as an after-the-fact form of it.

2 days ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

The left loves to play with words to describe things in a way that is most favorable to supporting their perspective. In general, the left hates the concept of personal responsibility or personal accountability. Especially on things that might cast them in a negative light, make them look bad or simply just foolish in some way. Their egos get bruised quite easily, so they are very careful in the words they consider acceptable to define certain behavior. By calling abortion a “right” instead of a choice, that gives the impression that it is some sort of entitlement. Something that has been granted them and as such they have no personal responsibility or accountability for the personal choice they decided to make.

1 day ago
Reply to  PaulE

What if contraception was a “right” and not a choice? The left has become the party of “word smiths.” I totally agree that defining something as a right now absolves the one with the “right” of any responsibility or accountability. This whole situation makes me think about abortion as a Pez dispenser popping candies at the push of a button.

Stan d. Upnow
1 day ago
Reply to  Art

No! Along with rights, whether granted or natural, there comes responsibility and accountability. You have the right to free speech, via the 1st A., but that doesn’t mean you can say something that results in great harm, like yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. The 2nd A. grants you the right to bear arms, but along with that right comes the responsibility to use caution in exercising it. And should you act irresponsibly, then comes accountability for your actions.

Stan d. Upnow
1 day ago
Reply to  PaulE

Yeah, Paul, but more than that is the fact that “rights” come with a certain responsibility of their own. For example: We have the right to bear arms and for self-protection. However, along with that goes a certain responsibility to exercise proper discernment & prudence.

I would say rather, that casting abortion as a “right” implies, as you stated, an entitlement. As such, it should not be compromised, much less abolished. Yes, the Left incessantly plays word games to support their true agenda. For example: Disarming the populace becomes a “common sense” push to end “gun violence,” or to further “gun safety” measures. And so it goes with abortion– “a woman’s right to choose!” See, even their trite slogan implies a choice made, rather than a right. The Leftists aren’t anything if not hypocrites.

All the phlegmatic rhetoric from the pro-abortionists is just so much chatter to cover the bottomline… they want to kill their unborn babies without restrictions. It’s atrocious that any prospective mother wouldn’t be sickened by the mere thought of that. And what about the prospective father’s “right” to have a say in that? That’s a discussion for another day.

1 day ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Yes, I agree almost everything the left chatters on about in their rhetoric is designed to mask the true intent of their policies. Whether it be gun control, abortion, economic policies or climate change, it is all about masking the true intent of what they hope to accomplish. Personal responsibility and accountability are essentially absolved, as long as one agrees and practices what the left wants.

Abortion “rights” is nothing more than spinning Margaret Sanger’s old message of the eugenics movement coupled with the inherent racial discrimination of so many on the left spun into a “rightous message” that the ignorant of society will fall for. The end goal is population control by eradicating the “undesireables” through mass euthanasia of the unborn. That so many in society accept the left’s message and rationale speaks volumes about the level of ignorance and stupidity that has permeated modern society.

“Common sense gun control” is much of the same. The desire of the left is to completely disarm the law abiding populace, so the government need not fear any potential pushback from the masses. They use criminal use of an illegal firearm, by felons or the mentally unstable, as justification for the need to impose ever more restrictive laws on he ownership of guns by 99.999 percent of the American public. So it is an apples to oranges argument being used to justify their desired goal of disarming all Americans. Again, we have numerous examples throughout short and long term history that shows what happens when a leftist government has achieved that goal of univeral disarmament. Freedoms and rights quickly vanish and the people become helpless victims of an ever more repressive and authoritarian style government. Yet we see again in this country, a substantial percentage of the masses buying into the left’s rhetoric on the subject for the very same reasons.

As related to 2nd Amendment rights, yes law abiding citizens understand their obligations to practice safe and responsible ownership and operation of their firearms. However, the left uses very instance of a felon or mentally unstable person, neither of which should be able to obtain a gun legally through the existing laws on the books, using a weapon as “proof” that we need more and more restrictions on all ownership of guns in this country. It is of course an idiotic argument that should be transparently flawed to anyone able to understand basic logic, but yet we do indeed have substantial portions of our country buying into that flawed argument. I’ll skip for now the completely biased or total lack of coverage by the MSM of certain shootings when the players involved don’t align with the desired narrative the left wants promoted. That’s a whole separate topic.

Ignorance and stupidity are NOT bliss for the substantial percentage of the public that openly embraces it. For them both choice and personal responsibility / accountability are a foreign concept that they don’t want to entertain. As long as they believe they are on the right side of the issue, as dictated by the people on the left they blindly follow, they feel justified in doing whatever they are doing. These people are essentially unable to think and reason for themselves and see past the carefully crafted slogans and rhetoric they have been spoon fed.

The leftist politicians of course love the ignorance and stupidity of so much of the public today. It makes things so much easier to accomplish for them. Which is why they encourage and support all the indoctrination policies and programs that have been utilized in our public education system for decades. Ignorant and stupid Americans are just so much easier to control and manipulate than Americans able to think and reason properly on so many levels.

21 hours ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Yes, I agree.
The marxist democrat party and left loonies, arbitrary creation of rights and privileges claiming that the government has the authority to control individual rights.
It’s total BS, We have God Given Rights and useless bureaucracies only confuse the weak minded.

2 days ago

Abortion rights MUST BE POSTED AND CLARIFIED. Are you for abortion immediately, 15 weeks or to end of 9 months? Unless this is shown and acknowledged I believe the abortion issue is unclear as to intent

Stan d. Upnow
1 day ago
Reply to  Kay


“I believe the abortion issue is unclear as to intent.”

Are you serious? The intent is crystal clear– the murder of a baby in the womb, or even outright infanticide!

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