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Ron DeSantis: Advocate of Freedom

By Ian Gargan

Dan Weber (L), President of AMAC, poses with Representative Ron DeSantis.

While liberal mayors were stripping Americans of their rights during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Ron DeSantis’ popularity skyrocketed when he refused to take part in the tyranny and put Florida on lockdown. Before the pandemic, he was a founding member of the Freedom Caucus and an ally of Donald Trump. He has proven he’s not afraid to face the left-wing bullies claiming his bills are transphobic and racist for simply protecting the innocence of our children. DeSantis knows he has the best interest of children in mind, and in the eyes of parents everywhere, it makes him a rock star! The following bills would be labeled as his greatest hits.

Fairness in Women’s Sports (SB 1028) was created to preserve fair opportunities for female athletes to demonstrate their abilities in competitions. While obviously deemed by the left as Anti-Transgender, this bill makes sure biological men compete against other biological men. That makes sense, right? Imagine your child or grandchild missing out on a college scholarship because she was outrun, outjumped, or outswam by a boy competing amongst girls. The designation of separate sex-specific teams is the only way to maintain equality. DeSantis, the father of two daughters, knows that allowing men to compete in women’s sports will erode their opportunities for success.

School Choice (HB 7045) allows low-income children to be eligible for private school scholarships. DeSantis is reworking the current scholarship program into a school choice voucher system. This will enable children from low-income households to qualify for private schools without any additional financial burden. The Family Empowerment Scholarship is offered to children whose household income is below the allotted limits. State Representative Randy Fine said this legislation would allow 50,000 additional students to use vouchers in the following school year, yet another bill giving parents more power over their children’s education.

Parental Rights in Education (HB 1557) is a bill that bans teachers from giving formal classroom instruction on “Sexual Orientation” or “Gender Identity” in kindergarten through the 3rd grade. Florida insists that parents have a right to be involved in their children’s education. The bill was mocked by the Hollywood elite, referring to it as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” despite the fact it is not mentioned anyplace in the bill. This bill neither bans the word “gay” in school settings nor does it ban the casual discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity topics. DeSantis never backed down from the criticism, whether it came from Hollywood bullies threatening to boycott the state or Disney who put in their two cents, inevitably leading to the loss of its self-governing status.

Stop WOKE Act (HB 7) is the Individual Freedom Act, also known as the Stop WOKE Act. DeSantis has become the gatekeeper for all things woke in Florida. He is much too tired of schools teaching kids to hate our country with CRT-inspired indoctrination. He believes no one should be instructed to feel as if they are not equal or shamed because of their race. Instruction is encouraged to create environments where facts and theories are presented with different interpretations so students can reach their own conclusions.

The work Ron DeSantis has done for young generations has reinvigorated our country, with many pushing for a 2024 presidential run from him at the age of 43. Outside of the various ongoing parental issues, he has tackled a wide selection of issues ranging from saving the manatees to residential Picketing (HB1571). DeSantis is truly a champion for the people and parents of Florida. He speaks up for the people who needed someone to be their voice after they couldn’t yell any louder.

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Joe Cortina
2 months ago

Support DeSantis? RE YOU INSANE or just stupid? Catholic? he is a DISGRACE to ALL Christians! he is OWNED by the israHELL jews ! I was in that horrid place with the members of the ‘intel community’ year ago.

Horrors i WITNESSED: Mockery of Americans – mockery of our Lord ON MAJOR TV! ( Christ depicted as a monkey on the cross) – jew Traitor Johnathan Pollard is a fold hero in IsraHELL – cowardly Jew IDF uses young Palestinian boys as shields for their invasions of Palestine. – Jew military murder terrified orphans ( many of who are Christian) in Gaza – jew soldiers wear T-shirts graphically bragging about their frequent murder of pregnant mothers – Palestinian children are bullied on their way to school by jew children – Jew military use the Geneva Convention BANNED white phosphorous bombs against defenseless civilians.

These are but a few of the war crimes and sadistic cowardly treatment of the Palestinian people whose land were STOLEN by these horrid jews. Israelis have one of the highest abortion ( infanticide) rate in the Mid-East. ‘Abortion’ is so unknown in Palestine – that when i was in th area gathering stats about abortions – I had a problem getting the Palestinians to understand what I wanted. Then i discovered that they didn’t even have a WORD for Abortion! the chief Rabbi for IsraHELL was quoted – IN THE NEWS -for you “doubting Thomas s” He CLEARLY STATED that “we goyem ( hebrew for cattle) – were placed on Earth solely – to serve jews”

These jews have committed TWO acts of WAR AGAINST MY COUNTRY! The USS Liberty massacre and of course what we know a 9-11. Because of my background as former Special Forces commander ( familiar with advanced demolitions ) – and a commercial pilot rating -and as a physicist for NASA Honeywell aerospace – I was qualified for the 9-11 instigation committee. It was proven beyond a doubt that the event was planned by Mossad with help from the Bush administration.

I have published several books exposing the lies surrounding these issues – but of course ambitious country sellers and his treasonous ilk actually want legislation TO MAKE SPEAKING THE TRUTH -A HATE CRIME to cover up the crimes of hid jew pals. there is LOT more – but I think I have made my point. Our Ist Amendment MUST BE DESTROYED. DeSantis is a willing accomplice. Our country is in GREAT DANGER. My books expose it ALL – if you have the courage to HANDLE THE TRUTH

In closing I would like to thank the owner of the site for allowing the TRUTH to be shown

3 months ago

Gov. DeSantis is awesome! We love his level-headed leadership!

3 months ago

DeSantis is as much for freedom as Hitler was for loving the Jewish people.

Kevin Griggs
3 months ago
Reply to  Dadood

Democrat Troll

3 months ago

I am definitely a supporter of Gov. DeSantis. I believe he would be the best candidate for the office of President. I also believe that Trump should step down and not run. He brings to much drama. His inability to keep his mouth shut has done nothing but hurt and given his adversaries arguments against his ability to unify our nation. He, by nature, is a very polarizing personality. We need someone like Gov. DeSantis who is so well liked and has common sense solutions to very serious the country now faces.

3 months ago

I am a former educator, and the first of 4 generations of graduates of Palm Beach County schools, including college. I am also a fan and cheerleader of Gov. Ron DeSantis for his family protector. I would hate to lose our brilliant Governor I would be willing to sacrifice him to a higher position in our presidential team. As a Floridian for over 60 years, I know we have been blessed. Janine

The Shepherd’s
3 months ago

Yes!!! Trump /DeSantis 2024 with DeSantis for another 8. You have all my votes. Thank you both for keeping on with the fight for our Constitution and American values that have made this country the best in the world. And God Bless All who have fought to keep our country Safe, Strong, and Secure.

3 months ago

The Trump/ DeSantis pairing would definitely be awesome!

To the marxist democrats, rinos, parent haters, anti life, dishonest, racist ,class separators, immoral, corrupt, self serving swamp , lying media people -GOODBYE!

Let’s take back Our Country, start in 2022 by removing the marxist democrat controlling party candidates and restoring honest service in office by following the will of We The People!
No more attacking America. Our rights, Our children for the sake of democrats failed, radical,anti citizens, anti America policies!

Vilas Gamble
3 months ago

Gov. DeSantis is the only Republican talking about freedom as the mid-terms approach. If the Republican Party does not make freedom the center piece of this campaign their victory will not be as big as they think it is going to be! Every issue that is confronting our nation right now boils down to freedom or government. We the people have the opportunity to restore freedom to our nation. So, when you vote in the primary or in the general election, vote as if your freedom depends upon it…because it does!

3 months ago
Reply to  Vilas Gamble

Vilas ,
You’re right. If it doesn’t change beginning in 2022 and again in 2024, Freedom will be a thing of the past!

The marxist democrat party is so evil and arrogant that they don’t even attempt to hide America’s destruction, they throw it right into the Citizens face angrily!
Throw them out!

3 months ago

This man is a blessing. We could sure use him in DC!!! At the least he should run for Congress if not for President! GOD BLESS the USA

Pete & Mardi Nagy
3 months ago
Reply to  Barb304

I’m hoping for a Trump / DeSantis ticket! Perfect!

Rick Blaine
3 months ago

Great Job RON!

3 months ago

Ron DeSantis for President along with a proper and true Congress to support his initiatives to better the nation.

3 months ago
Reply to  Max

In the event Trump decides to NOT run in 2024, DeSantis seems to be the only viable option actually committed to a MAGA agenda. The rest of the usual suspects being named as presidential options are neither leading the charge (waiting for someone else to make the first move and see how they fare before copying them) or have to dragged by the people of their state to “do something” after a number of other players have already acted. A leader has to be willing to take chances and do something that he or she knows is right despite the reality that the MSM and Democrats will scream bloodly murder and call you Hitler or racist to try and back you down. So far aside from Trump, DeSantis seems to be it.

As for Congress, I agree the Republicans would have to be 100 percent behind DeSantis for him to succeed. We cannot have a repeat of 2017 and 2018, where McConnell and Ryan intentionally slow-walked everything in hopes Trump would be removed from office, because he wanted real change and not just business as usual. My concern with Congress going forward is even of the GOP takes back control of both chambers of Congress, McConnell and McCarthy will be in charge and that means they would resist anything DeSantis wants to do that disrupts the status quo. To get to the better nation we both want to see, that requires a truly supportive Congress. Not one that is more concerned with maintaining business as usual. That means both McConnell and McCarthy need to be replaced in leadership by people who are committed to serving the people of the United States. A big lift at the moment.

3 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Only time will tell. The American people need to wake up and become one nation again but the coasts are crushing the middle slowly and surely.

3 months ago
Reply to  Max

Yes, for far to many, removing their cranium from their posterior would be step 1

3 months ago
Reply to  Max

Agree Max, however we need GOD, TRUMP & DE SANTIS

3 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Trump/DeSantis and new Republican leadership after taking majorities back in the House and Senate is EXACTLY the formula to SAVE AMERICA!
What the republican party did to President Trump was an embarrassment and hurtful to America!
If you think about it, what President Trump accomplished for America without much party support, it’s truly AMAZING!
We desperately need that LEADERSHIP again!

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