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Trump Turns Up Heat on Communist China

Communist ChinaCommunist China is under pressure from the Trump Administration – and they do not like it. After decades of military modernization, abusive trade practices, theft of US intellectual property, cyberattacks, militarizing artificial islands, propagating COVID-19, and crushing human rights – not to mention deals with Joe Biden’s son – Trump is calling China out. China is writhing.

The latest example is China’s overreaction to US sale of defensive Patriot missiles to Taiwan.  After the ho-hum deal was announced, China last week slapped sanctions on the American company for selling Patriot missiles to Taiwan.  That act signals China’s growing frustration.  Trump is getting to them.  See: https://news.yahoo.com/china-slaps-sanctions-lockheed-martin-over-taiwan-deal-110315113.html.

Historical context is important.  China’s overreaction is obvious by reference to history.  First, US relations with Taiwan – a freedom-loving people with enormous admiration for America – are governed by the so-called Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). That act, signed in 1979 by President Carter, is deliberately ambiguous on Taiwan’s status.

The TRA allows Communist China to maintain the fiction that Taiwan is part of China, while allowing the United States and Taiwan to conduct de facto diplomatic and trade relations as with all “foreign countries, nations, states, governments …” The ambiguity preserves cross-strait peace, in effect delaying any determination that Taiwan is either China or independent.

Truth is, having spent time in Taiwan, the island is physically, politically, economically, and militarily independent.  It has been for decades – and China knows it.  Military sales are allowed under the TRA: “The United States will make available to Taiwan such defensive articles and defensive services … necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain sufficient self-defense capabilities.”  So, China is overreacting.

Beyond that, US military sales to Taiwan are not novel.  Jimmy Carter sold more than $500 million in military armaments to Taiwan, including missiles and aircraft.  Ronald Reagan sold Taiwan fighter aircraft parts, C-130s, armored personnel carriers, and other military equipment. George H.W. Bush sold Knox frigates and 150 F-16s.

Not to be outdone, Bill Clinton initiated military deals with Taiwan in 34 categories, selling everything from Patriot missiles to frigates, minesweepers to Chinook and Cobra helicopters, logistics for F-5s, F-16s, F-104s, T-38s, C-130s, both hellfire and stinger missiles.

After George W. Bush sold air-to-air, air-to-ground, and other missiles, plus P-3s, more Patriot upgrades and 30 attack helicopters, Barack Obama sold 60 Blackhawk helicopters, various ships, more Patriots, and military addenda in 17 categories.

Even before the latest deal for Patriots, Trump sold Taiwan missiles, parts for fighters, battle tanks and more F-16s.  The historical record is crystal clear:  The US has a longstanding military sales relationship with Taiwan.  That relationship is not going away.

So, why the sudden imposition of sanctions on a US company for sale of defensive Patriot missiles? Answer: Communist China is feeling the pressure. They are pushing back against Trump’s push-back against decades of Chinese overreach in trade, cyberattacks, economic intimidation, militarization of trade routes, spread of COVID-19, and human rights suppression in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

Like Ronald Reagan’s decision to call out communist illegitimacy in the Soviet Union, Donald Trump is calling out China’s communist illegitimacy. He is saying – no more illegality.

On July 12, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to recognize China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea, where China created a military hub in trade lanes. On July 13, Trump signed legislation imposing sanctions on officials who undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy. On July 14, Pompeo banned employees from Huawei who suppress human rights in the Xinjiang region.

Where does all this lead?  Likely to a period of increased international focus on Communist China’s illegitimate behaviors, hopefully greater accountability to international norms and law, and a greater sense that what is wrong cannot persist.

Does sale of Patriots to Taiwan and China’s overreaction mean a war?  Hardly. Does Trump’s effort to make China accountable mean tension?  Possibly, but that is the cost of accountability.

For decades, Communist China has run roughshod over Western interests, allies, and international law.  For the first time in three decades, China is being forced to answer.

To be clear, America has an ardent ideological, economic, and potential military adversary in China – even if Joe Biden thinks they are a pushover.  China thinks Biden is the pushover. In 2013, his son notched a billion-dollar deal with China – while his father served as Vice President. Even in Communist China, that looks like corruption.  See, e.g., https://nypost.com/2019/05/11/the-troubling-reason-why-biden-is-so-soft-on-china/.

In any event, the latest sword-crossing is not unexpected.  It tells us Trump is getting to China.  Trump is hard as nails on China’s dishonesty.  He is using a combination of carrot and stick to get fair trade, reduced military overreach, regional peace, and accountability under law.

As Reagan called out Soviet Communists, Trump is calling out Chinese Communists. Bottom line: Communist China is under pressure from Trump – and they do not like it.  Anyone who believes in the rule of law should.

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Jerry Consavage
1 year ago

Very good. Information was appreciated.

Morty Tupperman
1 year ago

I’ve just figured it out: Trump should continue doing what he does and (excuse my language, please) shut the f**k up. He only harms his image with his braggadocio. THAT imperils his chances for re-election (YES. IT. DOES.) Let Kayleigh handle the press. Let Mike Pence and Secretary Pompeo and all the other Cabinet members stand up and speak for the administration. A CEO doesn’t go on television and make outrageous statements. If President Trump were to stop doing that, the Left would lose ammunition toward the elections. Let the people he “hired” do their jobs.

1 year ago

If we could take these businesses out of China and relocate them to the economically stressed areas of our cities and keep the unions out of the way, we could have a win-win situation for these hard hit folks in America.

1 year ago

It’s about time we had a leader that stood up to the Chinese. Trump 2020!!!

1 year ago

Let us pray that tensions do not lead to military actions.

1 year ago

I received a catalog from StarCrest yesterday and sent them the below message since I believe we must let companies know we don’t want to support Chinese products even it we have to pay more….we can’t leave it all for President Trump to do but show venders how we feel. Have yet to get a response from them but am not purchasing from a company that I have questions as to where there products are produced etc.
Just received a new Starcrest catalog and won’t be ordering from it in the future unless you can designated by each item where it was made. I do not want to purchase items from China, if it can be avoided. After the Wuhan virus release, I am serious about not funding China with more American dollars.
And just saying the wording of “Distributed by” is not sufficient. I need to see where the product is made. I am willing to pay more for items made in America or countries that are our “friends” and not Communist countries.

Angelo Spagnolo
1 year ago

Liberal-socialists hate Donald Trump because he’s not afraid to stand up to them…the Communist Chinese now hate him even worse because he’s the first President since Reagan with the guts to stand up to them! Thank God he’s our President!

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

China is so used to calling the shots that they can’t stand it when someone stands up to them!! Tough cookies!!

Steven Meisels
1 year ago

The heat is on folks. Relish what we see. Trump 2020!

1 year ago

If we are catching flak…..we are over the target!

1 year ago

If America is to rightly demand transparency and honesty from China, we must demonstrate the same standard applies here at home. The Biden’s involvement in China and Ukraine must be investigated and prosecuted. Who knows, the Biden’s May be selling American nuclear and military secrets…in exchange for money or American property. Heck, Bill Clinton released plans for US nuclear subs…and unless this just isn’t true, has NEVER been investigated. We MUST hold our own to the same standards we demand from others.

Linda G. Egnal
1 year ago

Keep going, President Trump! Don’t let up on the Chinese government! They do not deserve any moment of slackness on America’s part! You are doing a great job – keep going, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

1 year ago

No mention of China in WH briefing today. Trump needs to quit thinking the US testing is going great . He needs to throw Federal support to testing to slow down the virus. And realize that shutting down travel from China was done by him, but then how come the USA is now the global leader cases/deaths. Mr. Trump deal with today & what has been done is already history, but today look/listen at current events. I want you to be reelected but you are working very hard to change my mind. And well wishes to Epstein sidekick today was rather off the wall.

1 year ago

The Chinese OWN the DEMOCRATS. They have owned them since Billy sold them every thing he could get his hands on in the 90’s. Hence the outlandish and downright stupid attempts to get rid of OUR PRESIDENT!!! If Trump does not get reelected we will soon see a new world order lead by the Chinese Communists aided by the traitorous Democrats.

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Thank God for President Trump!!  Americans, we are in the middle of a Communist Revolution!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

Become a Counter-Revolutionary!  Demand Authority ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
1 year ago

By the Marx/Engels Playbook, the United States is in the middle of a Communist Revolution!!  WAKE-UP!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

John byrne
1 year ago

It is actually very simple, STOP BUYING CHINESE JUNK! Notice the greeting cards in CVS or Walmart, the cards made in China are $7,$8 dollars, cards made in USA $4,$5, go figure thanks Hallmark for selling out. We the people have the power of the purse, not just against communist China but also against these companies that are backing the radical Marxist that are ruining major cities. WAKE UP AMERICA, before it’s too late!!!

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

China was expecting clinton to be in office three+years ago, they now think senile joe will be in office, so they went ahead with the joint plan with socialist/dems and did not expect pushback from TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, they thought dems in the house would keep the plan moving forward, SURPRIZE!!! dems are so incompetent they screwed it all up and china is feeling the heat.

1 year ago

What is status of trade deal with China, not much news from WH on this lately?? And also, did any of fireworks for WH fourth July come from China?

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