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What if the Democrats Win the Georgia Senate Races?


“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in front of a cheering crowd of New Yorkers in a clip that is being used by Republicans in both radio and television ads across Georgia. What exactly do Senator Schumer and his colleagues have in mind after taking the country if they win both seats in Georgia in the coming runoff elections on January 5th? Senate Democrats’ legislative proposals include higher taxes, the green new deal, relaxing voting requirements, relaxing the immigration system, socialized medicine, adding new states to the US which would send more Democratic Senators and representatives to Washington, free education, welfare for all through universal basic income, and that’s only a few.

If Democrats win in Georgia, it gives the party a narrow majority in the Senate, promotes Minority Leader Schumer to Majority Leader, and sets up a situation where massive pressure will be applied from the Democratic base to pass their priorities by any means, including eliminating the legislative filibuster. The filibuster’s constitutionality has been debated; still, one thing is for sure, the majority party in the Senate will have a much easier time passing their wish list of legislative priorities without the filibuster in place. As it stands now, moderate Senate Democrats have expressed skepticism about the wisdom of such a move. In an interview, Senator Manchin (D-WV) said he probably would not be open to changing the rule. But facing a demand to pass liberal legislation after four years of President Trump’s accomplishments, the calculation could change for Democrats like Manchin.

When on the campaign stump, Joe Biden called multiple times for eliminating the Trump tax cuts on day one. His campaign tax plan provided some exceptions while giving the illusion that middle-class taxes won’t be increased. Still, according to almost every non-partisan think tank, Biden’s plan to raise taxes on small businesses and corporations would shrink the economy and mean fewer jobs and inevitably higher taxes for the middle class. His tax plan would triple the number of families dealing with death tax, making it harder for family businesses, farms, and ranches to pass to the next generation of ownership. His plan would turn the tax code on its head for businesses of all sizes and workers of all incomes.

On the environment, Democrats have predictably gone past the point of legitimate protections for the country’s natural resources into an all-out blitz against climate change, the effects of which will reverberate in industries throughout the economy. In addition to coming likely executive actions to address climate change, a Democratic Senate led by Majority Leader Schumer that only needs 51 votes rather than 60 to proceed could eventually shut down or phase out large portions of America’s energy sectors. The United States, in a big way, thanks to natural gas and fracking, is now much more energy independent than it was just four short years ago. A Democratic Senate untethered from the filibuster could quickly reverse that trend.

A Democratic Senate could take dramatic action on immigration, education, and other issues affecting nearly every set of conservative values that many Americans hold. Concerning education, charter schools that have challenged the public education system’s norm will be shunned rather than promoted as they have been under the current education department. On immigration, Biden has publicly taken a much softer tone with respect to discouraging illegal immigration and enforcing immigration laws currently on the books. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has made confirming conservative judges a priority, and that trend would most assuredly be reversed if Democrats win both Senate seats in Georgia. A Democratic Senate could codify these priorities on education and immigration into law.

At AMAC Action, we are gearing up to push back against policies that would hurt our members and slow down the economy, which we feel still has excellent potential if most of President Trump’s economic policies are protected by a Republican Senate. In Georgia, the stakes couldn’t be higher. After the runoff elections on January 5th, our team will reevaluate what Congress’s makeup means for AMAC Action’s priorities and discuss how you can help us in our fight to restore the economy and preserve President Trump’s signature legislative accomplishments.

Alex Ayers is a member of AMAC Action’s team in Washington, DC.

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Steve T
11 months ago

I just can’t bear to see Georgia implement the unconstitutional voting amendments they devised to beat Trump. Is anybody going to insure that this 1/5 Georgia election is legitimate?
We lose if not.

11 months ago


11 months ago

I don’t get it. As of now, Republicans have 50 seats, Dems have 46 and there are 2 Independents (although they often vote a carbon copy of the Dems). Republicans would still be the majority and Sen. Mitch McConnell would still be the Senate Majority Leader, right? And in a tie vote, the VP would cast the deciding vote, whoever that is. Even so, we need both Republican Sens. from GA.

Randy Hardy
11 months ago

Election ? There was no election it was a installment of communism. Trump never had a peaceful transition of power. The communist are so in control now of the government that Trump can’t even get proof of rigged election in front of any courts. The supreme court justices he just installed stabbed him in the back. The communist have all of them scared to death. My people died in wars stopping communism. Now fools are voting them in. All I need is a leader to tell me where the fight starts. Don’t tell me in the courts. That is BS we have no courts nowadays. Long live president Trump.

Ginger Lymbery
11 months ago

They are asking for a revolution against them as our forefathers did against King George. They definitely will not like the results because they will be the first ones that the militia will be going out for. You cannot cheat the people of this country and get away with it.

11 months ago

China will own us, Lock, stock and barrel. You know what the did in Hong Kong and in
Tiananman Square. Coming soon for us in US.

11 months ago

The dems skated by the past election, thousand of fraud complaint and the courts don’t care. They as Biden stated have the best fraud plan in the history of this country. How can the special election in Georgia really be any different??

Stephen Lykins
11 months ago

“What if the Democrats Win the Georgia Senate Races”? Answer – we’re screwed, they will DESTROY the country!

David P Nelson
11 months ago

I sure hope ‘Common Sense’ will in fact prevail.

11 months ago

An election that MUST have full auditing of the process. We have seen what the Democratic Party plans to do with voting to achieve their outcome. Fraud must not prevail.

John A. Fallon
11 months ago

As always “chucky” cares only about himself, his ego is locked onto becoming senate majority leader! he will be an absolute tyrant if he gets his evil wish, GEORGIA! YOU CAN SAVE AMERICA!! VOTE FOR FREEDOM !!!!!

Tyler Durden
11 months ago

If The Supreme Court abdicates in the case of changing vote rules, then may be at war.

11 months ago

Lets stage a million man protest in DC on inauguration day.

11 months ago

I Biden is inaugurated our job is to berate him daily and have him impeached by Feb 1. There are multiple crimes for which he is

11 months ago
Reply to  NeverBiden

The Democrats still control the House in 2021. So no impeachment is possible of Joe Biden. Do you honestly think that the Democrat party is going to vote to impeach their useful idiot under any circumstances?

11 months ago

This is what living in CT is like. The Democrats tax to the breaking point causing regular failure of small business. Then, force you into government funded programs. The number of dependents in this state out number the working class unless you work for the state which is the state’s largest employer. The unions are forced to vote Democrat for pay for play programs. The union has infiltrated our congress and despite DROVES of people leaving, the tax burden increases, the rights of the people decrease and our insolvent state creates new programs and taxes that they can steal money from so that we can pay our retirees six figure incomes until their death, having been retired since the age of 55. We do have nice roads. The CT people are brainwashed, I feel like an outsider in a state I was born and raised in. Im all in at this point. Give me liberty of give me death.

11 months ago

if you have a child in college, tell them to take Mandarin next semester.

11 months ago

Pray, vote and stand up for America and President Trump!

Bill Brown
11 months ago

Old saying: “It is hard to soar with Eagles when you associate with Turkeys!!!” It is time for the Socialists/Communists greatest
fear, the prophesied American Aquila!!!!!

Bill Brown
11 months ago

The only way to win the Georgia Senate Run-Off Election is to get extremely proactive and STOP the CHEATING that the DemocRat/Communists ALWAYS do!!  This means that, FOR ONCE, we need the Georgia Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, etc. to stop being “GOOD LITTLE REPUBLICANS” and STAND-UP and do their JOBS!!! Again, the DemocRat/Communists ALWAYS cheat!!!  If the Georgia Republicans will not do their job, it is time to combine the Trump Movement and the FreedomWorks.org into a new FREEDOM PARTY.  It is time for the prophesied American Aquila!!!!!

Michael S Bares
11 months ago

Can we really count on Manchin if those two radicals take Georgia? Romney ? My theory is that this election will be watched closely by both sides. Obviously the left has stolen the election from President Trump. The President, and his lawyers are not giving up. The people of the great state of Georgia cannot give up also. They have to get out and vote. This is the only way to win those two Senate seats. Every legal vote has got to be counted, and overseen by all judges. God help us if this election tilts blue.It’s all about checks ,and balances. This will be out of the question if Georgia gives up those two seats . The whole country is watching.

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