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Ron DeSantis vs. Wokism: How Florida’s Governor Has Battled Back

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mainstream media became hyper-focused on how different states governed themselves. Their goal was to portray Republicans as failing and Democrats as saviors. Some in the press were hailing New York Governor Cuomo and evening comparing his weekly press conferences to President Trump’s, as they immediately followed one another. Like New York, California and other liberal states were lauded in the media for their oppressive lockdowns, curfews, mask mandates, school closures, and vaccine requirements. At the same time, the mainstream media turned their sights on Republican-led states like Texas and Florida that refused to turn their communities into a police state. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis bristled feathers from the start. The Governor became public enemy number one to the radical left and mainstream media. It started when DeSantis faced criticisms for not locking Florida down, keeping businesses, schools and churches open, and giving people the freedom to choose whether or not to wear a mask and choose whether or not to take the vaccine. At one point, the DeSantis administration was accused by a fired employee of forcing her to alter the state’s official COVID-19 data – the number of cases and deaths reported daily to the Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention (CDC). State and national media ran headlines stating DeSantis “misled the public on the COVID-19 pandemic,” that he dismissed a “Scientist For Her Refusal To Manipulate State’s Coronavirus Data,” and that he “tried to hide COVID info.” A state inspector general investigation report found her allegations “unsubstantiated,” “unfounded,” and that they “did not occur.” Just another day of The liberal media smearing a Republican based on completely verifiably false rumors.

Then came Mickey Mouse, or rather, Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney World, who was forced by cancel culture forces to oppose a state bill that would protect young children in K-3 from being exposed to gender theory and sexual orientation discussions. When Disney came out strongly against the bill and the Governor, the Republican-led Florida legislature stripped Disney World of its special operating status, undoing nearly 70 years of precedent. 

Next comes the world of women’s college swimming. In March, transgender athlete Lia Thomas won the NCAA Division I swimming title, becoming the first transgender athlete to win a championship. Thomas beat Florida-native Emma Weyant, who placed second and is an Olympic Silver Medal champion. Governor DeSantis subsequently issued a proclamation declaring Weyant the rightful winner, saying, “By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud. In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota’s Emma Weyant as the best women’s swimmer in the 500y freestyle.” The media’s predictable meltdown followed, but the public, who by and large still accepts basic biology, undoubtedly noted the Governor’s courage when so many remained silent about a clear subversion of women’s sports.

A few months later, Governor DeSantis took further action by signing the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act into law, which protects female athletes from having to compete against transgender athletes. DeSantis said that men who compete against women like Weyant are “robbing women and girls of achievements, awards, and scholarships.” Groups like Planned Parenthood and Human Rights Council shot back, and the latter is suing Governor DeSantis in federal court. According to the left, standing up for women and girls and the integrity of collegiate sports is unconstitutional. 

The barrage of hits on DeSantis is amazing to witness. He takes fire from Disney and the NCAA and is berated in the media for keeping schools open and opposing mask mandates and lockdowns. Nevertheless, the Florida Governor keeps taking the hits and gaining in popularity. DeSantis is fighting for what he believes in despite the critics and negative headlines from the corporate press. America’s Governor has drawn a line in the sand for the woke left. Voters in Florida and across the country are paying attention.

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action 

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Mrs. Donna L. Moore
2 months ago

DeSantis for President

2 months ago

Makes a person want to move to Florida for a little sanity in government.

2 months ago

Phil Murphy in New Jersey is a terrible governor. We would love a Governor Ron DeSantis in the state of NJ. Wish Murphy would go back to Goldman Sachs. Good riddance!

2 months ago

If transgenders want to participate in sports they should have transgender opponents and a separate team. Also have Transgender Olympics. This is fair to all!!

Elena Tellez
2 months ago

Here in FL, we conservatives LOVE DeSantis. We’d like to see DeSantis & Haley for our presidential ticket in 2024. If not, maybe Trump & Haley; Trump & DeSantis, followed in the future by Trump Jr. We gotta get rid of the commies and the DUMB Dems who don’t realize what the progressives will continue to do to this country: inflation; open borders, dictatorship, crime, etc.We need to get ’em out, or at least dis-empower them NOW.

2 months ago

Tyranny has NO place in America. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is for us to protect ourselves against tyranny. Just kill the tyrants. The 2nd Amendment is our justification.

2 months ago

Thank you, Ron.
I believe it is okay for anyone to think or do what they wish as long as it HARMS no one and is within the realm of being legal. When sweeping, unwelcome changes are forced upon us by a select few, that, in my opinion, is not okay. If transgenders wish to compete in sports, perhaps we can go as far as setting up a new catagories with transgender events. That way everyone should be able to compete FAIRLY. Traditions, as well as progressive issues can be served and a middle ground can be found.
Of course, there will be those who feel that this, or any close version of this, is in no way acceptable, they simply want it their way. These seem to be the people who wouldn’t be happy with a winning lottery ticket because they would have to drive someplace to collect their winnings.
Again, thank you, Ron. I imagine your job is not what you would call easy.

Anthony Hinson
2 months ago
Reply to  Jim

We have sports events for males and females. Since those are the only genders there are, why do we need more? If a man wants to pretend he’s a woman, that’s fine, but since he’s a man, he should compete with men. When he loses to another man, he can pretend that it wasn’t fair if he wants, but I don’t care.

2 months ago

DeSantis is a common sense patriot that values morality and freedom. All the left knows is to demonize and destroy anyone or anything that stands for morality and common sense. It can’t be more clear. In November, we either vote for freedom or oppression. Choose wisely!

Henry McElroy
2 months ago

NOTE: The following paragraph explains the Rule of Law processes in Article IV Section 1 of the Constitution that “Each State is to give full faith and credit to the public acts and records of other States.” Meaning several things, one of which is: If “TYRANICAL MANDATES are attempting to be MANDATED by our temporary delegates in our State,” We The Sovereign American People (WTSAP) can Lawfully replace such TYRANNIES minimally with the “Lawful public acts” of another State. The 2ND paragraph below is a model for your written rebuttal to such TYRANNIES, should you want it for the public record.
 “If your Sovereign State’s temporary officials are “TYRANNICALLY” attempting to mandate you to do something like: Wear a mask, Take an Injection, Follow WOKISM, Or close your schools as described in the attached AMAC Article, “Ron DeSantis vs. Wokism: How Florida’s Governor Has Battled Back,” and 1- You also want to Lawfully “BATTLE BACK” against such TYRANNIES, and 2- Another Sovereign State’s temporary delegates are COUNTERING such “TYRANNIES,” do not despair.    We The Sovereign American People (WTSAP) in our Dispersed, Diverse, and Defensible Local Sovereign States have the answers to such TYRANNIES.  These answers are in our “Self-Governing Republic’s” de jure Extraordinary, Written Rule of Law.   Yes, the same Extraordinary ROL with Providential Finger Prints All Over It.   As you would also know, WTSAP’s bodacious “Self-Governing Republic” –the only one on Earth– is still a “thorn” in the eye of every Power Mongering: >Establishment, >Chameleon Colored Tyrant, and or >Monarch on Earth. 
A model for your written rebuttal for the record, should you need it, to your “TYRANNICAL” state delegate’s attempted “TYRANNIES” against WTSAP is: “I, _________, (your name) pursuant to Article IV Section 1 (Full Faith and Credit Clause) of the de jure Constitution for the united States Lawfully choose to adhere to the Lawful Policies related to ______________(your issue) of the Sovereign State of _______ (Florida / Texas / other), not those of my Sovereign State, ____________(your State).”  Selah. 

Robert Zuccaro
2 months ago

Murphy’s Law of politics: “every state with a Democrat administration sucks”.

Sylvia McAdams
2 months ago

Thank God for men with moxie. Need more to stand up for truth

Susan Miller
2 months ago

I’m very impressed with DeSantis and wish we had more governor’s like him.

Lee Starr
2 months ago

It’s good to have Governor DeSantis in your corner here in the sunshine state. I will be voting for him this November 8 2022.

Don V.
2 months ago

We need Trump, a Molotov Cocktail, hurled back to Washington to bring things back to where they were before Elmer Fudd slithered in and destroyed everything he accomplished. After four years he should have everything back to normal…then it’s time for DeSantis

2 months ago
Reply to  Don V.

Don, PLEASE! That’s a pretty terrible insult to Elmer Fudd.

Marie Langley
2 months ago

I would vote for him for president in a hot minute!!!!!! He is a true conservative which the
Republican party is lacking. I would feel sorry for the Florida citizens if he runs but it would be really good for this country. I think he could win!!!!!

2 months ago

I support Governor DeSantis wholeheartedly. I am, unfortunately, a resident of Washington state which is a Democrat run state. Jay Inslee (Dimslee) is proceeding to make the the West Coast the murder capitol of the world. Also with his cohorts Brown and Newsome he is maintaining a coast of convenience for women who will sacrifice their living beings to Molech. It’s a travesty brought to you by dim witted Democrats.

2 months ago

He has my full support even though I live in South Carolina.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sandi

Same here but from Minnesota. … and from every other state, you can bet on it.

Robert F.
2 months ago

I encourage all of you to visit the Convention of States website and get invited.

Robert F.
2 months ago
Reply to  Robert F.


Mike B.
2 months ago

So living in the suburbs of Illinois, we have the honor of having JB Pritzker / the athletic iron man. The citizens of California have Gavin Newsome / pretty boy . These 2 are possibly making a bid for president in 2024 . These 2 have ruined everything they have gotten their hands on. We can’t go downtown because the Magnificent Mile is no longer. Lori Lightfoot, along with JB, have destroyed Chicago. These 2 are more interested in pronouns, and taxing the s~~t out of working citizens. My point is, if this is all the left has for candidates, I think we’re in good shape. I would hope DeSantis runs. He’s the best choice .

2 months ago
Reply to  Mike B.

agreed! and I am qualified because i exist in California… (barely)

2 months ago

I’ve often wondered why we don’t re-annex Mexico, clean it up, and re-distribute its citizens back to their “own” country.

LGB (Let's go Brandon)
2 months ago
Reply to  Lindsey1964

To “re-annex” we would have had to annex it in the past, which never happened.

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