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What Can Democrats Possibly Run on in November?  


If you are like me and have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably realized that President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have been having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day – over and over for the last eight months. It seems like almost every week, there is a new crisis facing Americans, and the Biden administration is running back and forth, trying to put out one dumpster fire after another. The chaos we are witnessing today is mainly driven by the President’s own policies, his administration’s inability to understand what’s going on around them, and his reactionary approach to governing. Meanwhile, the President’s marquee legislative proposal, the “Build Back Better” plan, has been whittled down and is now stalled in Congress. So what can Democrats run on in November?   

The latest crisis facing Americans came over the last few weeks as mothers across the country scramble to find baby formula. The shutdown of a tainted manufacturing plant in Michigan contributed to the shortage, and labor shortages and supply chain bottlenecks coupled with a small, tightly regulated industry drove the crisis. President Biden and his team were well aware of the hallmarks of the crisis in the making and, like the desperate mothers, found themselves scrambling to import baby formula from Europe and Australia.  

The heaviest albatross around the Democrats’ neck is 41-year high inflation which clocked in at 8.5% year-over-year in March. With that comes record highs across the board, such as groceries costing 10.8% more than one year ago and eating out costing 7.2% more. As of this writing, the national price of gasoline is $4.715 according to AAA, which is up 52% from last year, and 100% (doubling) since January 20, 2021 – when Biden took office — the average price for a gallon of gas nationwide was approximately $2.39. According to JP Morgan analysts, gas prices are expected to hit $6 a gallon by August if trends continue.  

Even members of his own party are publicly criticizing him for his weak approach to inflation. Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times stating, “I support the president’s efforts, but we need a bolder vision and faster action. We need an all-out mobilization, not just a few ad hoc initiatives reacting to headlines.”  

Khanna’s remarks came on the heels of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s comments when she admitted, “I was wrong about the path inflation would take.” Biden, Yellen, and the gang have been wrong about a lot of things, and their lack of vision and foresight compounded with reckless spending and government handouts is hurting real Americans.  

In addition to a baby formula shortage and record-high inflation, Democratic policies have created more problems for Americans than they were meant to solve.   

President Biden and Washington Democrats have another record high on their watch: illegal border crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border. In 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol recorded over one million encounters.  

Given all of the above, it’s no wonder that President Biden’s latest poll numbers have also hit a record low. According to an Ipsos poll conducted from May 23rd to the 24th, 2022, President Biden’s approval rating sits at 36%, with 59% disapproving of the President’s performance. The same poll found 36% of Americans ranking “economy, unemployment, and jobs” as the most important problem facing America.  

With numbers like that, and a Congress that seems incapable of passing anything but spending bills like more unneeded COVID funding and five Ukraine aid bills in the last two months, the Congressional window is closing to pass major legislation, though Biden’s top aides are working overtime to reach a deal with Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kirsten Sinema (D-AZ) on the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 budget reconciliation bill that would raise taxes, spend more on climate change programs, and balloon the IRS budget. So far they have nothing to show.  

Aside from their “Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act,” which mostly renewed existing funding and likely helped doom Biden’s hopes for a larger liberal wish-list bill, Democrats on the ballot in November don’t have much to campaign on actually, little to nothing, except causing harm to Americans — other than how they would do things differently than their party’s standard bearer.

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action  

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James Parker
25 days ago

You wrote: “the Biden administration is running back and forth, trying to put out one dumpster fire after another.”
I disagree. It appears to me that the Biden administration is running around lighting one dumpster fire after another.

1 month ago

JB”s party lost me at the gate…blaming everything on Putin..Trump and Repub party is pretty stale..unless they have courage to name the Repubs who are flip-floping to keep their heads above water. Put blame where it really should be…the JB Administration. Show what side you are all on in November.

1 month ago

Maybe they can run on electricity because everyone knows they are out of gas.

Darlene Ashley
1 month ago


el Dorko
1 month ago

Clearly the Dims have absolutely nothing to run on. Nada.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago

Democrats will run on what they always run on… the lies the spew and a public relations MSM who will report it unquestioned as truth!

1 month ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

And when misery prevails, they will blame us. Remember “Its George Bush’s fault” as Nobama would say. They are now still just hating on Trump for all their crap.

Darlene Ashley
1 month ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

I basically said the same thing before seeing your post.

Clark Kent
1 month ago

The author is missing the point. The Dumbocrats, just like in 2020, don’t have to run FOR anything. When election fraud rules the day, you don’t need to do anything but make sure the fix is in. WAKE UP!

Jon Long
1 month ago

The democrats doesn’t have a thing to run on because the American people can see that he doesn’t support their interests and his administration doesn’t give a damn about the inflation, high gas prices, grocery prices and supply issues.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago
Reply to  Jon Long

You miss the one fact that keeps them elected: not enough people vote but too many stupid ones do! Leopards don’t change spots anymore than Democrats don’t vote PARTY… They vote ideology instead of common sense. I have at times complained that some Republicans don’t do anything for me but only Democrats do things TO ME.

1 month ago

I would like to see all Demo/Marxists running on very thin ice.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago
Reply to  CoNMTX

Ice doesn’t exist where I keep saying they can go. But then I’m in a bad mood today: I filled up my tank and went food shopping today.

1 month ago

Democrats could run on wind power. It works as much as they do.

Martha Henriod
1 month ago

Another thing that has been totally ignored and needs to be addressed is the massive number of food preparation plants and fertilizer plants that have been going up in flame. Those things in themselves are going to cause massive food shortages and price hikes.

Jeff Savlov
1 month ago

Time for the Republicans to take the gloves off and start hitting back. First they must continue to rid themselves of each and every RINO, Foreign agent ( MItch McConnell for example), and liberal leaning loser who isn’t quite liberal enough to be a criminal Democrat. Fight to eliminate any and all voting laws and policies, such as wholesale mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, vote counting without oversight, and most importantly, political advertising which twists or fully disregards the truth and reporting by FCC licensed outlets. The latest claim that they can provide a balanced budget in 7 years is just blowing more smoke. They can take a lesson from common sense and balance the budget now by repealing the 16th amendment and passing he Fair Tax thereby eliminating the $300 billion expense to taxpayers of the IRS, take an axe to the payroll of the Federal Government and reduce it by not less than 50%, pass term limits, re-engineer the welfare system and reintroduce it as an assistance program not by handing out checks to recipients but by subsidizing employers who employ them with the welfare portion reducing as the employee gains more experience and thereby receives a raise in pay, and rewarding not penalizing those who want to retrain for a career or maintain a two parent household. These are just a few things that can make people listen. Talking in platitudes and speaking in generalities is just more empty promises that we have all heard before as far back as The Gingrich days. Empty promises don’t put food on the table.
Forget about the Trump years except the re-institution of many of the programs that put the country on solid footing. Force the Dems to promote real plans not garbage giveaways.

C Hawk
1 month ago

They run on Lies.

1 month ago

You really mean “Run From” don’t you?

1 month ago

Unfortunately, Republicans will do little to undo the damage that Biden and the Democrats have done. What was the last program of the Democrats that the Republicans completely abolished?

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago
Reply to  tempus

True enough but I wonder how successful any attempts at dis-establishing bloated government programs would be when its not “elected government” that runs them but the brick and mortar bureaucracy that does. Case in point: the Dept. Of Education or Energy. Look at the FISA abuses committed by the FBI and DOJ to manufacture an impeachment (but really a coup). As my patch says on my motorcycle vest: “I love my country but fear my government”. It is GOVERNMENT that should fear US in a perfect world!

THX 1138
1 month ago

“What Can Democrats Possibly Run on in November?”

The same thing that they’ve been convinced about for the last seven years will score victory after victory at the polling booths.
Trump Derangement Syndrome or simply TDS.

Ralph Balch
1 month ago

They will run on their ability to rig elections, period.

1 month ago

It doesn’t matter what they run on if they are allowed to continue cheating (and you know they will). The spineless Republicans can’t be trusted to stop them, or even put up a decent fight. They use the issue to ask for increased campaign donations, then betray us to the leftists with inaction. I will continue to vote my conscience, which is about all I can do. Meanwhile, I have turned my 2 acres into a small family farm, because I’m quite sure that hard times are coming, like we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. This time around, Americans will starve by the millions because the cities are full of liberal idiots who have very few real-world life skills.

1 month ago

I kind of think that there are more sources to blame about the predictable failure of the DemocRat Party to successfully govern during the Joe Hidin’ Biden regime. I truly believe a majority faction of the New Media is in the main a propaganda outlet and supporter of the DemocRat Party. The News Media in general thrives on controversy and political jousting, so they do what they can to support the DemocRat Party because they know that, in so doing, keeps the media interest hot.

1 month ago

If the election process isn’t honest it doesn’t matter what they run on. Gun laws don’t bother criminals and unenforced election laws ALSO don’t affect CRIMINALS.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob

Bingo!!!!! Elections (fair and honest ones) do make a difference. And if they are rigged the difference does not reflect the Constitutional will of the majority of citizens. Ergo, Joe Hidin’ Biden, the Delunaware darling, got elected to damage the Nation.

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