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Washington Democrats Descend on ATL for Partisan Roadshow as Bipartisan Majority of Georgians Favor Voter I.D. Protections

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Joe Biden Ramps Up Scare Tactics as Dem Attempts to Federalize Elections Stall in Senate

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He Would Have Been President

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No, Jen Psaki. It is Democrats – Not Republicans – Who Are Defunding The Police. Here’s the Proof.

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Connect The Dots – Anti-Police Activism and Crime

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Crime Surges In Democrat Cities Throughout America

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Trafalgar: The Pollster That Keeps Getting It Right

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Fully Engaged AMAC Members Help to Defeat Democrats’ Takeover of Federal Elections – For Now

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President Biden Shows Signs of Cognitive Decline

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Is Virginia About to Swing Red? Evidence Indicates the Blue Wave Has Crested In the Old Dominion