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The Elitists Who Want to Rule the World

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum; he founded the organization in 1971. Each year, the WEF hosts a massive conference in Davos, Switzerland, with thousands of world leaders, diplomats and experts on various topics gathering to trade ideas about how best to cooperatively run the world. Lest this characterization be seen as overstating the case, Schwab himself said as much this year in opening the conference: “The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, by a powerful community as you here in this room. We have the means to improve the state of the world. But two conditions are necessary. The first one is that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities, that we serve not only self-interest but we serve the community. That’s what we call stakeholder responsibility. And second, that we collaborate.”

This is the call to action for elitists the world over. They appoint themselves the representatives of global interests — without elections, without accountability — and then create mechanisms of national and international order to control citizens over whom they claim to preside. Schwab himself has decoded his favorite term, “stakeholder capitalism.” He wrote in Time magazine in October 2020, “Free markets, trade and competition create so much wealth that in theory they could make everyone better off if there was the will to do so.” To do so, however, would require taking hints from Greta Thunberg, #MeToo and Black Lives Matter; it would require “building…a virtuous economic system” in which companies abandon their core mission of serving customers and shareholders and instead embrace answering questions like “What is the gender pay gap in company X? How many people of diverse backgrounds were hired and promoted? What progress has the company made toward reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions?”

All of this extraordinary arrogance is predicated on a perverse view of how successful change works within decentralized systems. As Schwab himself acknowledges, free markets have generated more prosperity than any system in human history. But that’s because free markets are not a top-down imposition, a system created by conspiratorial muckety-mucks in a back room somewhere. Free markets were the outgrowth of centuries of evolutionary societal progress: gradual recognition that private ownership was the greatest incentive toward work and innovation; incremental understanding that individual rights are the only alternative to endless conflict; step-by-step acceptance that decentralized sources of knowledge are both broader and deeper than centralized ones. The most powerful and durable institutions we have are traditional because, as F.A. Hayek wrote, they are “a product of cumulative growth without ever having been designed by any one mind.”

For Schwab and his ilk, however, it’s precisely such an evolutionary approach that must be ended. Instead, he and his rationalist buddies — brilliant businessmen and ambitious politicians, striving bureaucrats and myopic experts — will cure the world of its ills, so long as we grant them power. Or, more likely, so long as they seize power in the name of “stakeholders” to whom they are never answerable.

One of the great ironies of the past several years is the gap between the elitists’ perception of themselves. To the elitists, their solutions failed because citizens of the world lacked the will to listen to them; to the citizens, the elitists failed because their prescriptions were ill-founded. Yet so long as the elitists retain their power, they will continue to push forward their utopian dreams at the expense of those they purport to serve.

Ben Shapiro, 38, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” and Editor-in-Chief of He is a three-time New York Times bestselling author; his latest book is “The Authoritarian Moment: How The Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent.”


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25 days ago

This guy Klaus Schwab gives me the CREEPS! What would Klaus do, if he knew he could get away with it? Mr. Schwab should not be head of anything that affects other peoples lives. PERIOD!

Enuf Said
29 days ago

The Bible says his days are numbered by the hairs on his head!! We can only hope so!!

Terry Board
29 days ago

Klaus Schwab wrote a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset. He made a comment: “If no one power can enforce order, our world will suffer from a (“Global Order Deficit”). The man is crazy! There was also a secret meeting a year before the pandemic. Many leaders had a scripted act out of the virus. There is a whole video out on it called “The Plandemic”

Patricia A Arsenault
29 days ago

This makes me think of Soros…does it not? #AmericaFirst

29 days ago

Schwab and his band of elitist WEF vipers, presently congregating in Davos, are even more sinister and dangerous than this article suggests. To control the masses, they talk of the biological “hacking” of humans with advanced technologies, social credit scoring, Orwellian bio-monitoring and data monitoring of every human. Schwab brags that he has infiltrated many governments (including ours) to bring about global change and put power in the hands of an elitist few. They love fear control tactics like the Climate Change hoax and the use of pandemic lockdowns. One of Schwab’s favorite disciples is his puppet, Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau…Forget democracy, individual rights and We the People. Under Schwab, the average Joe is just a cog in his power machine. This is a very scary group that really does want to “Rule the World.” Is this a James Bond movie plot? Like the Orwellian 1984 stuff presently going on, this is real and these elitists have no qualms publicly admitting it.

Marie Langley
29 days ago

These are all hypocrites and power hungry people. Over my dead body will they ever take over the world or me!!!!! Most of America will never stand for it.

El Ey
18 days ago
Reply to  Marie Langley

Let’s keep on praying. God is mightier than these evil sinister group.

Patsy Seruntine
29 days ago

God rules the world and the entire universe, I would not want to be any of these “elitists” because they will face Him one day and Hell is a very hot place

J. Blair
29 days ago

If the elitists who flew in on 150 or so private jets are sincere and wish to garner credibility, they should, in good faith, all donate 90% of their wealth to charity to help those causes they advocate for.

29 days ago
Reply to  J. Blair

Oh heck, let’s make it 99%!

30 days ago

The only thing these deluded ‘elites’ have going for them is their higher level of evil greed.
We do not need any of them.

30 days ago

Note, our founders had no such allusions as to hold power and control after, PLEDGING THEIR LIVES AND FORTUNES, to the independence of this country. They gave the citizens of this country the opportunity for SELF GOVERNANCE, yet, as time has proven for thousands of years, and Lenin so accurately alluded, useless idiots are willing to give it all away to actual useless pseudo intellictual, and EVIL putzes!!!!

John D. Beach
30 days ago

Americans need to understand that the subsistence farm, private property and homesteading are the protection against these globalists who have no right to the heritage of the citizens of the United States. Period.

Myrna Wade
30 days ago

The elite are a very small minority. The rest of us need to stand up for ourselves.

30 days ago
Reply to  Myrna Wade

Throughout history, the “elite” have always been a very small minority. The masses have always been sheep. Using the U.S. as a current example, I don’t see that changing any!

Meredith Rose
30 days ago

We are all children of God with free agency. This collaborative group may think they are controlling the world but they are blind leaders. They don’t have omniscience as their Heavenly Father has. I would guess that any plans they make without consulting Him are going to fall short of their aspirations.

30 days ago
Reply to  Meredith Rose

God is only the Heavenly Father of people who have come to Him through Christ Jesus. Scripture is very clear that the only way to the Father is through the son. The only people who will be in Heaven are those who realize they have no ticket other than the death of Jesus on the cross. Some of the people in that group may be fallen away for a time, or may come to Christ before their earthly death, but otherwise, they will end up with eternal separation from God.

Joanne4 justice
30 days ago

I am not quite sure i grasp the significance of this article ? however, I can see clearly (according to latest news trends) that the Biden Socialist led Dem party is continuing to proceed to control and denigrate key positions in government
Structure !; Example; the propaganda in the current EPA POOR energy plan proposed by the DEM leadership , and the poorly qualified candidate for the Dept of Tobacco Alcohol etc dept !!! MR BIDEN AND COMRADES ARE ACTING TO DESTROY KEY COMPONENTS OF GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE ! Quite evident that Socialist Dems are sabotaging all good government entities !; these folks are dangerous! And Mr Biden is their SENILE PUPPET!!!!!!!

30 days ago

The USA government , at least a majority of it, are Builderburg group finger puppets. The American people have no say in what is ruling us. They give us treats(Trump) but the reality is leftist democrats! Just ENJOY it !!#!!

29 days ago

He’s not senile. He is carrying out the their plan, following the command to control the world. He is handing over good to the evil. He is only trying to appear that he is incompetent, but quite the contrary – he knows exactly what he is doing – following orders of the evil.

Jorge L Rios
30 days ago

Is that not someone elses idea? It seems like I remember someone that had the idea that he was going to change the world and have a master race that would make up the entire world order and take control of the whole planet, and he was going to be the leader of that world, and he started to work on that idea but then the world did not go along with it, I think it was back in the 1940s??? Maybe it was just a bad dream I had.

30 days ago

The thing is–none of these people–or any liberal; is a tithe as smart as they think they are.

30 days ago
Reply to  pete

Oh, they are, or else they would not be where they are.

30 days ago

Evil Hitleresque fools who want to rule the earth and will try to sell their fascist tyranny as “improving the lives all all”. These people s/b hanged.

30 days ago
Reply to  Robert

They are not selling anything… They are taking everything!

Richard C..
30 days ago

Blah, blah, blah, all I hear is someone else that wants to tell me what to do and how to do it. All while doing exactly what they want and not adhering to the rules they’ve made for the rest of us. As for myself, I’m taking my ball and going home…I don’t wanna play anymore.

Darius Medina
30 days ago

These “elite” people view themselves as the cream of the crop in this world. Wrong again. Far as I’m concerned, they can all go and pound sand

30 days ago

These so-called elitists should be arrested and shot!!

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