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The Democrats’ Lifespan Reduction Act


Across the pond, Brits are demanding their next prime minister do something to reduce the U.K.’s notorious cancer death rates. But here in the U.S., Democrats are doing the opposite. They’re pushing for European-style price controls on drugs that will slow cancer cures and lead to more deaths. Americans enjoy the highest cancer survival rates in the world — but maybe not for long.

Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin call their legislation the Inflation Reduction Act. Don’t let the title fool you. The bill cripples the ability of drug companies to develop new cures. It should be called the Lifespan Reduction Act.

The only disagreement is how grave the impact will be. The Congressional Budget Office lowballs the number of new drugs that will never be developed and declines to predict the “effects of forgone innovation on public health.” But the Office of Health Economics, a think tank, foresees “significant losses in biopharmaceutical innovation and hence health for the U.S. and global populations over the coming decades.”

The Global Colon Cancer Association, which helps patients battling cancer, warned on Tuesday that the bill “will backfire, leading to less of the medical innovation we need to finally defeat cancer.”

It’s amazing that Congress is ignoring these warnings. Democrats are bragging about reducing prescription drug prices but are not admitting that you could be paying for that discount down the road with your life.

Democrats claim the government will “negotiate” with drug companies to reach a fair price. Untrue. The bill says government will dictate the price. Any company that refuses that price will get hit with a tax as high as 95% of revenue. That’s a gun to the head, not a negotiation. Democrats are playing word games with “negotiate,” just as they did with “recession.”

Medical investors look at the expected future revenue from a drug to decide how much to invest. Even non-American companies rely on selling in the American market for their profits. But the proposed price controls tell investors to put their money in some other industry, not medical innovation.

European drug developers led the world, until price controls shut down innovation. Now, drug development in Europe attracts only 3% of the investment capital available in the U.S. It’s a warning.

Countries that promote drug development have better cancer survival rates, reports Columbia University economist Frank Lichtenberg, who compared rates in 36 countries.

The U.S. proves the point. Cancer death rates here have plunged since 2000. Research in the Journal of Medical Economics shows that since that year, more than 1.3 million cancer patients have been saved by new treatments for 15 different types of cancer.

Don’t expect that to continue under price controls. The University of Chicago’s Tomas J. Philipson and Troy Durie calculate that hundreds of potential cures will go undeveloped over the next decade, leading to a loss of life greater than what we’ve experienced from COVID. These are lives that would be saved if the current pace of innovation continued, instead of being blocked by the Manchin-Schumer deal.

Is their price control scheme even constitutional? The Congressional Research Service suggests forcing drug manufacturers to lower prices for all customers, not just government, might violate the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment. Certainly, a 95% tax on revenues of companies that refuse could be considered “excessive” punishment under the Eighth Amendment.

Even so, Democrats are rushing to pass their 725-page bill, with its many varied provisions and cockeyed priorities. The bill pours hundreds of billions of public dollars into companies that install solar panels and build electric vehicles in the name of saving the planet.

But the same bill strips biotech and drug companies of the ability to attract billions in research and development funds and produce the next generation of cures. As if saving the planet is all important, and saving lives no longer matters.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths. Follow her on Twitter @Betsy_McCaughey.


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13 hours ago

Seriously? Does anyone in America believe that the Dems actually care about the people of this nation. The Dems only care about staying in power and spending money. And looks what’s happening. Every single policy that JB has enacted, by legislation has or executive action has failed. Wake up American voters and remove these evildoers from office before it’s too late!

1 day ago

If this bill passes most of the upfront money will be used to pay back donator’s and keep Democrate seats away from Conservative Republicans. Shame on all of them for paying for votes! That’s voter fraud too!

Bill T
2 days ago

There diabolical and couldn’t care less about our American citizens, they already have actuaries costing out what your life is worth to them. Young and productive but requires a $500 k medical treatment to keep them alive, maybe? Old and to them no longer worth the 500 k for treatment ( that would extend there lives by maybe 10-15 years or more, no way , sorry but we have a very compassionate end of life treatment for you! Unless of course you’re an elitist leftist, any thing and spare no cost to keep them alive! Yes it’s true.

Paul Tschiderer
2 days ago

So the greedy captialist are pissing and moaning that they are making fewer billions in profits and a few thousands less in bonuses. Total bulk shit. THE CUTUZENS ARE TO BE PROTECTED BY THE GOVERMENT. Increasing profits ever year is secondary. I am sure the Democrats plan is corrupt look who sponsored it. The Republicans encouraged these greedy captialist. I think these companies should be held responsible for the thousands who die and suffer because of their greed. Sometimes a new idea is necessary to improve a bad situation. So how about placing regular people on these board of directors and pay them based on success and how in expensive the drugs become and how many new useful drug cures come about each yeay

Letts Brandon
1 day ago

Greedy socialists want everything free, to bad they can’t afford to come up with a new idea!

Ann Grace
2 days ago

What better way to lower the world’s population than to discourage medical companies from coming up with cures.

2 days ago

People didn’t seem to notice the Affordale Care Act ended federal funding of gerontological research.Why people would want to get their Healthcare provided to them by an institution that financially benefits from their premature demise is beyond me.

Chris Wilborn
2 days ago

Nothing new here : ” Your Democrat Congress at work “If it ain’t Woke, We’ll Fix That .

2 days ago

Deplorable left wing scum. Not shocked though.

2 days ago

Climate change is a bigger lie than Covid. Covid does exist. An expose on climate change needs to be done. The so called “green energy” is thus because of all the “green” it will cost the American taxpayers! Wind and solar actually uses more fossil fuels to produce that coal, nuclear, natural gas and oil. They would necessarily increase mining throughout the world by 2000% and storage costs would increase 400%. And this doesn’t even consider how much more inefficient and inconsistent they are! This spending bill is just another cleptomaniac effort by greedy politicians to over spend money that doesn’t belong to them. We are being led by utter fools!

2 days ago

Still say his smells like the
3rd reich

John Samples
2 days ago
Reply to  CB

Exactly and people are believing the lie that the Republicans are stealing democracy.

Dale Single
2 days ago
Reply to  John Samples

The left can say that, and it is quite true… Constitutional Republicans do not want a democracy, we have a Republic. A democracy is a first step towards dictatorships, democracy is mob rule! Republic is rule of law!

Cam S
2 days ago

I’m just tired at the fabrications (outright deceits), of maxist autocrats saying their policies are beneficial to America, but they know they are destroying this country. Manchin & Sinema will pay on their reelection for office.

3 days ago

Well I see Sinema formally announced she will support this bill tonight. Right on cue for a quick vote to be put together by Schumer this weekend. Expect this to be passed by the Congress by Sunday night and on Biden’s desk for his signature Monday morning. Say hello to the 87,000 new IRS agents that will soon be on board to audit everyone every year. Whatever it takes to wring every penny out of the masses.

Another big win for the Socialists as we continue to march to our ruin. Hey it was fun while the country lasted. At least Putin, Xi and the Ayatollah of Iran are having a good chuckle at our expense.

3 days ago

Manchin and Shummer are at it again. It’s not clear to me what motivates them on this issue, but I am pretty convinced it is not good as it affects the majority of Americans … but somehow good for the DemocRat Party!

3 days ago

Everyone in Senator Manchins state should be reminded that if their Senator goes ahead and supports this bill he will be leading an effort that will hurt them financially through higher taxes, hurt them financially by killing the coal industry and physically hurting them by the negative actions regarding pharmaceuticals. Joe Manchin is just another Democrat is what should be taken to heart should he backstab his constituents and vote for this bill.

3 days ago

Like I have stated before, DEMS are all about Power and CONTROL. They will NEVER come up with any good ideas that would benefit humanity. DEMS are a death cult from start to finish. Conceed NOTHING to them, You have to be brain dead to be DEMOCRAT. No sane person who has read any of the legistration they have come with would say their Legislation was written by a sane individual.

3 days ago
Reply to  Chuck

“Brain dead” would be an improvement to the Democrat leadership in this era!

Myrna Wade
3 days ago

It is easy to favor lower prices. The case needs to be made that artificial price controls have a history of bad results, but in the case of medicine, we need to see the value of the research that will not be possible if nobody pays for it. Thank you for this well-reasoned piece.

3 days ago

The death of millions is part of the climate change alarmists plans! Less people, more resources for themselves! These democrats see people as utility…how much value are you to the STATE! If you are of little value, then you are no longer necessary! This is the power structure to come if the sheep who worship these democrats don’t wake up! Truth will set you free but only if you know the truth!!!

Wayne Heggemeier
3 days ago

Wait a minute, you want to listen to Big Pharma’s “Oh wow as me” b.s.? We can’t have it both ways.
Big Pharma is paying their upper echelon people and their shareholders big money based on their profit margins, correct? How much of that profit are they using on their R&D budget? Or are they relying on the Fed’s largesse to cover the most vital and (should be) primary reason for their existence? The development of better cures for what ails their clientele.
Cutting their profit margin should affect the shareholders and, more so, company executives, without a detrimental reduction in their R&D work load.
Bottom line, particularly within this slice of the American populace, and after what we’ve gone through over the last 2½ years, none of us should be supporting what Big Pharma and their minions like Fauci, Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden are claiming. They have a responsibility to lower drug prices by reducing how much the Elite are getting paid, not to limit what should be their primary source of future income. Do you really want to trust Big Pharma? I certainly do not.

3 days ago

You would rather trust fauci,schumer, Pelosi and biden? Good luck with that.

3 days ago

In one of the Elites Summits they discussed the future of people they called USELESS EATERS and how they needed eliminate them. I fear the good people of this world are considered the USELESS EATERS.

Letts Brandon
1 day ago

Yes, a reduction in wages will increase production as they will have to work more to get the same thing. By the way, how’s that bridge in Brooklyn workin out for ya?

3 days ago

Do these liberal idiots think they and their children are immune to cancer?

3 days ago
Reply to  Arlene

Of course they don’t.. but they are elites so they will get whatever they need to make sure they are alive. It’s the rest of us that they don’t give a rats tail about. Remember, we are the stupid slaves in their eyes, while they are the almighty, doing the work of the people!

3 days ago
Reply to  Arlene

The elites will always have cures and treatments for themselves. ALWAYS. As far as they’re concerned, if the peons can’t work their fingers to the bone for the elites in charge of the Great Reset, they’re no longer necessary, they’re “useless eaters,” ergo, who cares of they die?Besides, surveilling all of these people is just so tedious. Better to decimate the population

2 days ago
Reply to  Amy

Isn’t that why they had the French Revolution. When the price of a loaf of bread for a peasant was so high even the poorest couldn’t afford it, what did they have to lose?

3 days ago

SELECTIONS have CONSEQUENCES. Get involved and push back. Get out and vote. Stay in constant contact with your elected officials. Now is not the time to ease up we need to get our Country turned around. If you can post here and on social media you can email your elected officials.
Keep the faith God will help us get our country back from this evil.

3 days ago

WE can be very helpful to God in such an endeavor your mention if we can get elections that can NOT be rigged.!

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