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subsidies 2

Obamacare Subsidies: Six Reasons Congress Should Not Make Temporary Increases Permanent

infrastructure 23

Is an Infrastructure Deal Close? What Democrats Want and How They (Don’t) Plan to Pay for it.

Social Security 14

Social Security Affected by Persistent Unemployment Checks

Memorial Day 1

A Memorial Day Message

UFOs 29

Why Is Everyone Talking About UFOs?

states 28

Conservative Counties Seceding – From Blue States

accountability 3

Better For America: Transparency and Accountability with Congresswoman Harshbarger

Social Security 7

Social Security’s Problems Should be Above Politics and Pandering

commission 5

Weingarten Report Ep. 5: The January 6th Commission is a Wrongthink Inquisition

Victoria Spartz 1

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Living the American Dream: An Interview with Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (IN-05)