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The REAL Election Interference: How Zuckerberg Tried to Buy 2020 Elections

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electionFacebook’s meddling in the last year’s election is widely known–from censoring the Hunter Biden scandal to restricting “political content” on its system to ultimately banning President Trump from the platform. Since nearly 80 percent of Facebook employee and PAC donations went to Democrats, conservatives have ample reason to question the motives behind these controversial decisions.

But even more significant election interference may have come not from the platform itself but from the bank account of its billionaire founder. New data and reports show that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg poured hundreds of millions of dollars directly into the coffers of local election offices around the country.

The California tech billionaire has been known to fund left-leaning political priorities in the past–having founded a political advocacy group to promote more permissive immigration policies, for example.

But what happened in 2020 may be the most overt and influential politicking the tech mogul has ever conducted, despite his efforts to obscure the nature of the donations. Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, spent nearly $400 million on election activities by funneling it through a non-profit run by a former Obama Foundation Fellow.

The funds were purportedly to help local election officials purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other materials that election offices might need to carry out the vote safely during the COVID pandemic.

Instead, what really happened was less about protective equipment and more about political activism.

The funds, doled out with virtually no oversight by state legislatures, governors, or election boards, were used extensively for get-out-the-vote type activities that are typically done by political parties, not election officials.

While privately donated money given to campaigns and candidates has been and continues to be heavily regulated across the country, this new method of spending on elections was unregulated, unchecked, and completely unprecedented.

These “Zuckerbucks,” as some have called the donations, were not distributed evenly across states or even cities within those states. Instead, they went heavily to counties and cities where getting out the vote would benefit then-candidate Joe Biden.

The money poured into big blue metro areas in battleground states like Philadelphia ($10 million), Atlanta ($20-25 million), Phoenix ($3 million), Milwaukee ($2 million), and Detroit ($3.5 million).

One report shows that 92 percent of the funds in Pennsylvania went to counties that Joe Biden ultimately won.

Shockingly, an election official in Milwaukee resigned, citing concerns about the pressure that came with the money to change election processes.

What was the nature of that pressure? What changes was Zuckerberg pushing? Exactly how much money was given out? How much was spent? How much still remains unspent? And what exactly was it spent on?

These questions remain unanswered and must be investigated by state legislatures and Congressional Republicans.

Unlike the transparency and reporting required by law with other campaign contributions, there were no such rules for Zuckerbucks.

In one notable exception, the Louisiana legislature passed a bill in the fall of 2020 banning this type of gift from being given to election officials. Although it was vetoed, no Zuckerberg funds were given to Louisiana thanks to the concerted efforts of other statewide elected officials.

Now, many other states around the country have taken notice of this loophole, and Republicans in their state legislatures are taking action to make sure such massive private expenditures on public elections never happen again.

As reported earlier this week, Arizona recently passed a bill, just signed into law by Republican Governor Doug Ducey, that would prevent private money from going directly to election officials. Georgia passed a similar law, and related legislation is being considered in Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and several other states.

While many Democrats decry millionaires and billionaires throwing around their money to influence elections, few objected when the fourth richest man in the U.S. spent an unprecedented sum on last year’s election. This should tell us everything we need to know about the true purpose of Democrat calls for “campaign finance reform.” Their purpose is not to “get money out of politics”–it’s to defund their political opponents while raking in as much money as possible for their own agenda.

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Michael Faber
5 months ago

Let’s get something straight. The McConnell,Romney and others in the Republican party are crooked weak politicians . Trump was disliked and these idiots left are as bad as Zuckerberg, Biden and the left. We need more like Trump, De Santos, Rand Paul. They all need to start screaming about an open investigation not committee or hearing. Our those nastards out front like hanging in the west! Mark traitors and sentence.

History 101
6 months ago

That’s part of the problem; all the Republicans do is talk. Every Republican legislator I’ve engaged about the obvious evidence associated with the blatant election fraud simply cite self-exonerating garbage right out of the progressive media play book, refusing to acknowledge the role of Antifa and BLM in the so-called “assault” on the capital the day the election was “certified”. Every last one of them is complicit in what amounts to a hostile takeover of the 2020 federal election, including the newly minted “conservative” nominees to the Supreme Court and Trump’s long touted conservative nominees to the District courts. None of them would even hear the evidence, which was voluminous and continues to grow daily. These people all believe the American people have turned into a bunch of gutless, apathetic sheep more concerned with out own short term comfort than the fundamentally evil behaviors they display as they destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind. My question to everyone here in; are they right?

“Anyone who would exchange sacred liberty for safety deserves neither.”
Benjamin Franklin

7 months ago

Why do u think suckerberg did this! The replubicans talked about breaking up his monopoly. He couldn’t afford that do he did a desert storm on them successfully defeating them

7 months ago

Mark $#%&+$#! SUCKERberg should be severely punished for buying an election. Without crooks like him we , maybe, could have honest elections. It’s a shame that this was possible. Third world countries have more honest elections than America. What a shame!

Brenda Akstulewicz
7 months ago

We need to ban ALL corporate donations to ALL political parties.

7 months ago

It’s always about money and power with democrats, communists and socialists.
To defeat all of them its boycott to stop the $$$, and to eliminate a propaganda media source from their uninformed followers .
We the People need to end taxpayers dollars going to anti American preaching colleges where these traitors poison children’s minds.
Evil,immoral democrat politicians must ALL be voted out of office and Citizens need to research and background check who they put in office.
Many,many useless politicians control the same districts for years with no accountability.
You can start checking their records with anyone in office for 20 plus years, you’ll be amazed at the items they’ve supported!

7 months ago

nothing worse then a slimebag making money off of other people and throwin em under the bus.

7 months ago

The election official who resigned was from Green Bay, WI, not Milwaukee, unless there was another resignation in Milwaukee I didn’t know about.

7 months ago

Opened news app, made comments on different sites and comments vanished as soon as I hit the button to post my comment. zuckerburg and his hi-tech cohorts are still illegally censuring free speach.

Scott E Berg
7 months ago

I see the word tried” well obiden is in office, sure as there’s a Heaven and hell it looks like it worked!

7 months ago

Zuckerberg is off his rocker and hateful Elitist.

7 months ago

This sounds like the Biden crime family. But His Excellency Joey Biden and family does not need this dark campaign money but I’m sure his crime family got their fare share.

7 months ago

The Green Bay clerk resigned, not Milwaukee. There are election issues being uncovered in Racine as well. Madison had ballot harvesting in parks on two October weekends which also skirted Wisconsin election laws. This story is not over!!!

Nick Patriot
7 months ago

Zuckerberg and Moskovitz: two commie Jews that hate Israel. Officers in that commie devil Obama’s SS. Salivating to carry out the hatred of their Fuhrer.

7 months ago

If you had the chance to see the movie “SOCIAL NETWORK”, you will see how Mark Zuckerberg scammed his buddies and fellow startup colleagues. He was and continues to be a slime ball.

7 months ago
Reply to  par

Whatever justifies the ends.
Typical lib.
Doesn’t he vote in Pelosi’s district.

7 months ago

Boycott Facebook and any other company supporting this anti American democrat communism.

7 months ago
Reply to  Garye

Why doesn’t some rich replubican open a face book of their own . Return the favor alll dems kicked off the site

Lindsey C Goff
7 months ago

This is what needs to be STOPPED! There should be a cap on how much ANYONE, individual or corporation, can contribute to an election. There is a lot of money WASTED that could be used to benefit the homeless, the poor, put the money back into Social Security that was stolen by Congress, etc. What a travesty!

7 months ago

Time for anti trust laws to break up this ridiculous propaganda media!
This joker zuckerburg needs jail time.
What SCUM he represents to illegally influence American Citizens voting.

7 months ago
Reply to  Garye

And add BLM to the anti-trust….they need to lose their 501C tax exemption and also be audited by the IRS for money laundering and fraud.

7 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

Amen Wanda!
Boycott Facebook!

7 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

Good luck with that one . The democrats never go against their own

7 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

Lots of luck the humanoid dems own the irs so suckerberg is SAFE

7 months ago
Reply to  Garye

But as usual the replubicans had their chance but chose 2 go after trump instead. So now we’re reaping what they sowed. Vote all rhinosl OUT

Charlotte A Mahin
7 months ago

The most disgusting thing about this buying -votes scheme by our billionaire big tech companies is that it is LEGAL!!!!! The entire stealing the election by many unsavory acts from the DC Communists and what they are now doing to our country has me so angry and sad! I am emailing my reps in DC but they are both Democrats now because the election was stolen in AZ as in other states. Am feeling very hopeless about our future. Looks as if we will become another Communist China since China owns all of our big corporations, 90% of the media, entertainment outlets and our schools from Kindergarten through our universities.

7 months ago

The citizens of this country are the only people who can fix what is going on here. The problem is, nobody wants to give up their comforts. I’ve given up a lot since November 3,2020. I will not shop at Kohl’s or Bed Bath and Beyond in my area since they pulled Mike Lindell’s merchandise from their shelves. Since learning of all the companies and manufacturers who support Antifa and BLM, I no longer shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club. I no longer buy Proctor and Gamble products (this was most time consuming and hardest one for me. A lot of health and beauty items are P&G). What made it easier was when I looked at an item that I purchased in the past and learned that it was produced in China and distributed by P&G. I don’t buy Pepsi and Coke products anymore nor Doritos. The list goes on. I REFUSE TO SUPPORT ANY PERSON OR ENTITY WHO CONTRIBUTES IN ANY MANNER TO THE DESTRUCTION OF MY COUNTRY! People need to learn to give up their comforts to keep their freedom.

7 months ago

I can’t even look at this sneaky little creep. He’s so out of touch with the hard working American people. Is he human?

7 months ago
Reply to  BAE

Can’t look at him and can’t listen to him. He is evil. Everything he is doing is wrong. Where is the cry for impeachment? Something is very rotten in the USA.

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