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Small Businesses Desperate for Workers After President Biden Discouraged Work – Ways and Means Republican Leader Kevin Brady


With over 10 million job openings left without workers, President Biden is breaking his jobs promises and small business owners are desperate.

President Biden discouraged Americans from reconnecting to work by paying the jobless lavish unemployment benefits, sending stimulus checks after the economy was already recovering, and creating “emergency” social programs that no longer required Americans to work to be eligible. 


Small businesses are still struggling to fill jobs.

  • A recent Goldman Sachs survey shows Main Street businesses rank finding and retaining employees as their biggest problem
  • Finding workers even ranked above skyrocketing inflation and supply chain issues – both causing rising costs for business owners – as the number one problem. 

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Democrats’ expanded child tax credit kept Americans from reconnecting to work.

  • Democrats separated the child tax credit from work – hooking a new generation on government checks and increasing child care costs while keeping Americans at home and leaving businesses struggling to find workers.
  • From the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA):

“What was once a reasonable credit used to offset a working parent’s tax liability at tax time has become a stream of welfare payments distributed in regular deposits into the bank accounts of millions of Americans, even if they are not working. 

“In fact, for a single parent with two dependents, the value of the Child Tax Credit is now larger than the most generous cash welfare payment that same family could receive. The Child Tax Credit has become welfare – with no incentive or requirement to work.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

  • Research from the University of Chicago also found the Democrats’ proposed Child Tax Credit expansion would lead 1.5 million workers to exit the labor force – another devastating blow to Main Street businesses.

President Biden is holding back our economic recovery and making the labor shortage worse.

  • Faced with worker shortages, higher prices empty shelves, and potential tax hikes, small business optimism in the future has plunged to its lowest in 48 years.

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Reprinted with Permission from - Ways and Means Republicans by - J.P. Freire & Jessica Henrichs

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2 months ago

Biden is the “village idiot” as far as I am concerned. I have a sole proprietorship and don’t need workers, but I know other businesses do. He’s making it easy to NOT work. That’s not in my DNA!

3 months ago


3 months ago

This is what evil does to destroy our country. We must pray for God’s mercy

Tim Toroian
3 months ago

Nice to meet you, THX1138. I read the book many, many moons ago and wanted to throttle the first governmental official I ran across, you know, general principle.

THX 1138
3 months ago
Reply to  Tim Toroian

Hahaha! Nice to meet you as well, Tim T.!
When the movie first hit the theaters, I was about eight years old and was only interested in the Lola race car which had a very small part in the flick.
At that time, I had no idea what the plot was about. Nor was I interested in the plot. ????

Having watched it again when I was older and realized that we are identified by numbers (Social Security; driver’s license; fishing/ hunting licenses; etc.).
In addition, like in the flick, at times we take a pill for some reason or another.
Lastly, if something isn’t done soon about those who are funding all of the Marxist mayhem going on then we could be looking at the dystopian totalitarian utopia that they have sort all along.
If we throttle the government officials, those who fund and put them up to all of this nefarious activities can continously replace those government minions. Which is why I say as in the game of chess, never waste time chasing after the pawns. The focus should be on cornering the king….in this case, the sugar-daddy money kingpin(s).

THX 1138
3 months ago

We had a meeting a few weeks ago hosted by the owner of the company that I am employed at.
He was telling us basically the same thing as the headline of this article.
Now this owner is liberal and votes according every election cycle.
So basically, he votes for the politicians who have allowed these circumstances so that people can get free money while playing video games at home.
If you voted for this insanity, you are part of the problem!

3 months ago

If there are so many jobs available, then why can’t my girlfriend’s husband (56 years old) find a job? He has applied everywhere since the company he worked for was bought out before the pandemic and everyone was laid off so they could bring in their own people. He told me that most places tell him he is either over qualified or under qualified! Or that he isn’t the right race or sex or age! He can’t sue anyone since He and his wife haven’t got much money. She is working but they are scrapping to get by. I have helped them to the best of my ability but how does one go about stopping age discrimination without having to pay for an attorney? This is just wrong with so many jobs out there to turn down someone who really wants to work! He has managerial experience but no college degree.

3 months ago
Reply to  Carol

Can AMAC offer some help?

3 months ago
Reply to  Carol

With all due respect, it sounds to me like he really doesn’t want a job.

Rj from Az
3 months ago

Biden-Pelosi-Schumer-AOC-Harris. Add them all together and you get SOCIALISM.
Biden wants us to get everything from China since they own him.

3 months ago
Reply to  Rj from Az

They could’ve put some people to work making masks and test kits rather than buying from China!

Bill Ti
4 months ago

Oh, last week Elon Musk the billionaire said that most humans are not productive enough and in a few years they will be completely replaced by ROBOTS! Yes he actually said and meant this, this will create a big problem in society so the only logical solution is to have a one size fits all social system where you get just enough to survive! And me and all my elite superiors can live the life we deserve to! He basically said exactly this!!

THX 1138
3 months ago
Reply to  Bill Ti

So beat them at their own game….

Learn how to repair these electromechanical devices and you’ll be in the driver’s seat!

Bill T
4 months ago

Capitalism is what allows our country to prosper and have opportunity for all American citizens, The progressive socialist democrats despise this and only believe in government appointed corporations to take over and control every aspect of our social and financial structure. Biden is squarely behind big union entities and didn’t hide it if you actually listened to him. With supply chain disruption, completely out of control inflation, and now new extremely generous giveaways to anyone who doesn’t want to work anymore it’s sabotaging our entire work force and it’s being done with one goal , destroy our workforce and put all small underfunded businesses on the welfare system. It’s a strategy that we’ll planned and with the pandemic is ruining our fragile system of small independent businesses working with each other to keep our economy striving and healthy. If you don’t believe this isn’t being done on purpose by this socialist leftist administration then your simply looking at there true intents to make this a socialist country.

3 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

WWIII will put a lot of money in hands of this corrupt democratic regime. And they don’t care about lives lost or any destruction.

4 months ago

Small businesses are NOT a priority of the Biden administration. Period. Neither is the well-being of the American public. The goal of Democrat policies is to discourage work in general, drive as many small businesses out of business as possible, expand the jobless rolls as much as possible and then greatly expand the dependency class that looks to the government for everything. Thus more Democrat voters.

The end goal is to reduce the standard of living of most Americans to that of numerous other poorer countries, so the Democrats can position socialism, by calling it social and economic justice, as what will save the United States from the decline that the Democrats themselves have intentionally engineered. So from the Democrat perspective, everything is going fine, except for the two Democrat Senators standing in the way at the moment of the next big wave of social engineering legislation via the BBB bill and voter “reform”. That virtually every other Democrat in the Senate now on record as supporting both bills, that should tell even the most mentally challenged out there that the Democrat Party is indeed nothing more than the Socialist Party.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

You are correct.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

NO businesses is the goal of the corrupt administration, except for those like Amazon, Walmart, etc… The ones that contribute MOST to the Dematard party.

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