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Seniors Turned The Tide In The Mid-Term Elections Says The Association Of Mature Americans

AMAC’s Founder, Dan Weber


November 3, 2010

BOHEMIA, NY, Nov 3 – “Independent senior voters turned the tide in Tuesday’s elections.  They put Congress in its place, letting lawmakers who managed to keep their seats and those who replaced hard-core party liners know that it is we, the people, who call the shots,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [].

Weber says it was President Obama’s “wrong-headed policies and priorities” that motivated “a determined bloc of 50-plus voters” to opt for a mid-term change, “just as surely as it was his rhetoric that motivated the nation’s youth to help put him office in the first place.”

Seniors comprise what is arguably the most powerful segment of the voting population and, reports the non-partisan Free Enterprise Nation [FEN] they are highly engaged.  In fact, FEN says that the overwhelming participation of seniors surprised them in a pre-election, online poll.  Baby Boomers and seniors made up 72% of the respondents.  Twenty percent were voters between the ages of 36 to 49.  Only 7% were under 36 years old.

The poll showed that the great majority of voters 50 years and older blamed the president and those members of Congress who supported him for the nation’s economic ills, notes Weber.

“The mid-terms are only the beginning.  There is more work to be done.  For one thing, we must keep a keen eye on the newcomers in Washington to make sure they don’t stray from the key issues— including economic policies and health care reform measures that make sense.  We must keep them on the right track over the next two years and beyond.”

There are 225 million people in the country who are of voting age and nearly half of them are over 50.  “That’s the AMAC generation—that segment of the population that fought for this country and its founding principles and that is determined to preserve our heritage,” says Weber.

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Jim Miller
11 years ago

I fully agree with Dan Wber’s comments. We MUST WATCH “ALL” POLITICIANS. How many times have we seen that a “so called good” politician has been sent to Washington, DC and then watch as they just become one of the “good ole boys”, instead of following the desires of the voters who put then in office? They need to walk-up and realize that the all if the American Public ARE NOT idiots who can be herded like cattle. I for one am 70 years old and have seen much better times for this Country. We CAN NOT allow these “numb skulls” in Washington, DC get away with the actions that have been happening. We CAN make a change when we pay attention to what goes on and communicate to the people who are supposed to represent us, through the Election Box.

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